Project Mc2 smart pixel purse review

This is my second time reviewing a project mc2 product, I took it for my nieces but I didn’t expect my boys to like it as well.

The product arrived well package and presentable. However, it was a little bit difficult to unpack as it was really tied into the box, so be prepared for a little work to unbox it. Before you give it to your child I would suggest downloading the app first to your iPhone or Android phone.

My boys did the unboxing and my teenage daughter gave her thoughts about it on our YouTube video review

The purse is bright pink in colour and it is made from a super hard plastic with a fake zipper. It has a pixel screen on the front where you can see the included 10 design when you press the button.

Inside the purse, there is a holder for your phone to make it stay still while it’s connected to the jack. The only downside of this is that you have to keep your phone inside while connected to the plug to keep it displaying your design on the pixel screen as there is no Bluetooth or WiFi function.

After my daughter design her own creation, she just clicked the bag sign to preview it and taadaa…there you go, you can see the customised EPS design created by my daughter.

My daughter Divine had so much fun trying and testing this product and below is her thought about the product.

Disclosure: I was sent these product in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.

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