Stuffed Up? 10 Instant Blocked Nose Remedies

Regardless of if your nose is stuffed up because of an illness, sinus infection, allergies, pregnancy or an irritant  like dust and chemical fumes, it doesn’t take long to get fed up with a stuffed up nose. If you need some relief, even if it is just temporary we can help you out.

Neti-Pot – If your stuffy nose is due to allergies or other irritants using a Neti-Pot will not only help flush out those irritants it can help reduce the swelling in the nasal tissues. If you are prone to allergies or work in environments where you are regularly exposed to irritants using a Neti-Pot daily can help reduce the re-occurring stuffiness that is associated with irritants.  If you have a cold, the flu or a sinus infection using a Neti-Pot can help flush out the excess mucus as well as temporarily reducing nasal passage swelling. If you want to rinse out your nasal passages but a Neti-Pot seems to just slowly drip endlessly you might want to try NeilMed’s Sinus Rinse. NeilMed also makes saline packets you mix with distilled or boiled (and cooled to room temp) water that are easy to use and pre-measured.

Hot Shower – One great way to get some relief from a stuffy nose is to take a nice hot steamy shower or bath.  Not only will the steam help open up your nasal passages, but the nice hot water will feel nice to the achy muscles that tend to accompany both the common cold and flu, but also the body aches allergy sufferers also get. If you prefer a bath add some Epson salt with eucalyptus or peppermint to get an even better result.

Saline Spray – Just like gargling salt water can help soothe an unhappy throat, saline nasal spray can help soothe inflamed nasal passages. Saline spray does not contain any medication which can really be a benefit if your stuffy nose is due to pregnancy.

Eucalyptus Oil – Boil a pot of water, add a couple drops of eucalyptus and inhale. This can free up the nasal passages. You can also put a little eucalyptus oil on your upper lip or chest to help relieve your stuffy nose.

Warm Compresses – Soak a washcloth in hot water, but not water that is hot enough to burn and lay it over your sinus areas.  This can help give some temporary relief. For a little extra boost, boil some ginger in the water, add cool water to reduce the temperature so that you don’t get burned and lay it across your nose and sinus area.

Hydrate – One of the best things you can do for a stuffy nose is to drink lots of fluids. You want to keep your nasal secretions as thin as possible to keep them from clogging up your nose and extra water and hydrating beverages can help with this.

Facial Massage – Massage in the areas of your sinuses. This can help get the mucus moving and help get the stuff that is stuffing up your nose out.

Allergy Medicine – If you know that it is allergy season or you are being exposed to an allergen there are several great over the counter allergy medicines. If you don’t know which one to choose talk to your pharmacist.

Decongestant – Cold and flu season can make for some serious stuffy noses and if you need something that  provides a little longer lasting relief consider using an over the counter decongestant.

In addition to these remedies, be careful about blowing your nose to hard. When you are congested the nasal passages are even more sensitive and blowing your nose to hard or too often can make your stuffy nose even worse.

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