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Summer make up, do’s and don’ts #ExpertsInBeauty

I love a bit of make up and summer is a really tough time for wearing make up; you don’t want lots on or it gets sweaty and looks awful but you still want some or you get the “are you ok? You look sick” comments lol

Here is my lowdown on summer beauty style:

Nails; I adore nail art! I have a friend who does mine but if you are brave enough to do your own then check out Ellisons for glitter, beads, crystals etc. I love a fairly neutral background colour or French manicure style tips with some fancy nail art patterns on them.

Eyes; keep it minimal, but with a splash of colour. Check out my previous post about bold coloured eyeliner and give it a try or use some brilliant coloured eyeshadow. Liquid flicking eyeliner is a no-no for the summer, it runs too easily in the heat and I always fore-go the mascara unless it’s evening.

Lips; summer is normally the time for nude neutral lip colours, a bit of gloss for example, but I love a bold red! My favourite is the younique lipstain (no I’m not a seller), you don’t have to reapply at all during the day so is really convenient, at the moment I am living in “saucy” but I also own “shy” and “sleek”.
How does your make up look change in summer compared to winter? Let’s talk make up!

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Nay Nay’s Facemask Party, Worthing 

I try to come up with some fun days out over the children’s holidays, so when an advert for a children’s facemask party popped up on Facebook I decided that would be a fantastic day out for me and Bethany. 

It was over at Nay Nay’s Beauty Boutique in Worthing (West Sussex), which is the salon I use regularly for my beauty treatments (Karen is amazing!). It cost £15 for the two of us, for an hours party, which seemed like a good deal to me. Bethany’s best friend Sophie and her Mum also joined us. 

We started off, following the instructions of the wonderful Karen:

By making a facemask per person, we used items which you will all find in your kitchen: oats, honey, yogurt and cocoa powder. 

Karen did tell us what benefits each of the ingredients had for our skin, but I didn’t write them down, sorry! 
We then, of course smothered the weird mixture on our faces, and applied cucumber for refreshing our eyes too. 

The face masks were then removed (which took ages because I put it on too thick) and we were allowed to try the Stardust and Glitter Lips which consists of applying a glue to the face/lips and sticking the glitter to it (it’s all hypoallergenic of course). The girls of course loved the glitter:

It was really nice to spend some mummy and daughter time (without the boys), I do find that, as the oldest, bethany often gets left out so it was nice to give her some one-on-one attention. 

Although this was a special party which Nay Nay’s was holding for the holidays, they do offer similar parties for children’s birthdays. Karen tells me the party is similar, if the child is older (teenager aged) they apply age appropriate make up for the birthday girl and focus on avoiding teen make up pit falls and promoting positive self image andenhancing their looks rather than smothering on loads of make up to make themselves look older than they are. 

I will probably be booking bethany and her friends in for a party this year. 

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Eyeliner made easy

Eyeliner is my make up staple.  I find any day I don’t have time to pop make up on before the school run people will comment how sickly I look, honestly it is just eyeliner which makes all the difference!

Here we have the just out of bed pyjama look and the eyeliner on ready to go look (no other make up involved). 

I don’t believe in spending loads on make up, I have a few items which I find work really well for me and I stick to them. My eyeliner of choice is the Avon Glimmersticks, if you time it right then you can get it on offer (the best I’ve seen is £1.75 each!) and I stock up when it is. On a normal day I use the cosmic brown colour:

It glides on really smoothly and you can blend it slightly for a smoother finish. It isn’t the best for flicks but, as you can see, you can do slight flicks with it. For a more bold look I use the Avon Gel Eyeliner in black, it is a much stronger colour but is a thicker pencil and you really can flick well with it. 

I also have the Avon Big Colour pencils, which are more eyeshadow than eyeliner, but if you put it on carefully then it can be used like an eyeliner:

You definitely won’t be able to produce a flick with these, but it is a fun look for spring and really draws attention to your eyes. 

One thing you may not have heard before is how white eyeliner makes your eyes look much bigger. I use this Rimmel Eyeliner which glides on well and looks lovely:

Which is your favourite look? The brown, the white or the colour?!

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Younique beauty bash | join me to my online beauty party. 

I love younique products please see my review on their 3D fiber lashes mascara 

As you can see, I have fallen Inlove with their 3D fiber lashes mascara that I would like to share with you how great they are. 

This is why I’m so excited to be hosting Virtual beauty bash 
Come and join me to my Younique Virtual Party! This means that this party is done 100% online! No need to leave your house – let’s shop and party “virtually!” So feel free to browse the wonderful Younique cosmetics and remember that when you make a purchase it is helping me reach my party goals! Party on!

You can also join me on Facebook On march 2 at 8:00pm on my Online Beauty Bash

All you need to do is log on facebook, get comfortable in your PJ’S and join in with me and Dee for some tips, trucks, demos and games! I hope to see you all there. 

❤ thank you ❤

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What’s your beauty routine?! #mybeautyroutine

I have decided to start a series of posts about different people’s beauty routine. Please get in contact if you would like to be involved or feel free to use the #mybeautyroutine hashtag on your own posts.

I will kick it off by sharing my routine, which is little more than using soap!!

Shampoo and conditioner I have very fussy hair and use faith in nature, which is SLS free, for more info on SLS and why I avoid it see my previous blog here. I have also been trying to find a natural deodorant (and antiperspirant) which actually works, but haven’t had much luck so far!

I use garnier micellar cleansing water as a make up remover and Avon nutrieffects face scrub in the shower and apply fractionated coconut oil after a shower (Premium Nature Fractionated Coconut Oil, Skin Moisturizer, Natural Carrier Oil, Therapeutic, Odorless, 16 Oz Clear
). I also use garnier roll-on eyes for helping get rid of the mummy bags under my eyes.

Make up wise is use very little! I use Avon eye liner every day and switch about on my lipsticks. My favourite lipsticks are younique lip stain in shy and their lipstick in loaded and Avon lipstick in smooth plum. But my favourite by far in younique in shy, it lasts all day without need to reapply.

That’s actually all I use, leave me a comment and let me know what you use weekly/daily or what your “can’t live without” beauty item is.

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Beauty | Make up mannequin challenge 

Did you say make up mannequin challenge? Oh well, I have the perfect throwback. Striking a pose putting make up on while staying still just to get that perfect shot 😜

This was a few years ago before the mannequin challenge became on trend. Me and my friends were striking a pose doing our make up so we have to be like a mannequin for a seconds just to get that perfect shot. I thought this was funny and a perfect throwback. #mannequinchallenge #throwback #strikingapose

And this one, was more like a stolen shot style.
What about you? Do you have any mannequin challenge moment or pictures of staying still or stolen shot? We would love to see it as well so feel free to share with us. ❤️ thank you ❤️

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Testing long lasting lip colours

I love bright, bold lipsticks but I never remember to take the lipstick into work with me so rarely get chance to reapply. The lipsticks I use most are long lasting, then I don’t have to remember to carry it around with me. 

I decided to test a selection of long last line lip colour; some of these were free samples, some discounted and some have been purchased by me, so all reviews are unbiased. 

L’Oréal 24 HR infallible lip colour (red infallible) £9.99

No need for touch ups or second coats, stays put all day, keeping lips soft, hydrated and full of colour. 

The colour was smooth to apply and the colour was lovely and rich, but unfortunately after a few hours the colour just didn’t stick. 

Avon extra-lasting plump and stay lip colour (rosy resistance) £8.50

Plumping and long lasting base coat, high-shine top coat. Colour lasts 8 hours. 

Easy to apply, not the most bold of colours but there are others available. The top layer is sticky but normal lip balm works just as well without the horrid sticky feeling. 

Lasted really well, in fact it was still on the next morning!

Younique splash liquid lipstick (spontaneous) £21

Rich lipsticks leave you feeling brave, bold (and hydrated) all day long

I’m not sure the colour suits me. Goes on really smoothly and feels lovely on, but it did start to rub off after eating. 
Younique stiff upper lip stain (sleek) £18

Stubborn lip colour which won’t budge. 

Love love love this lip colour, lasts all day, doesn’t leave marks on glasses. Such a rich colour, lovely. 

Linkings waterproof lip crayon (#1) £3.25

Non stick to cup, non rub off. 

This went on so lovely and I thought the colour was great, unfortunately it didn’t last more than an hour and looked terrible, so I had to rub it off. 

Over all, I love the plump and stay Avon lip colour, without the top coat and adore younique lip stain. Would totally recommend those to all!