Review of Organic Shop Moroccan Argan & Amla Shampoo and Conditioner set

I only use SLS/Paraben free products on my hair. I have previously written about Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and why I have switched from “normal” hair products to SLS free products. Since switching I have found that my itchy, irritated scalp is soooo much better, I have trialled a whole heap of different SLS free shampoos and I do find some of them are quite heavy and make my hair greasy quickly.

SLS free hair products can be a lot more expensive than standard shampoos, I have seen some at over £20 a bottle, so when I was offered to review the Organic Shop range from Tesco I was more than happy to give it a go, especially as the price is £2.50 per bottle.

There are 5 varieties to choose from, depending on your hair type:

  • Patchouli and Pomegranate; for sleek and shiny locks
  • Avocado and Honey; packed with vitamins for repairing damaged hair and de-frizzing
  • Coconut and Shea; moisurising, leaving hair feeling softened and revived.
  • Argan and Amla; repairs dull and lifeless hair, caused by over styling and heat damage
  • Raspberry and Acai; volumising and strengthening.

I was sent the Moroccan Argan and Amla shampoo, conditioner and hair mask. The shampoo and conditioner come in a pump top bottle and the mask is in a tub which you have to scoop out by hand.

Organic shop hair range sls free

The pump top is really useful, I like this little added extra, but it doesn’t really pump out enough at a time: I have quite long hair and found I had to pump it about 3 times. It rubs in well, remember that part of being SLS/paraben free is that it doesn’t foam up as much as “standard” shampoos, so don’t expect loads of bubbles, and definitely rinsed out nicely; I could tell right away my hair felt cleaner.

I was under-whelmed by the scent of this range, I can’t speak for the other varieties, but the Argan and Amla shampoo pretty much doesn’t have a scent at all. It’s not bad; it’s just not really there at all. This of course doesn’t affect the effectiveness of the shampoo, some people prefer not to have scented products as they like to wear perfume and not have conflicting scents from their products.

The conditioner is slightly lighter than the mask, I assume for daily use, whereas the mask is more weekly. I used the hair mask the first time I showered and it is not too heavy, even for my grease prone hair. I have also tried the conditioner and for daily use it’s great, nice and light weight and makes brushing much easier.

Good results from shampoo

I must admit I was so pleased with the condition of my hair after just one wash, it looks so much shinier and healthier. I have had less breakage and the number of split ends seems improved. I am definitely pleased with this shampoo set: clean rinsing, light weight, improves condition, silky feel…will definitely be buying this range again, I might try all the varieties and see which suits me best!

*Products were provided free for testing purposes, however, all opinions and words are my own.

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