A grown up toy…Amazon Alexa

I recently got bought an Amazon Alexa and absolutely love it!

i must admit it is a shame it isn’t more compatible with my iPhone ☹️ It would be really nice to be able to play my music from it, but unfortunately there is no way to connect to my iTunes music except by playing via my phone, which only works 50% of the time. I can only play my amazon music, which I only have one album on, or Spotify, which I don’t pay for the premium version so cannot use.

My favourite feature of the Alexa is the smart Home app. I decided to try a cheaper non-branded smart light bulb and wall socket to see how they worked. I was really pleased with both, the smart gadgets.

The smart bulb and socket were both really easy to link to Alexa and my phone: you have to download the SmartHome app, follow the instructions to connect the device and then you can use Alexa to turn the device on or off and the app for further options, like a timer or different colour light for the bulb.

The smart lightbulb is amazingly useful when you arrive home with your hands full, you can shout to Alexa to turn it on for you! We use the smart socket in my daughters room, so I can turn off her night light without waking her (she is such a light sleeper!).

The lightbulb is also good fun because you can change the light colour or even set it to cycle through colours, the children love this feature.

Although I can’t use all the possible features of the Alexa, I still love it!

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  1. Despite its popularity, yours is the first review I have read bout Alexa and a very useful one it is, too. Thank you.

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