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Summer make up, do’s and don’ts #ExpertsInBeauty

I love a bit of make up and summer is a really tough time for wearing make up; you don’t want lots on or it gets sweaty and looks awful but you still want some or you get the “are you ok? You look sick” comments lol

Here is my lowdown on summer beauty style:

Nails; I adore nail art! I have a friend who does mine but if you are brave enough to do your own then check out Ellisons for glitter, beads, crystals etc. I love a fairly neutral background colour or French manicure style tips with some fancy nail art patterns on them.

Eyes; keep it minimal, but with a splash of colour. Check out my previous post about bold coloured eyeliner and give it a try or use some brilliant coloured eyeshadow. Liquid flicking eyeliner is a no-no for the summer, it runs too easily in the heat and I always fore-go the mascara unless it’s evening.

Lips; summer is normally the time for nude neutral lip colours, a bit of gloss for example, but I love a bold red! My favourite is the younique lipstain (no I’m not a seller), you don’t have to reapply at all during the day so is really convenient, at the moment I am living in “saucy” but I also own “shy” and “sleek”.
How does your make up look change in summer compared to winter? Let’s talk make up!

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Holiday packing, what if I forget something?!

I’m heading off to America (Orlando) in a few days and leaving you with my best buddy Epril, who is going to take care of you while I’m away.

I am currently packing my bags and wanted to make sure I wasn’t forgetting anything, so I though who better to check with then you lovely lot!

We are off to Orlando for 10 days, with no children and not planning on visiting Disney or Universal (shocking I know). The weather at the moment is hot and humid with daily thunderstorms, some very heavy downpours occasionally lasting a long time.

Clothes wise, I have packed mostly shorts and t shirts, with a couple of daytime casual dresses and a couple of smart evening dresses, 1 pair of jeggings and I will be travelling in a pair of comfy trousers (either leggings or joggers I’m not sure yet). I’ve put in a couple of cardigans and cover up shirts for hiding from the sun/keeping warm in the evening. A pocket poncho and underwear haha. There is, of course, my fabulous new bikini!

I have my waterproof camera, a couple of books/my kindle, toiletries of course (suncream included), flip flops and walking sandals, power socket adaptors, charging cables for our phones etc.

I feel like I’m missing something important! Help me out?!?

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To move house or to extend?!

We have decided we need a bigger house. The children each have their own room, but Jack’s room is tiny; so small that we had to build his bed into the room in order to fit a full sized single in and themed needed to find space to store his clothes…so a bigger room is needed. We also would very much like an extra room to use as a playroom crossed with an office, we just need some extra space everything is very cramped and stacked on top of each other. 

So, we have decided we will either extend or move to a bigger place. 

                Jack’s room is so small!


Extending would work out cheaper, we would need to find a trust worthy builder and get some quotes. But we would be stuck with the “parking situation” around here. 


We would have to take out quite a lot more mortgage and extend the number of years we have it over if we want to get a 4 bed place. We would have to find a decent estate agent, like Featherstone Leigh Twickenham, finding a good estate agent who can sell your place for the amount you want and find you a good place is vital. 

It’s so difficult to decide whether to extend or move, we flit between the two on a daily basis. What would you do? Extend or move?!?

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Everdine, a healthy, frozen meal delivery service

Have you ever had one of those days when you have got dinner out to defrost but come cooking time it’s still frozen? Well this happened to me today, so I started riffling through cupboards looking for an alternative dinner option (spaghetti hoops on toast maybe?) when I remembered this week I had been sent an everdine delivery by tornado to trial! Dinner was saved!


Everdine supplies frozen, one person portion sized meals, which are healthy and interesting. The selection from the supermarket is dull (to say the least) and poor quality (or at least the ones I have bought have been, it’s pot luck whether you get any meat in them and they turn out soggy and mediocre) but everdine offers interesting meals and the quality is great.

How it works

Select your plan: 8 meals or 12 meals vegetarian or classic. 12 works out slightly cheaper per meal (£6.90 vs £6.40).

Select frequency of delivery (1-4 weekly) and day of delivery (Friday or Saturday)

Select your meals: it auto selects 8 dishes for you, if you click “change meals” you get the full list. You can click on the meal for full details, nutritional info, calorie content, full list of ingredients and allergy info.

Then enter your details and order.

Who are these for

They aren’t cheap, if you want cheap go to the supermarket and stock up on lasagnes and Mac cheese, but these are really interesting and really tasty! They are great for those people who live alone, or maybe have different shifts to the rest of the family so you eat alone and you don’t want to cook a whole meal for one person. Or perhaps for that one night a week you have a club and end up eating later than everyone else. Or like us, it’s great in the freezer for those days you fail to defrost dinner in time!

Example meals

An example of the meals currently on there site are below:

  • King Prawn Miso Raman
  • Cajun Blackened Salmon
  • Roast Duck with Blueberries
  • Lemon and Black Pepper Chicken
  • Warm Pea and Asparagus Orzo Salad
  • Speckled Lentil Chilli with Parisienne Potatoes
  • Slow Cooked Beef and Beetroot Bourguignon
  • Singapore Noodles
  • Tofu and Shitake Mushrooms with Blackbean Sauce

If you would like to try Everdine they are offering all my followers a £25 discount, sign up here.

Please remember if you just want a one off delivery you will need to cancel your subscription.

*please note, items were provided free for the purpose of review. But all words and opinions are my own.

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#DIYBlogChallenge Father’s Day

Last month’s #DIYBlogChallenge was to upcycled a charity shop find, this month the challenge was to produce something for Father’s Day.

I gathered the children, and manage to find a day when Daddy wasn’t here so we could tackle the crafts! Of course my kids couldn’t agree on a design between them so we ended up doing 2 designs!

Bethany chose to do a canvas for daddy with the word LOVE on it. This is a really easy, yet effective design for any child to do. You do have to watch them because canvas’ are expensive and if they make a mistake it’s difficult to undo it.

She taped off the L and the V and painted around the tape to leave a blank. She then used her hand print to make the O and finger prints for the letter E (why she made this a “baby” letter I don’t know, but she was in charge). We waited until it dried and then peeled the tape off. She is really pleased with how it turned out:

Jack insisted he wanted to make a clay plant pot for Daddy. I bought air clay for him and showed him how to wet it to shape it. He did eventually make two pretty good pot shaped clay “things”, he also scratched patterns into the outside of the pot.

When he was done we put them to dry (which takes ages with air dry clay). He then painted them, leaving them to dry again and put little plants in them. They could also be used as a pot for his pennies.

Check out the other members Father’s Day makes here:

How to make savoury jam for Father’s Day | Hapiness Wherever


Giveaway! Beauty and the Beast his and hers Bracelet Set

Who doesn’t love the new Beauty and the Beast film?! Well, this is the perfect bracelet set for any Disney loving couple!

2 bracelets one for him and one for her! The ladies one says “his beauty” on a gold metal background and with a pink gem stone and the gents bracelet says “her beast” on a black metal background with a blue gemstone. The men’s bracelet is, of course, bigger and chunkier.

A wonderful way to show your love!

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Giveaway open from midnight on the 9th June 2017 and runs until midnight on the 23rd June 2017. Open to uk residents only. We reserve the right to amend this giveaway at any time.

Bracelets available here is you want to buy it:
Potok His and Hers Stainless Steel Matching Bracelet for couple in a Gift Box

*item received free for review purposes and contains affiliate links. But all words and opinions are my own.