What to wear for a springtime wedding?

I’ve been invited to a wedding in the springtime but what do I wear? It’s not warm enough for a short dress and it’s not cold enough for trousers, stupid in-between weather… Together with Trilogy, designer fashion retailers of brands such as Rixo Clothing, here are the style predictions for SS18 and this should give you some ideas to help choose your outfit for a spring wedding.

On the catwalk

The catwalk is the place for inspiration. However, we can’t all afford the high prices of these brands and if you are going to a low-key local wedding (we’re not all invited to the Royal Wedding lol) you don’t want to be wearing something so much more expensive than everyone else.

Vintage-look florals are meant to be big this season, as spotted on Edrem and Dolce & Gabanna models. Nothing says “Spring” more than florals, this could be your inspiration and you could choose a dress with a large or small floral print, depending on your preference. The 1930’s is the decade to look at, it is a very classic style, team it with neutral sandals for the perfect look.

Spring and summer is always know for it’s bold patterns, colour and styles and this year is no different. Take some fashion tips from the Valentino collection which was all about contrast — subtle pastel pinks contrasted with yellow flowers. Some were combining red and pink, which is very usual, but seemed to work. The other big trend was tassels.

Our boohoo dresses

If you’re a night-time guest, you can really go nuts on the glitz and glam. Although glitter is usually a Christmas and new year look, Ashish brought some sparkle to the catwalk with her floor-length dresses.

There is a huge variety of styles “in” at the moment, just choose what suits you and go with it. There were sleeveless, strapless or racer necklines, plunging or high-neck, dresses which reach the floor and shorter.

When it comes to accessories, it appears that the bum bag is making a comeback (I know…I’m laughing as I write this). Gucci and Balenciaga both sported this look and it looked great! This type of bag would be really helpful for aa wedding, no need to put your bag down and leave your belongings alone.

Styles, colours and prints

As I have already said, sleeveless dresses are big this season; classy with ruffled shoulders. Curves are beautiful, if you are lucky enough to be curvy, get a dress with nipped waists and or belt over a long shirt, this shows off your silhouette at a wedding. Choose a soft-tailored coat to keep your arms warm during the day and leave it on your chair when dancing, or if it is sunny go with a pashmina.

Wedding outfit inspiration

Feathers are meant to be big as well. Patterns on dresses and top, or on your accessories; feathered headbands, clutches or cross body bags. I love the feathered stilettos.

Yellow is a classic colour for spring and as always the sales of yellow dresses have increased as Spring has gotten warmer. It doesn’t have to be bright yellow, there are some lovely pastel shades out there or some gorgeous yellow patterns or flower print you can find if you look.

Choose a shape that you feel confident in and own it for a wedding this spring. As far as patterns go; subtle or bold, colour or pastel, there is something for everyone. My advise is check out the designer websites as catwalk style and then find a bargain online shop, I’m sure you can find a similar style at a suitable price for you.





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