Basic Toolbox Items You Should Have

Many people have memories of grandparents and parents having these sturdy tool boxes filled with a tool for every job, and some devices you’ve never seen since. DIY around the house can bring back fond memories of moving house, putting up your photos, personalising your space – but have you got all the tools that you need? Often we find we’ve started the job, and then realise we don’t have the one tool we really needed – nightmare! So here is a handy list of tools you should have in the house. Be sure to pick up your tools from a reputable source, and get a brand known for quality like makita.

Drill and drill Bits. They come in handy for big projects like putting furniture together and little craft projects around the home. Get a good range of drill bits, and you will have the right size for any job. Ultra-handy. A top tip is to get a cordless drill, for more flexibility.

A wrench! Get a couple of different sizes but because they are adjustable anyway you’ll not need many. Try and pick up a self-ratcheting one to give you some extra power. Great for fitting stair gates, small plumbing issues, and putting outdoor furniture together.

A collection of hammers. A lump hammer, a small pin hammer for things like hanging up photos with shorter nails, and claw hammer for more significant projects. The basic rule is the size of the hammer should correspond to the size of the nail.


An extension cord. While it isn’t technically a tool, it is one of the most useful things you can purchase. When you’re working on a job, if you find you have run out of slack it can be a bit of a nightmare to have to stop mid flow and find a closer power source.

Box of all sorts. No, not the sweeties sadly. A storage box with different sizes of nails and screws. Also, screw head covers are handy to have in there too.

Measuring tape. This one might sound very basic, but the amount of people who don’t have one is more than you’d think. Get one that can measure at least 25 inches. This little one will help you when you are buying new furniture, curtains, rugs, hanging up things on the wall.

A spirit level. Ever stared so long at a DIY project you can no longer tell if it’s straight, wonky or you’re tilting your head? Get yourself a spirit level, and that won’t be a problem anymore. Small but very useful.

A step ladder. Unless you are an unusually tall person, with great reach, the chances are you won’t be able to reach up into the very corners of the room. If you’re painting, hanging artwork, putting up shelves or cleaning the cobwebs from the corner of the room, this is going to an indispensable item.

There are a few more things like screwdrivers, putty knife, and a plunger too!

Make a note of what you currently have in your toolbox and top it up with a couple of the essentials, and you can tackle any DIY job and get your home shipshape in no time.

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