Water flosser trial and review

I have always been cursed with crowded teeth, I did have a discussion when I was a teenager about braces but unfortunately my phobia of dentists has made it such that I couldn’t possibly cope with the treatment, this means I now have to deal with very awkward teeth which need flossing everyday and even then they still get a lot of plaque and staining. 

So when I was offered to try the Hangsun water flosser I jumped at the chance. I discussed it with my dentist first and he advised that it was a great idea for me, he also said my gums would bleed for the first few weeks of us but would soon settle down.

Hangsun waterflosser 

I tried to take a before and after photo, which I absolutely hate as I am so embarrassed by my teeth! Hopefully you can see how much the flosser has removed plaque and whitened my teeth in just 3 uses. 

Before and after photo

The flosser itself if easy to use; charge it, fill up the reservoir and direct the head towards the part of your teeth you want cleaning. It is very powerful, I still can’t use it on “normal” I use “soft” mode and the spray does go everywhere, the hardest part was trying to look in the mirror, to work out where I was aiming the head, while the mirror was soaked in water!

I find this flosser so much better and easier to use than traditional thread style floss. I have already recommended this to half a dozen people! Hangsun have given you guys a discount code to get 20% off the flosser, use the code: I4Q9YUJI on Amazon to get your discount.

*please note, item was provided free to me for the purpose of this review.

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