5 tips to save money right now

We have been asked to post about ways to help you all save money, Please share your money saving tips with us in the comments section.

It’s that time of year where we are getting towards our summer holidays and you suddenly realise you may have over-stretched your ability to pay for that trip abroad which you booked in October last year! Don’t worry; we are all in the same boat. Scraping together the pennies to get enough money to pay off the holiday and let’s not even talk about the spending money…

We posted previously about a money saving challenge, that is great for longer term money saving but now we are close to the holidays we need different tactics. So, I have pulled together a few suggestions to help you save those extra few pounds to make your holiday extra special:

  1. Start by sorting your house, have a look through all your belongings and pull out anything which may be worth money to sell. If you haven’t used it in a year then get rid of it! Somethings sell better on Ebay; hobby type items (if you are into fishing or model cars or similar then often the best place to sell them is Ebay). Then choose the best items to sell at a car-boot sale; we made over £150 when we did a car boot sale last month. Kid’s clothes, baby equipment and toys do really well at a car-boot sale.Car boot sale
  2. Do online surveys. I have made over £40 over the last few months by doing surveys at Swagbucks, it’s not a huge amount of money but you don’t have to spend much time doing it and you can get pay outs quite quickly. Swagbucks also do cashback on some online shops, so it’s always worth checking before you shop.
  3. Let’s talk shopping now, there is always things you need to buy. But don’t forget to check online to get the best deal, there are sites around which share deals, vouchers, freebies etc and help you save money. You can browse their top deals or search for whatever you are looking for.
  4. When shopping for your holiday be sure you need everything you are buying, could you do a quick wash half way through the holiday and take half as many clothes? Could some clothes double as evening wear so you don’t need 2 outfits a day? When shopping don’t go designer, try some of the cheaper online shops like Everything5Pounds or LOTD.
  5. Reduce your food shopping costs, you can shop around for deals and save a few pounds every week. Take a look at my post here about how I save food money each week.

Save, save, save people! Let’s have the best holiday ever this year! What are your money saving tips? Let’s all share our tips and help everyone save a bit more money.

*collaborative post. Contains affiliate links.

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