Does Exante diet really works? My Exante diet diary and review!

I never diet because I’m not good at sticking to it however I’m not happy the way I eat as I tend to comfort eating and it needs to stop especially with the junk food. It’s not that I want to be a super skinny but I’m starting to have some tummy rolls and bingo wings so I thought I’ll try a diet this time after seeing Amy’s result from Exante diet.

Exante seems to be popular that it’s difficult to get order as stock is easily sold out. I ordered a random variety selection and here are the photos of what I’ve got.

So I weighed myself and took photos as I start the diet. Here are my before photos

Day 1

Morning : black coffee when I woke up then around 10am after Nursery run I had the chocolate smoothie

I had to use a hand blender, as my shaker order hadn’t arrived yet. I added ice as well and instead of 200 ml water I made it 300ml and I was surprised it taste lovely.

lunch : chocolate orange snack bar and honestly I’m not sure if I liked it or not. I’m not sure about its taste, I can taste the salt, orange and chocolate but it doesn’t make me feel like I’m having a lunch, I feel like it’s just a snack for me.

You have to drink loads on this diet, so I’m constantly visiting the bathroom, it’s exhausting lol. However, it is good for you to drink lots and it’s stopping me feeling hungry as easily which is good as I felt more hydrated. However, I’m very tempted to eat some of my son’s lunch as he is having a chicken and mushroom pie and sausage roll.

Dinner : by this time I have a headache and am feeling really hungry. I’ve been told the headache is lack of salt so try an oxo cube which helps. While I was cooking I forgot about dieting and had a bite on sausage and tried some foods while I’m preparing them, oops. I also had a watermelon then some stir fry vegetables and one spoon of rice. My dinner is 2 hard boiled egg with salad and a bit of mayonnaise as I find it so boring.

Day 2

Morning : banana smoothie was nice so that’s a good head start to the day.

lunch : I’m tempted to weigh myself before having my lunch and here it is I’m 52kg yay so had the sweet and sour noodles which I thought it’s nice at first then it’s making me feel sick so I didn’t finish it and had a few spoon of my son’s sweetcorn.

dinner : again, I’m very hungry and had some of my son’s hash brown then went for a nap. When I woke up my daughter offered me ice cream which I couldn’t refused. I had a jacket potato with Tuna sweetcorn and cheese on top plus salad on the side.

Caught on camera eating ice cream lol

Day 3

Morning : I had a black coffee first thing in the morning then decided to weigh myself and took photos of myself before having my vanilla shake.

I’m impressed to see that I had obviously lost some tummy fat, even though I wasn’t very strict.

Lunch : strawberry jam & yoghurt snack bar which I thought Lovely, the best yet!

I had a 2 cone of ice cream as a treat.

Dinner : We’re moving furnitures so I felt like I just want to eat anything. We had a kfc family feast take away and I gave in. That’s it! It’s another day tomorrow lol

Day 4

Morning 11:30am chocolate shake

Lunch: filipino fish sinigang and rice at 12:30pm

Dinner : 4:20pm McDonald’s under 400 calorie meal sweet & chilli grilled chicken wrap and shaker salad with balsamic dressing and sprite drink.

Evening snack 1 packet of crisp and few sweets

Day 5

Morning : coconut smoothie

Lunch : chicken and pie soup plus half of chicken and mushroom slice

Dinner : Tuna salad

Evening snack while on a night shift

Doritos, grapes and cakes at work

Day 6

21 /07/2018

Morning : I weighed myself when I came home from night shift and even though I’m awake all night drinking coffee and had a feast at night I end up at 51.2kg which I thought is not bad. I’m thinking of ending the exante diet today and go back to eating proper meal including rice as I need energy at work. I will try my best not to snack on junk food and have a healthy option instead. I therefore conclude that this diet does work even if you’re not strict with it as I cheated a lot.

The diet is supposed to be: a breakfast & lunch exante replacement meal no snack just drink loads of water / fluids and have a low carb, low calorie dinner but I made it all mixed up with healthy and a bit of not so healthy foods as a treat but I still lost weight and physical fat, although it was slowly as some days I’m so busy that my meal time in between is not balanced and didn’t drink enough water. I’m not sure if the other foods i have eaten has impact on the weight fluctuations on day 5 but certainly eating the wrong foods is my problem, I need to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. If I went strict with this diet I probably lose more weight but since I don’t need to lose more that I’m not bothered about it. I’ve lost more than 1kg in 5 days while still eating the food that I like so I didn’t feel like I’m on a diet. I’m feeling happier and more positive about it and I think I would recommend exante diet for anyone who wants to start or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Additional update :

Morning weight after my night shift

I had a shake for breakfast and went to sleep from 10:40am till 3:30pm then when got woken up by hubby to eat our early dinner I weight myself again before going back to eating proper meal Again and this will be the last time I Weigh myself for this diary and it went to 50.5kg

I therefore conclude that a good sleep does help us.

Now I’m back to eating proper meal Again as I need energy for my night shift job.

So, does exante diet does really work?Yes definitely, although for me it’s a slow weight lose in 5 days as I’m eating other foods as well which is not supposed to be while on the diet but I made it a relax diet as I don’t want to shock my body into a sudden change. The amount of loss you can have can be varied depending on how you stick on the diet and what kind of diet your having with exante.

What I’ve learned while on this diet?

Stick to the diet plan you have and drink loads of water / fluids up to 3litre a day

No snacking of anything 😊

Have the same time of having the meal because if you have a busy day and get so hungry, you’ll end up eating foods at a very short space of time.

If you ever snack, just have a healthy option.

It might not be for everyone but weighing yourself everyday can make you motivated or keep you on track.

Don’t starve yourself, if you need energy eat something healthy as I’m sure it doesn’t affect that much.

Don’t make it too strict, try to make it a relax diet by lets say having one spoon of some other food ( optional ) but if you want to lose fast then stick to the diet plan.

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  1. Brilliant results, well done 🙂 The flavours actually sound tasty, most diets I’ve followed have been bland x

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