Grofresh kitchen garden, unkillable indoor garden

I have the reputation of being a plant murderer, a well earned reputation I might add. I love the idea of growing my own salad bits, but no matter how hard I try I forget about them at a key moment and the next thing I know I have a dead plant on my hands again!

My dad has even tried growing the tomato plant for me and handing it over fully grown…I still killed it within a week. It’s an art form I tell you, I’m surprised my children have lasted as long as they have. 

Anyway, I digress, I was therefore rather pleased to be offered to try out the “unkillable” grofresh kitchen counter garden set by wizal. The assure me that the kit comes with everything it needs to grow, and all I have to do is plug it in and refill it when it tells me. This sounds perfect for me. 

Grofresh kitchen

I admit when the pack arrived I wasn’t sure I could put it together without the husbands help, but it wasn’t as hard as it looked at all. My video here shows the set up process. 

Within a week my seeds had sprouted and I removed the dome at 2 weeks as the seedlings were growing well.

Seedlings growing

I am feeling very confident that my little tomato plants will continue to grow happily and will produce some yummy cherry tomatoes this year. I will definitely be purchasing replacement cells (which are only £9.95) and growing more salad next year; I may try pick and regrow lettuce, or chilli peppers perhaps, maybe some coriander or basil, there are all sorts of plants which could be grown in the set and I can’t wait to finally not kill everything lol

Are you a plant murderer like me? Then this is definitely the set for you!

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