What Truly Makes Your Home, YOUR Home?


Our home is an extension of our personality. However, is that statement really one hundred percent true? Could there be more nuance here than we might otherwise expect? Surely, our homes are more like the basis of our personality, something fundamental in that respect. If we didn’t have our homes to support us, to provide us with shelter and to help us formulate all of our hopes and dreams late at night, then we’d likely be different people than we are now.

This means that getting your decors perfect is more of an exercise in self-love than anything else. What makes your home YOUR home? Is it what you do in the household? Is it the people you cherish and invite around? Is it that feeling of relaxation when you slump on your sofa at the end of the day? Or is it the decors you intelligently design to match your inmost desires? Well, we’d say that all of these are resoundingly true, but the decors issue can take a little extra work to figure out.

Fear not, because this article is here to help you ascertain your tastes and develop them well in the presence of this overwhelming potential, allowing your to design your home in the orbit of your wonderful personality.

Color Scheme

Color schemes affect people differently. Aside from literally affecting our emotions through visual cues, the ambience of a place can often change in many varied and subtle ways through the use of color. You might be someone who enjoys as much color as possible thanks to being full of life and passion. These people often have many ornaments, and small cutouts of memories from their life plastered around the most important rooms of their home. Some people prefer minimal designs to help them organize their mental space, only adding a splash of color deliberately when it would most make an impact.

Why not try both and see what works for you? Just make sure that when designing in a minimal fashion, you are targeted with the color you place, as each one signifies something different in a room. Of course, you’ll never be able to one hundred percent author this palette within your space, as belongings and some ornaments will all have their own shade. However, for a power play of decors, why not try a golden trimmed mirror as a focal point on one wall, or a simply and understated stencilled design you can craft in your free time?

No matter what you choose, be sure to balance a generally light color scheme with deep and passionate color hues, so as not to make the room seem blank or sterile. For example, instead of painting a room entirely surgical white, you might decide to paint it slightly off-white or cream coloured, and implant those splashes of gold in the most well-lit focal areas of your room. When it comes to personality, it might also be that you respond well to better colored surroundings. For example, this might mean painting very small palettes in response to something you love. For example, if you play on a sports team, slight dashes of that color palette might help you subtly suggest that and yet not be as blunt as having sporting paraphernalia all over your house. There are many possibilities here, but as always with color you have to take care of lighting.


The furniture we install helps define our home space more than we think. What we might only see as a tool of utility actually helps define the walking room, and general flow of energy in the perceptual space. No matter if you subscribe to the ideas of feng shui or not, it can be worthwhile to try and see how certain furniture affects how you directly use a room. Your furniture also says plenty about you. For example, if you’re a well experienced, down to earth and friendly individual with a solid sense of other people, then the humble and earthy tones of oak furniture found at www.oakfurnitureuk.co can truly be a gift. You might even choose to customize this by having it painted by a professional, or stencilling it yourself.

The great thing about furniture like this is that it seems to have stability, a reliability and a rightful place in your home. That’s just like you, correct?


Lights can mean so much for your home. They illuminate your space, and often can be tailored in a wide variety of ways. This can also change from room to room. Of course, you’re never going to be perfect in how you direct your light, as it’s likely you have window placements you cannot change at a whim. Still, you do have a degree of creative control, and this can be very rewarding to find for yourself and those within your family home.

First of all, consider your light fixtures. They might not be powerful enough, too powerful or generally unpleasant to look at. Safety bulbs and energy friendly bulbs are good places to start, because they give off a warm glow that helps a room seem friendlier and more inviting. However, when it comes to tailoring this light to your personality, there is so much you could do. Let’s say you’re a massive fan of Hollywood and Broadway, or you are yourself trying to make it as some form of performer. Why not screw a few lightbulbs to the top of your makeup table as you get ready every morning, helping you view yourself as the star you already are?

It might be that your room is your place to relax and ponder the flow of life, in which case fun graphics over lamps, such as stars or crescent moons can help illuminate the room with personality. You’d be surprised how beautiful this can look. Keep in mind the the shape, placement, color and utility of the light fixtures you have, and you’ll likely be more than happy with the ambience of your home space.

The best part of all this advice? It’s easy to change, inexpensive to purchase, and all three can truly change your home aesthetic for the better, within the parameters of your personality. Have fun!


Alex Swarbrooke

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