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Summer make up, do’s and don’ts #ExpertsInBeauty

I love a bit of make up and summer is a really tough time for wearing make up; you don’t want lots on or it gets sweaty and looks awful but you still want some or you get the “are you ok? You look sick” comments lol

Here is my lowdown on summer beauty style:

Nails; I adore nail art! I have a friend who does mine but if you are brave enough to do your own then check out Ellisons for glitter, beads, crystals etc. I love a fairly neutral background colour or French manicure style tips with some fancy nail art patterns on them.

Eyes; keep it minimal, but with a splash of colour. Check out my previous post about bold coloured eyeliner and give it a try or use some brilliant coloured eyeshadow. Liquid flicking eyeliner is a no-no for the summer, it runs too easily in the heat and I always fore-go the mascara unless it’s evening.

Lips; summer is normally the time for nude neutral lip colours, a bit of gloss for example, but I love a bold red! My favourite is the younique lipstain (no I’m not a seller), you don’t have to reapply at all during the day so is really convenient, at the moment I am living in “saucy” but I also own “shy” and “sleek”.
How does your make up look change in summer compared to winter? Let’s talk make up!

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Is It Time To Consider Health Insurance?

Regardless of what politicians have been promising about the standards of the NHS, the fact is that people are suffering from waiting to be referred to a GP, hearing about surgeries, and waiting times in A&E. The average waiting time for a GP appointment is now two weeks, and hospital waiting times are equally bad. Despite what you may feel about politics, you can’t deny that sometimes you need to be seen right away, which is why many people are now considering private medical insurance. But is this really the best solution? Weigh up the pros and cons and see which scheme is best for you.

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Although waiting times on the NHS have improved to a maximum of 18 weeks between referral and treatment, you won’t have to wait this long if you’ve gone private. These queue jumping benefits extend to specialist treatments, GP appointments, surgeries, and specialist clinics. As if that weren’t tempting enough, with private medical insurance (PMI) you can choose your consultant and where you want to be treated – although you should note that some policies restrict treatment to set lists of hospitals. If you’re happy with your consultant, you can see them each time you go in, ensuring continuity of care with your treatment.

Many naysayers of PMI argue that paying for healthcare reduces patients to a customer in a business model, but is that necessarily a bad thing? While it is true that private medical companies are essentially a business, this does mean they will do anything to keep you on as a customer. This means you will likely have more time to talk to your doctors, and spend less time in waiting rooms. Sometimes you really do get what you pay for. Some economic theories state that competition between businesses for the same share of the market actually produces better results for the consumer, as all businesses will try and deliver higher quality care or lower prices than their competitors to win more customers.


The biggest argument against PMI is that not everyone can afford it. Not only does this mean that fewer people will have access to healthcare, but the best doctors will be lured away from the NHS due to more lucrative offers, leaving fewer qualified professionals to care for those who don’t have insurance. This will put further strain on the existing NHS and only make their problems worse.

Also, having health insurance doesn’t necessarily mean you’re always covered for treatments. Once you’ve got a referral from your GP, you need to call your insurance company to check they will cover the costs before you see the consultant or arrange any treatment. If you develop a condition that isn’t already covered by your insurance, you might have to pay more to get yourself covered. You should also note that most policies only cover short-term illness or injuries.

As with everything, there are pros and cons to PMI. In this case, it’s better to consider what is best for you.

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Back To Basics: How To Manage & Live With Chronic Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common conditions affecting modern society. When you suffer from it, the impacts can become a huge sense of frustration. So finding a way to reduce the pain and reverse some of the damage is key.
Here are five simple suggestions that will guarantee positive results. Incorporate them into your back pain management processes, and you’ll be walking to a brighter place in no time.


Try Losing Weight: It’s a harsh fact of life, but being obese isn’t good for your body. Therefore, watching what you eat is essential. We already appreciate the link between nutrition and feelings. However, losing weight through a controlled diet will bring the additional benefit of reduced back pain. After all, carrying fewer kilograms will make the workload easier. It’s a simple equation, but less strain equals less pain. If you are a woman, a boob reduction could be suitable too.

Try Light Exercise: A little physical activity is always going to aid the weight loss goal. However, low-impact sports like swimming and cycling get you to use different muscle groups too. By strengthening those muscles, the support to your spine will be a lot greater. Of course, the benefits also extend to your organs and general health. Nonetheless, the reduction of long-term back pain is certainly one of the key features that should not be overlooked.

Choose Suitable Support: Clothing and supportive bands can have a telling impact on back conditioning. Experts at Procter Health Care can help you find an array of suitable products. By boosting your posture while removing some of the strain, back muscles and bones will be in better shape in next to no time. Meanwhile, selecting an ergonomic chair for office hours can be a very useful addition. After all, this could bring improvements for up to 40 hours each week.


Get Good Prescriptions: When you are suffering from back pain, it can be tempting to take some paracetamol and let it be. Depending on the severity, though, you may be better off receiving a stronger dose of treatment. The type of medication required can vary depending on the location and source of those pains too. This guide at Web MD offers some insight. However, for the best response, you should always seek the help of a medical professional. Whether it’s anti-inflammatory drugs or something else isn’t important. The key is that you get the right solution.

Upgrade Your Mattress: The average person spends eight hours of each night asleep on their back. So if your mattress isn’t aiding the cause, it could be making things a whole lot worse. Furthermore, disrupted sleep patterns bring an array of other health problems, which can make life even harder still. Finding a mattress that offers the support and comfort you need slows long-term deterioration. Meanwhile, it lets you wake up feeling far better too. It would be wrong to suggest it’s mind over matter. Still, a positive attitude can make a world of difference.


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Healthy transformation : inspiring story of my friends’ weight loss. 

I can’t help myself but to admire two of my friends journey in losing weight. I have seen them at their biggest and at their new healthier transformation. I’m sharing their story to motivate myself and inspire others as well. I have asked them to share their story, struggles and motivations in achieving their goal to a healthier lifestyle.


First one I would like to introduce to you is my friend Rose. She is good at cooking so she definitely loves food. She used to be a size uk 12/14 and 70kilos. 3 months ago, she decided that she needed to make a change with her eating habits. According to her, she used to eat junk food, fatty food, and always go for McDonald’s and KFC whenever she could. She would also eat her children’s left over as she felt bad that food was being wasted.

She said that it was a struggle to start with, her motivation was to look at her photos of when she was big, she said that she felt fat and very unhealthy.

She changed her diet and cut down on all junk food such as crisp, chocolates, coke, cake, fatty foods and she just throws away any leftover food. She also start counting her calories and only eats up to 2000 calories per day.

Her breakfast is coffee and cereal bar, snack would be fruit. Main meal is skinless chicken breast either grilled or steam fish and vegetable. She doesn’t eat fried foods anymore only steamed and grilled. She also gave up rice and she said that she has a strict rules. She can’t eat anything after 6pm and she said that she is fine with it. She also started exercising either going to the gym or exercise at home through YouTube. Within 3 months of changing her lifestyle, she has quickly lost weight.

I was surprised when I saw her for a catch up as she really slimmed down. She definitely much happier now and she feels much healthier too.

I asked her what made her start dieting and exercising. She said that it’s her pictures that really got to her. Looking at her photos she feel like she neglected herself. She said that she never thought she could do it. Everytime she is tempted she always think that it will make her fat again if she lost control. She’s now maintaining herself and living a healthier lifestyle.


Next is my friend Ana. They own a pub so it’s really easy to just eat anything she wants since they have a chef. I have met her when she was a size 12/14 as she came and buy clothes from me whenever I have a clear out. When she was trying clothes on  they are tight on her, I think that’s when she decided to make a change.

She said that her weight is becoming out of control. She started going to the gym and bought fitness equipment to use at home as well. She really got into fitness, it’s her dream to be a fitness instructor one day. She told me that she really researched healthy food and exercise. She said that it’s all down to what we’re eating which makes us unhealthy. But also activity, we need to burn fat and calories by exercising or being active.

Dieting doesn’t mean starving yourself, according to her you should not miss a meal. She started having breakfast ,for example porridge, then lunch would be grilled or steamed meat/fish plus vegetable. She also stop drinking coffee and coke and switched to just water. She is now around Size uk 6/8 and has achieved a very slim yet well toned body figure.

She said that she doesn’t deny herself treats because she exercises everyday, which means whatever she eats she will burn it off.  She also said that your metabolism works properly if you don’t miss a meal.

I’m so happy for both of my friends. They have done well and proved that anything is possible if you have a strong will to make a change in your life.

Honestly I’m considering a change to my lifestyle as well, I don’t have discipline when it comes to food. I just eat anything i want from junk food to sweets and takeaways. I also don’t exercise because I’m far too busy with everything. My exercising is doing household chores and running errands plus I’m working which involves physical activity. I’m just lucky to have a fast metabolism though it’s not an excuse. My diet is very unhealthy which makes me feel guilty. I also need to stretch myself as my body aches very easily and I want to improve my body posture.

You probably think I’m fine but the picture doesn’t do justice, I’m just good at hiding my belly or imperfections. I’m inspired by my friends stories and seeing them achieve their goals makes me feel motivated. If they can do it then I’m sure I can too. It’s not that I want to be slim like a model but I want to be healthier and to tone my body and have more energy. I get tired easily and stressed. I do really need a healthy transformation.

So, what do you say? Are you inspired or motivated? Or do you have a healthy transformation story too? Please feel free to share with us and let’s make the world a better place, to inspire each other to live a healthy lifestyle.

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Ways To Reclaim Your Young Days

Nostalgia is a warm yet icy blanket. Whilst it is always sweet to reminisce about the good old days of your youth, the memory can offer be bitter, as you come to the realisation that you are no longer as young as you were and you never will be this young again. Still, this doesn’t have to be such a depressing though, as you’re only as young as you feel. That’s a stereotypical line, of course, but there’s a modicum of truth to it.

Whilst ageing is unavoidable, confidence and good health are both things which are well within your control and are both remnants of your young days. If you want to reclaim that feeling in both a mental and a real, physical sense, then here are some tips to help return your body and mind to a youthful stage.

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It’s easy for us to complain about never feeling awake or alert, but often the problem is that we’re just not getting as much sleep as we should be. Yes, when you were 21 you only needed a 6 or 7 hour sleep in order to feel refreshed, but time is harsh like that.

The best way to feel better as you get older is to accept that you’re getting older and work harder to hold onto that youthful, refreshed feeling you miss so dearly.

Sleep isn’t just a time for recovering energy; it’s a process which helps your entire body recover. It helps your health as much as it helps your energy levels, so don’t just see it as a chance to stop your yawning.

Try getting eight hours sleep every night for a couple of months until it becomes a habit, and you might just find that you’re feeling and looking a lot healthier and more alert.

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Strength training.

Exercise is crucial for good health, but strength training is one of the most important forms of exercise, whatever your age. Not only will you be burning fat in the same way as if you did regular cardio, but you’ll be pushing your muscles to their limits, creating micro tears and, as a result, creating stronger muscle fiber.

All of this will get your body working at an elevated level, much as it did when you were younger. You might only care about projecting an outward appearance of still living your young days, but a steady routine of weight training will make your body young and healthy on the inside.

Practicality and health should be at the forefront of your mind, as a youthful and impressive appearance will come as a happy bonus from this.

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Hair is something which remains incredibly important to us throughout our youth and old age. It’s a defining element of your appearance and personality, which is why it still matters so much even as it changes along with you throughout the years.

However, with age, much like all things, your hair may start to become a little disobedient and wither in ways which you hoped it never would. You could look into solutions such as finasteride for hair loss too, as thinning is quite common amongst men and women once the cruel effects of aging set in.

Perhaps the fading colour of your youthful hair bothers you too, but it’s best to avoid dyeing it if you can, as this can cause further damage; it’s best to simply take care of your hair and wear it with pride no matter the colour. People are actively choosing to dye their hair white or grey now anyway, so there’s no reason your new shade of hair can’t be youthful.

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Keep your lifestyle fresh.

Routines are good for us in that they keep us on track mentally and physically, but they can also become dull after a short while of keeping them up. When you were young, life was changing so quickly, much like you, that your routine, interests and habits seemed to alter rapidly. New opportunities presented themselves every day, you learned new things and you met different people.

All these things kept your mind and body young and alert, which is why you should be seeking out the same opportunities and switching up your routine even as you get older. Wake up at a different time, go somewhere new, and meet different people. Challenge yourself, and keep life as fresh and new as it was when you were young. You truly are only as young as you feel.

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Their Health In Your Hands

Every parent hopes to keep their children healthy. In fact, it’s the main thing we worry about. We go out of our way thinking about how to keep them safe. In some cases, we stay up at night worrying about it.

The bad news is, there’s no way to stop them catching sniffles and bugs when they’re in school. Children get close and personal, so you can assure they’ll catch a few illnesses along the way. The good news is, there are steps you can take to lessen the impact these bugs have on their lives.

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We’re all aware that getting a good diet is essential for helping us fight illness. Who doesn’t reach for the oranges when a cold strikes? Your children are no different. Giving them what they need will help them fight any bugs they pick up.

Provide them with a balanced diet, including plenty of fruit and veg. That way, their bodies will be in the best position to fight illness. Of course, getting children to eat what they should isn’t easy. If you have a fussy eater, you may have your work cut out.

Get creative with how you present food to ensure they eat what they should. Making food fun is always a good idea. Showing it in a fun design, or playing games is your best bet. Never mind about not playing with food. If it gets them to eat what they should, it’s worth it.

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Every home should have a first aid kit. This is especially important where children are concerned. You need to stock up on cold medicine, painkillers, and anything else you think necessary. That way, you can get the medicine out the moment they start feeling under the weather.

A thermometer is always a good idea as well. You’ll need to keep a close eye on their temperatures. Make sure to keep this kit out of reach. If possible, don’t let your children know where it is. That way, you don’t have to worry about them getting their hands on what they shouldn’t.


There’s no need to rush your children to the doctors every time they catch a cold. Even so, it can help your peace of mind to have a doctor’s opinion. That’s why it’s worth looking into an online Dr App or something similar. That way, you can put your mind at ease without making unnecessary appointments or waiting around. Plus, this will allow you to act fast if their illness is something to worry about.

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For many of us, the comforting love we received when we were ill as children is something we remember to this day. Make sure you give that memory to your kids by giving them plenty of love when they’re unwell.

Cuddle them on the sofa, and treat them to their favourite foods. It can’t hurt to buy them a DVD or two to watch, either.

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Confidence Is in More Than Just Your Appearance

When we talk about confidence, we typically associate it with things such as your personality, attitude, and ultimately your appearance. The more comfortable you are with your look, the more likely you are to have faith in who you are as a person and, as a result, take on life’s challenges without a worry. However, confidence isn’t just in your appearance. Once you’ve worked out, lost weight and picked out a good outfit to gain your confidence back, you might still feel like something is missing.

That something is probably your health.

Let’s face it, outward appearances don’t mean everything. We can hide things as best we can, but ultimately, our bodies are our temple and our body image should reflect how we feel inside. The most basic example is the consumption of water to flush out bad toxins in your body. Everyone knows that drinking plenty of water as opposed to alcohol or soda has amazing benefits for your skin that can really boost your confidence.

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Confidence in your body’s health

When you’re confident that your body is healthy, you’re more likely to take risks and do something extraordinary. However, if you’re worried that you might be developing an illness or that your fatigue is the result of overexerting yourself, then it might severely limit your options in life and it can be a debilitating state of mind.

There’s no use looking up online diagnosis websites to try and determine what your symptoms mean. There are some illnesses or conditions that have very obvious symptoms, but something as general as pain in a certain part of your body could be something trivial or it could be something serious. This is why it’s always recommended that you contact your doctor and schedule regular appointments to check on your overall health. It’s a lot better than sitting at home worrying that you might have a serious condition.

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Know the right places to visit

Doctors are very powerful people. Their words carry a lot of weight due to their profession which is why it’s essential that you pick a good doctor or medical practice that knows how to handle their patients. Specialised services are a step up from a general doctor and typically offer tailor-made services for patients of all genders and conditions. For instance, a smear test clinic is usually very welcoming to female patients and all the nurses, doctors and staff are trained to provide you with all the information and assistance you need.

A well-equipped medical practice is going to give you the confidence boost you need to be able to tell your doctor about your conditions. Condescending staff members that don’t care about your issues or who prescribe you useless medicines are not helpful. In fact, their negligence could be an incredibly slippery slope that you need to get off before they misdiagnose you and destroy your confidence. 

In short, if you aren’t confident in speaking to your doctor about your health, fire them and get a new one that understands you.