Fun and Easy Ways to Get Motivated to Exercise 

Everybody struggles to find the motivation to exercise from time to time and particu-larly once you have broken a regular habit of working out. Usually, you will quickly fall back into a routine once you start exercising, but finding the energy for that first session can be extremely challenging. So, what are a few fun and easy ways to get yourself motivated and get back on track? 

New Workout Gear 
Sick of putting on the same old workout gear? Inject some colour and energy with brand new workout clothes and you will suddenly feel motivated to break them in and work up a sweat. Whether it is a colourful new running top, merchandise from your favourite sports team or that new pair of running shoes you’ve been eyeing, any new workout gear will build motivation to get back to your workout regime with new en-ergy.

Alternative Exercise Classes 

Doing the same workout or exercise time after time can become boring and tiresome, so it is no surprise that you soon struggle to find motivation. Not only this, but results no longer show after a while if you do not change things up – the majority are working towards some kind of goal whether it is bulking up or losing weight, so it is important to change from time to time. Once great way to mix things up is to take an alternative exercise class, which can even make you forget that you are exercising. Hot yoga, hula classes, pole dancing, trapeze and barre are a few options.

Yes, that’s really me!

New Sport 

If there are no alternative exercise classes that take your fancy, taking up a new sport is a great way to get back into exercise. 5-a-side football, running, cycling and swim-ming are all great options, whilst walking basketball and walking football are fantastic new low-impact sports targeted at those that are unable to run whether it is due to age or injury. One great aspect of participating in sport is that it has a social aspect, which can be a huge motivation for sticking with it.

Alternative Activities

In addition to classes and sport, there are many activities that you could take up which are great fun and also good exercise. These include skateboarding, rollerblading and scooter riding. The latter is a particularly good option as it can be much easier to pick up than the other two and scooters can be found for affordable prices from places like Skate Hut.

Workout Buddy

If you exercise solo it can be very easy to stop. If you enlist a workout buddy, how-ever, it will encourage you to keep going as you are both in it together. It can also make workouts more enjoyable when you have somebody to talk to and motivate you. By working together, you are both more likely to achieve your individual goals and you have somebody alongside you who can monitor your progress.


There is an app for everything these days. There are hundreds of excellent fitness apps which can be used for a huge range of purposes, including tracking your progress, counting calories, working towards goals with other app users and conquering virtual worlds by achieving real-life exercise goals.

My Zombies, Run! App

Finding the motivation to exercise can be really difficult and particularly once you break your workout habit. These tips are a few fun and easy ways to get motivated and achieve your fitness goals.

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Yoga sports bra and pants review | #triedtested

Honestly, I don’t exercise. It’s because I don’t have the time to do so. However, Im preparing myself to do it by collecting fitness accessories I can use in the future. So when I was offered to review this sports bra and pants I took the chance.

Queenie Ke Womens Yoga Sport Bra Light Support Strappy Free To Be Bra Size M Color Black Aross

Queenie Ke Women’s Bandage Skinny Sports Yoga Running Dance Cropped Pants Size L Color Grey Melange

Check out my video review over our YouTube channel

I was impress with the quality, fitting and style of this product. Most of all they were comfortable to wear, soft fabric which has a nice feel against the skin. They are both stretchy as well which is good for extra support.

Their sizing chart were perfectly fit me. I’m a uk size 8 so I have ordered size medium as recommended in their size chart.

The sports bra does gives a light support and has a beautiful criss cross strappy style which looks lovely on the back. It has a lovely bust support with additional padded that is removable.



The leggings / pants has an elasticated waist. Also has this stylish bandage that you can tie till the ankle.
Im really pleased with this product and I’m happy to recommend them.

Family Fever
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Ways To Reclaim Your Young Days

Nostalgia is a warm yet icy blanket. Whilst it is always sweet to reminisce about the good old days of your youth, the memory can offer be bitter, as you come to the realisation that you are no longer as young as you were and you never will be this young again. Still, this doesn’t have to be such a depressing though, as you’re only as young as you feel. That’s a stereotypical line, of course, but there’s a modicum of truth to it.

Whilst ageing is unavoidable, confidence and good health are both things which are well within your control and are both remnants of your young days. If you want to reclaim that feeling in both a mental and a real, physical sense, then here are some tips to help return your body and mind to a youthful stage.

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It’s easy for us to complain about never feeling awake or alert, but often the problem is that we’re just not getting as much sleep as we should be. Yes, when you were 21 you only needed a 6 or 7 hour sleep in order to feel refreshed, but time is harsh like that.

The best way to feel better as you get older is to accept that you’re getting older and work harder to hold onto that youthful, refreshed feeling you miss so dearly.

Sleep isn’t just a time for recovering energy; it’s a process which helps your entire body recover. It helps your health as much as it helps your energy levels, so don’t just see it as a chance to stop your yawning.

Try getting eight hours sleep every night for a couple of months until it becomes a habit, and you might just find that you’re feeling and looking a lot healthier and more alert.

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Strength training.

Exercise is crucial for good health, but strength training is one of the most important forms of exercise, whatever your age. Not only will you be burning fat in the same way as if you did regular cardio, but you’ll be pushing your muscles to their limits, creating micro tears and, as a result, creating stronger muscle fiber.

All of this will get your body working at an elevated level, much as it did when you were younger. You might only care about projecting an outward appearance of still living your young days, but a steady routine of weight training will make your body young and healthy on the inside.

Practicality and health should be at the forefront of your mind, as a youthful and impressive appearance will come as a happy bonus from this.

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Hair is something which remains incredibly important to us throughout our youth and old age. It’s a defining element of your appearance and personality, which is why it still matters so much even as it changes along with you throughout the years.

However, with age, much like all things, your hair may start to become a little disobedient and wither in ways which you hoped it never would. You could look into solutions such as finasteride for hair loss too, as thinning is quite common amongst men and women once the cruel effects of aging set in.

Perhaps the fading colour of your youthful hair bothers you too, but it’s best to avoid dyeing it if you can, as this can cause further damage; it’s best to simply take care of your hair and wear it with pride no matter the colour. People are actively choosing to dye their hair white or grey now anyway, so there’s no reason your new shade of hair can’t be youthful.

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Keep your lifestyle fresh.

Routines are good for us in that they keep us on track mentally and physically, but they can also become dull after a short while of keeping them up. When you were young, life was changing so quickly, much like you, that your routine, interests and habits seemed to alter rapidly. New opportunities presented themselves every day, you learned new things and you met different people.

All these things kept your mind and body young and alert, which is why you should be seeking out the same opportunities and switching up your routine even as you get older. Wake up at a different time, go somewhere new, and meet different people. Challenge yourself, and keep life as fresh and new as it was when you were young. You truly are only as young as you feel.

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Confidence Is in More Than Just Your Appearance

When we talk about confidence, we typically associate it with things such as your personality, attitude, and ultimately your appearance. The more comfortable you are with your look, the more likely you are to have faith in who you are as a person and, as a result, take on life’s challenges without a worry. However, confidence isn’t just in your appearance. Once you’ve worked out, lost weight and picked out a good outfit to gain your confidence back, you might still feel like something is missing.

That something is probably your health.

Let’s face it, outward appearances don’t mean everything. We can hide things as best we can, but ultimately, our bodies are our temple and our body image should reflect how we feel inside. The most basic example is the consumption of water to flush out bad toxins in your body. Everyone knows that drinking plenty of water as opposed to alcohol or soda has amazing benefits for your skin that can really boost your confidence.

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Confidence in your body’s health

When you’re confident that your body is healthy, you’re more likely to take risks and do something extraordinary. However, if you’re worried that you might be developing an illness or that your fatigue is the result of overexerting yourself, then it might severely limit your options in life and it can be a debilitating state of mind.

There’s no use looking up online diagnosis websites to try and determine what your symptoms mean. There are some illnesses or conditions that have very obvious symptoms, but something as general as pain in a certain part of your body could be something trivial or it could be something serious. This is why it’s always recommended that you contact your doctor and schedule regular appointments to check on your overall health. It’s a lot better than sitting at home worrying that you might have a serious condition.

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Know the right places to visit

Doctors are very powerful people. Their words carry a lot of weight due to their profession which is why it’s essential that you pick a good doctor or medical practice that knows how to handle their patients. Specialised services are a step up from a general doctor and typically offer tailor-made services for patients of all genders and conditions. For instance, a smear test clinic is usually very welcoming to female patients and all the nurses, doctors and staff are trained to provide you with all the information and assistance you need.

A well-equipped medical practice is going to give you the confidence boost you need to be able to tell your doctor about your conditions. Condescending staff members that don’t care about your issues or who prescribe you useless medicines are not helpful. In fact, their negligence could be an incredibly slippery slope that you need to get off before they misdiagnose you and destroy your confidence. 

In short, if you aren’t confident in speaking to your doctor about your health, fire them and get a new one that understands you.

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Juicer Recipes; cheap and easy! #foodiefriday

As part of my new year’s resolution to be a healthier I bought myself a juicer from Gumtree, all of £10! I absolutely love it; it is quick and easy to juice the fruits (although it is a bit noisy), I don’t need to skin or core the fruits because the juicer removes all the pulp and there are no seeds from raspberries etc which would definitely annoy me. The worst part is cleaning it, although the parts are dishwasher safe if I actually put it in there I wouldn’t have space for any dishes lol so I handwash it every day (I can see this getting boring after a while and I will stop bothering to use it).

But for now I am enjoying trying out new mixtures of fruit for breakfast and here are a few of our favourites; I try to use every day fruit and veg (the pineapple and melon were in the reduced section!) and I made enough for 2 glasses of each mix:

img_2788 3 apples, 1/2 lemon and an inch of ginger

img_2789Much like pure apple juice, but with a bite to it. Very yummy!

img_2815Inch of pineapple, 2 carrots and 1 orange

img_2866Very tropical, the kids really enjoyed this one.

1/4 of a melon (I take the skin off but apparently you don’t have to) inch of ginger, 1 carrot, 1 orange

Couldn’t taste the melon, it was all orange juice with a bit of bite to it.
My top tips are:

  • Carrots thicken it up nicely and are cheap
  • Ginger goes with everything, so tasty
  • Don’t bother with melon or other slight flavours
  • Don’t have too many apples or pears, they make the kids poop (a lot!)
  • Mummy in a Tutu
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Does home exercise work for you? 

Being a busy working mum, I don’t have time to get fit. So I thought, home exercise is the answer. Well, how could I be wrong? 

Having my 2 years old son at home with no one to look after him but just me, i thought I could do some multitasking and follow youtubes exercises at home. It’s seems practical, safe and will save me money from going out to the gym or swimming classes. It seems the perfect idea for a mum like me to keep active and fit while looking after my son. 

Until my son started moving chairs and stuff while I’m on a Dance exercise and etc….haha how safe and stress free is that? Obviously I can’t just ignore this cute little fella who constantly want attention from mummy. In the end, I give up. 

For me this is what I can see as a pros and cons of exercising at home.

Pros of home exercise 

  • Save money from gym membership 
  • It’s more convenient, practical and comfortable if you have some accessories at home or a good space without kids running around. 
  • You can be creative and you can tailored exercise that you feel suits you best.
  • The freedom of movement, comfortability or confident especially if you get conscious exercising at the gym.


  • You might not be able to keep up in a routine as sometimes being at home makes you feel too comfortable and can’t be bothered to do anything.
  • Loads of distraction at home like children constantly want your attention, watching films, eating foods, relax, feeling lazy or there are days when you feel down and not motivated enough to do exercise etc. 
  • It’s not safe exercising when there is a kids running around and moving furniture and stuff that could be dangerous for you and the child and you will both end up having injury tripping from the floor etc. 
  • Exercise accessories such as dumbbell or weights are not safe on kids as they can play with it and hurt themselves. 
  • You might be doing the wrong exercise for your body built or might not be suitable for you. ( eg. Getting more masculine when you just want to tone up. This is when you need a proper trainer or personal coach. 

Everyone is different so whatever you think best for you then go for it. Just sometimes try to weigh the pros and cons. Personally, for me it didn’t work because it’s not safe doing it while my toddler is around. 

However, there are some few apps called 7 minutes exercise. And according to my fitness fanatic friend, 7 minutes a day to exercise is enough to get fit and obviously diet play a very important role in becoming a healthy and fit individual. Everyone can have a good lifestyle through balanced diet and keeping active such as walking, swimming, stretching, running or jogging, dance with the music or doing household chores. 

Anyway, here are few 7 minutes exercise app I found.

7 minutes workout
7 minutes workout app
7 minutes workout training challenge
7 minutes workout app free
7 minutes workout
7 minutes work out

7 minutes work out free app
Sorry,  too many links and all the same name. Just look at it and choose which one suits you best. Otherwise go straight to the App Store and search for 7 minutes workout app. Also read their reviews to see the best app. 

Also don’t forget to share with us what kind of exercise, diet or lifestyle works for you in order to keep fit and healthy. Thank you!


Pole fitness strengthening exercises when you have no pole

I recently started pole fitness and have been trying to strengthen my stomach muscles and my arms. I had a search around online and there is a massive shortage of helpful sites, so I decided to do my own!

I am no expert, so you will have to bear with me with the photographs, my back and arms are never as straight as they should be!

Superman: on all fours (knees and hands shoulder/hip distance apart) lift alternate hand and leg and extend straight out, return to kneeling and swap over. Repeat 3 mins. 

Plank: lie on front, up on toes and arms supported by elbows. Draw stomach muscles up and hold. Start with 20 seconds and increase the hold as you become able. 

Crunches: lie on your back with knees bent and hands behind head. Engage stomach muscles and lift your shoulders from the floor, hold for count of 3 then lower back down. 

To extend the exercise you can hold your legs up at right angle from hips to knees and knees to feet, or once you have lifted your shoulder you can twist elbow to opposite knee then lower and alternate side on the next lift. 

Curls: using hand weights, standing starting with weights by your waist curl arms up to shoulder

Kickbacks: using hand weights, standing bent forward, back straight elbows bent up in line with back, extend weights back until arms straight. 

Push ups: if you struggle with full push ups then try the female version (bent knees instead up up on toes)