6+ ways to reduce waste #tastewithoutwaste

We all want to be a bit more environmentally friendly, we can do this when shopping and switch to more eco friendly products or we can start at home and try to reduce waste going to landfill by recycling more and by reduce food waste.

BPI consumer packaging kindly sent me this infographic about the amount of annual food waste.

BPI consumer packagain

Food Waste

About 7 million tonnes of food gets wasted every year in uk. There are some fabulous recipes you can make using left overs, my usual are: soup from left over veg, pie from left over roast meats, slow cook your left over pork or gammon for pulled pork sandwiches or turn dry bread into bread crumbs.
For the leftovers you can’t cook up it is a good idea to invest in a composter, which breaks down the peelings etc and turns it into a fertiliser which you could use to grow your own veg next year.

One third of global food was wasted each year and yet there are countries in the world going without enough food…

Packaging waste

Shops are getting much better at reducing packaging waste. Since the rules about plastic carrier bags came in there has been a lot less plastic waste. However, products themselves are still often wrapped in a silly amount of plastic and it is near impossible to buy products without packaging, so please ensure you check your recycling rules and recycle everything you can.

What can you do?

Use a washable bottle. Don’t buy bottles of water for your daily drink, use a reusable bottle.

Use reusable coffee cups. A lot of cafes actually give you a discount if you bring your own cup and it keeps the drink warmer for longer.

Carry a shopping bag. You can buy some fabulous designs of tote bags, so buy one and keep it in your car/handbag and never need to buy a 5p plastic bag again.

Buy biodegradable black garbage bags, sandwich bags etc and save the landfill from 400 years work of plastic.

Plan your shopping. Before you head to the supermarket, write a list of meals for the week and what ingredients you need for each meal. Also think if you can make one meal stretch to two days; eg mince can be spag bol one day and a topping for a jacket potato the next, don’t waste those leftovers.

Freeze food. Freeze what you can a defrost on the day you need it, that way if you change your mind at the last minute it doesn’t go to waste it is still available for another day. You can also freeze cooked meat and use it later straight into a stir fry.

I hope this has given you some ideas of ways to reduce your food and packaging waste, please let me know if you have any more ideas.

*collaborative post

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