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I have a 15 year old daughter and I’ve noticed that she’s becoming more conscious of herself and can be too shy. I want to build up her confidence and to let her experience things to get out of her comfort zone. I have asked few of my fellow bloggers on what activities they can suggest for 15-17 year old or what does their teenagers do and here are some of their comments.

Lynette from Reclusive Fox said, I have a 17 year old and I don’t arrange anything for her, I encourage and suggest but I truly believe confidence comes by allowing her to have control over what she does. Getting a part time job at 16 did wonders for her confidence and her social/life skills improved. Learning to drive has been another booster.

Kerry from Money Saving Journeys said, My son is 17 and is trying to get a part-time job. I found a football coaching course that he is going to do over the summer. He has also done voluntary work. He is quite happy to do all of these things but is not motivated enough to actively search them out. I do the searching but let him choose what he wants to do.

My blogging partner Amy said, When I was younger I did a week on a sailing boat. We had to stay up on watch in turns over night, do the cooking and cleaning, as well as learning to steer, navigate, read maps, tie knots etc. It was really good as a learning to be away from home and independent experience.

So I have looked around online and I have found National citizen service.

What is NCS

NCS is a government backed programme established in 2011 to help bring together young people from different backgrounds for a unique shared experience, NCS helps them to become better individuals, and in turn better citizens.

NCS is open to 16 and 17 year-olds across England and Northern Ireland, the scheme opens for applications and then locations and dates are confirmed later, they try to avoid too much travel to the locations. The two to four week programme, which takes place in school holidays, includes outdoor team-building exercises, a residential for participants to learn ‘life skills’, a community-based social action project and an end of programme celebration event.

At a time of huge political uncertainty, where division is more evident than togetherness, NCS is a powerful tool to ensure the next generation see more in their similarities than differences.

In a nutshell, the programme:

●Puts young people through a series of challenging activities to take them out of their comfort zones and develop their strength of character

●Provides a progressive journey that hands over more responsibility to young people as the programme progresses and develops leadership skills necessary to succeed in the workplace

●Enables young people to connect with their communities through social action.

To date:

●Almost 400,000 young people have taken part

●More than seven million hours of community action have been completed

●For every £1 spent, NCS’s 2016 summer programme delivered between £1.15 and £2.42 of benefits back to society

NCS is amazing value for money. The whole experience including food, accommodation and travel costs just £50 and bursaries are available on a case by case basis. Support is also provided for young people with additional needs.

I feel that this would be the best experience my daughter can have as it would give her the opportunity to meet other teens and gain knowledge and skills for new activities and build up her self confidence. We are going on a summer holiday but NCS are flexible and I couldn’t wait to sign up my daughter for her to have a once in a lifetime adventure doing challenging activities that would strength her character and personality.

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