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When we talk about South Asia, we mostly think about India, this huge country with 1.3 billion inhabitants. But let’s not forget there are some countries not far from India, which are just as beautiful, if not more. I’m thinking about Sri Lanka, this small island located in South Asia, exactly southeast of India. Sri Lanka has a lot to offer : amazing landscapes, great food, a rich history and needless to say, many breathtaking tourist attractions. Let’s focus on what you’ll see in Sri Lanka, with the top 10 things to do in this beautiful island.

Climb Sigiriya

Sigiriya is the most popular and the most famous tourist attraction in Sri Lanka. It’s actually a big rock which used to be a fortress in the past, and it’s possible to climb it (many tourists do it everyday). Sigiriya was the former capital of Sri Lanka. It’s also called the lion rock, it’s one of the major archaeological sites in the country and it’s a UNESCO listed World Heritage site. Be prepared, there are 1200 steps to climb! And keep an eye open, there are wasp nets around the lion rock…

Check the Independence Memorial Hall in Colombo

The Independence Memorial Hall, located on Independence Square in Colombo, commemorates the independence of Sri Lanka in 1948.  In front of the memorial, you’ll see the statue of the first Prime minister of the country, Don Stephen Senanayake. The Independence Memorial Hall is an iconic place of Sri Lanka, and every important event in the country takes place there.

Have a walk in the old town of Galle

Galle is a nice little town in the south of Sri Lanka. Admittedly there are not many tourist attractions in this city, but spending time there is not unpleasant. Galle is a fortified city occupied by the European colonists, and today, Galle has this charm, a nice mix between Europe and South Asia. Just watch the architecture of the houses there, it’s not what you typically see in South Asia. Having a walk in the old town, along the beach, is very enjoyable.

Relax in one of the many beaches in the south

Matara Beach is probably the most popular beach in the south of Sri Lanka, but let’s not forget Mirissa Beach, and also Polhena Beach. Perfect places to just chill. Locals will come to you, asking if you want to see a whales show (that’s the thing there!). Otherwise, the beaches there are great to have some rest

Walk on Nine Arches Bridge in Ella

Nine Arches Bridge is the most famous bridge in Sri Lanka. You can either see it from above (it’s perfect from the Nine Arch Café!), or you can just walk on the bridge. Why is this bridge that famous? First off, this bridge is a few hundreds years old. And, when you get there, you can get the chance to see a train pass by. Not the trains we’re used to see, old, classic, authentic and stylish trains

Climb little Adam’s Peak in Ella

Be prepared, there are 300 stairs to climb! Little Adam’s Peak is a good hike to stay fit in Sri Lanka. A nice way to spend a few hours, and get to see a beautiful landscape once you’re top. Why “little” Adam’s Peak. Because actually, if you feel like doing it, you can climb Adam’s Peak, in Dalhousie, still in Sri Lanka. This one is a lot harder, so unless you’re in a good physical condition, content yourself with the little one.

Climb Ella Rock

Wow, third time we have to “climb” here in Sri Lanka. Yes but it’s good for your body, and you have nice views once you finish climbing! Ella Rock is a very famous hike in Sri Lanka, and you climb this rock in about 2 hours. Many people go to Sri Lanka to climb Ella Rock (among other things).

Enjoy the train ride between Ella and Kandy

Some people claim the train ride from Ella and Kandy is one of the most beautiful in the world. Indeed, the train passes by tea plantations, rice fields and forests and at times you can see locals working in the fields. If the weather is good, you’ll see by yourself, the landscapes are stunning!

Visit the Temple of the Sacred Tooth relic in Kandy

Originally called the Sri Dalada Malagawa, this is a Buddhist temple and houses a relic of the tooth of the Buddha. A must see in Kandy. Many tourists but also a lot of locals, monks and pilgrims visit the temple. Quite interesting to see, and the temple is beautiful!

Enjoy the botanical garden in Kandy

The botanical garden is a must see in Kandy. This 60 hectares garden is also popular! You can spend a whole day there, it’s so big. You’ll see palm trees, bamboos, orchids, small lakes… Good place to relax, no wonder so many locals and teenagers spend several hours there!

Hopefully, after reading this, you’ll want to book a one-way ticket to Sri Lanka! It’s definitely worth it to pay this country a visit!


Roobens is a travel blogger from Paris. He’s been to many countries already such as the Bahamas, Haiti, Brazil, Tunisia, Sweden, the UK, Ireland, Montenegro, Malta, Hungary, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Australia, and many more.
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