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Being a busy working mum who doesn’t stop and constantly rushing all the time, I feel like I’m haggard looking. My face and lips are so dry, my hair looks lifeless and I’m having loads of hair fall out. This is why I have asked my fellow bloggers to share their beauty tips.

So, what are bloggers Beauty secret?

Soph obsessed suggestes: Drink enough water. I never used to and my skin looked tired and old and then I was told I was dehydrated and needed to drink more. The improvement to my energy level and age of my skin is incredible.

Laura from five little doves said, Invest in a good under eye concealer! It’s a must to hide those eye bags!

Gail from yammy mommy said, Try and take the time to do a half decent blow dry (I do mine when Finley is in bed) if my hair looks good everything else sort of falls in to place!

kati from How to rock at parenting said, Exercise for 30min first thing in the morning. It’s improved my skin, my body shape and I’m more relaxed, which radiates from the inside. I get up 30min earlier than necessary for this, but it’s so worth every minute of lost sleep!

It’s nice to hear many different beauty tips, Now I’m starting to try out face creams and moisturisers and my first stop is the olay total effect 7 in 1 face cream and honestly I feel amazing using this at the moment. I don’t have any beauty routine as I don’t have much time to spare or have the energy to make the effort to make myself looks good. I’m always on the go so a quick slap of face cream would do for me.

Now I always try to clean, tone and moisturise my face before going to bed and I think it does help make me feel and look good about myself.

Happiness also makes you beautiful inside and out. Remember the saying that ” Beauty is in the eye of beholder ”

Do you have any beauty tips to share?

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