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Hi, we are Epril & Amy a product tester & review team. We blog about our hobbies and interests.

We Aim to share UK bargain deals, DIY, family, fitness, product & services review, food, fashion, beauty, health, money savings, lifestyle and travel blog.


Epril or Eps


Epril is originally from the Philippines but now lives here in the UK with her husband Erwin and 3 children ( Divine, Richard & Samuel )  She studied Bachelor of science in nursing for 3 years in the Philippines and then moved to the UK to work in healthcare. She loves baking, cooking, fashion and learning new things.




Amy is Mummy to Bethany and Jack (and wife to Simon. Amy and Simon are childhood sweethearts and have been together through college, university and working together 😱
Amy loves fitness and can often be found out running or at Pole Fitness, she loves fashion and make up and loves to concentrate on eco living and natural alternatives. Amy finish a degree in Bachelor of Science in Geography and now managing their family business called Newlife Paints.



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