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Flawless Flooring Choices For Each Room In The House

The world of decorating can often come with too much choice. It’s true. When you decide to redo a room, you’re faced with so many different decisions to cover off everything from the ceiling fixtures to the door handles. And it can often feel a bit draining. So sometimes, it can be in your best interest to consider the vast range of options you have, in order to work on narrowing them down. You’ll certainly find this helpful when it comes to flooring choices. If you’re looking to redo a few rooms in your home, getting to know your flooring options can help you to pick the perfect option for each room.


First of all, there’s always the beautiful option of hardwood. This is a classic. Hardwood flooring always gives off a luxury look to whichever room you add it into. But, you often want to ensure that it’s not going to get scratched and lose its stunning look. So the ideal room to work with hardwood flooring is it your living space or even your entryway. It’s also a durable choice that should still keep its beautiful finish and stand the test of time.


If you’re not keen on investing a lot of money in your flooring choices, but you still want a stunning wood effect, choose laminate. By considering arrange of options such as the one’s Factory Direct Flooring offer, you should find a finish that can work with the design you’re pulling together. Laminate is durable, easy to maintain, and wipeable, making it great for your dining area or high-traffic hallways. It could even be a great choice for children’s playrooms.


Then we have the classic option of carpet. Carpet isn’t always something you want to have downstairs. It can get dirty quite easily, and you’ll often find that hard flooring is easier to maintain in the living space areas. But when it comes to the bedrooms, carpet is ideal. Not only can it keep them warm, but it gives off a cozier feel too. Take a look at these bedroom carpet ideas to help you get some inspiration on how to style the flooring choice well for this look.


When it comes to vinyl, you have a lot of options to choose from here. You could work with sheets or tiles or even opt for a more luxury vinyl finish. Looks wise, you can go for a stone finish or natural wood looks. This flooring choice is also a durable option, and if you’re working with tiles, you may even find them relatively easy to install yourself. In terms of the idea room, vinyl is great for your kitchen for this reason.


Then, lastly, you’ve also got a tile choice to work with. This can often seem an odd flooring choice for many rooms. However, the room that they’re ideal for is the bathroom. In your bathroom, there’s nothing quite like a full tiled look from wall to floor. So if you want to work with something clean and simple, tile should be something that you look into in your cloakrooms.

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The Secrets To Moving House On A Budget

Our moving truck

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Moving house can be pretty expensive (not to mention stressful) at the best of times, especially if you have a busy household. Spending more than you wanted to because you haven’t properly planned or budgeted your move is the last thing that you want, and could potentially ruin the exciting moving experience for not only you but your children too. There are several different ways to go about saving money when you move, but here a just a few to get you started.

Stick To Your Budget

This may seem like a rather simple and obvious step, but it isn’t always. You could plan how much you are going to spend on a new house, new furniture, and moving as much as you like, but there is always a risk that something will pop up that needs to be paid for. Then you go over your budget and end up feeling bad for doing so. To avoid this, the best way is to budget in for an emergency, and then if there isn’t one, you have some extra money saved for a nice weekend away, once you’ve settled in, of course. Adding an extra 20% or so on to your budget for an emergency is a sensible amount, but then you must ensure that you don’t spend any more than that.

Shop Around And Book Early

The cheapest way to go about booking your moving vans is to shop around and book as early as possible, as this will get you the best rates. There are many websites, like shiply, which will offer you a free quote on moving all of your belongings, which is a great help, and makes you choosing your moving company a million times easier.

Sell Non-Essentials

Moving house is expensive enough without having things that you don’t really need or use moved however many miles away to your new home. It will require more trips back and forth or more vans, and is an expense you simply don’t need. Instead, have a proper clear out of anything you don’t need or haven’t used in a while, and try selling it on Facebook or eBay so that you have some extra pocket money for a rainy day.

Pay For Packing

The thought of shelling your money for someone to come to your home and pack your things, rather than you simply doing it yourself, may seem counterproductive, especially as you are trying to move on a budget, but it could save you a lot of money in the long run. Packing companies will include all packing materials in their price, so you won’t have to fork out money on boxes and bubble wrap. As well as this, you are safe in the knowledge that these people are professionals, who know how to safely and securely pack your belongings, and are insured if the worst happens and something happens to break at their hands.
Hopefully, these tips will help you to avoid overspending when moving house, meaning that the only thing you have to feel stressed about now is how to accomplish your kid’s extravagant ideas for their bedroom decor.

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Your Family Kitchen: Repair or Replace

The kitchen is the centre of the family home for a lot of people. It’s where you cook, put the kettle on, stand around and chat, and often sit down to eat too. The kitchen can also be a main selling point if you’re putting your home up for sale. Kitchens are often repaired, replaced and remodelled to keep them up to date. Deciding whether it’s time to replace yours or if you can just give it a facelift is a challenge you might come to face.

What’s Your Budget?

How much money you want to spend is one of the big questions to ask yourself when making this decision. Generally, making a few repairs and giving your kitchen a makeover will cost less. However, if a lot of work needs to be done to make it presentable, a brand new kitchen is sometimes more cost-effective.

How Much Can You Repair or Makeover?

There are limits to what you can fix and update. Some things might be too far gone for you to rescue, so replacing them could be the better choice. You should assess what you can makeover and your options for updating everything.

Brand New Appliances?

The appliances in your kitchen take up a lot of space, and they also form a big part of the overall look of the room. When you think about whether to replace them, you need to consider both their style and their functionality. If they look tired and don’t work so well anymore, replacing them could be the best choice.

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Five Ways You Can Improve Your Dining Room For The Family

Eating as a family used to be part of the daily routine. Everyone used to sit down together at the end of the day, eat a hearty and nutritious meal and discuss their days and views. Of course, some families may still keep up with this tradition, but it seems more and more that children eat earlier than parents due to circumstances with work routines, or even eating in front of the T.V for a quick midweek meal or takeaway. However, weekends tend to be a great opportunity to reignite this family tradition and having the ideal perfect dining area to do it is a great way to encourage it. So I thought I would share with you five ways you could improve your dining room. Image source

Decorate it

Decorating any room is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make a real impact and change how a room looks and feels. A dining room is primarily a place to gather with family and even friends to socialise, so the decorating needs to coincide with the purpose of the room. Calming colours tend to be a good choice for dining rooms, and a light pastel colour pallette could be a great way to reinvent the room. Dining rooms can be one of the smallest reception rooms you have in your home, so a brighter wall could make it feel larger in size. 

Add some new furniture

Adding some new pieces of furniture can be another way to make a dining room feel new and improved. Perhaps you didn’t have a big enough table to seat the whole family, so investing in something like a glass dining table set could be worthwhile. You could also think about other elements of a room such as a welsh dresser or sideboard housing all of your plates and glass collections. 

Make it a versatile space that can be used

Sometimes in smaller homes, a dining room is a place that needs a dual-purpose. You may want to eat in there and enjoy time with family and friends, but your children may need the table to do their homework. You may need to use the space to work from home or even be able to relax in there if the other rooms are being used. Think about how you can add versatility to the space to make the room more user-friendly. 

Create the right atmosphere

A dining room is primarily a family space, so create that atmosphere by displaying pictures of the family on the walls or window sills. Other things to consider would be the lighting, you could have a dimmer switch for the main light so the right ambiance and lighting can be offered in the evening. 

Let some light and air into the room

Finally, the dining room may be a space that you use during the day, so a great tip is to let as much natural light into the room as possible. Get rid of blinds or at least have them open. Even open up the windows to let some fresh air into the room. Simple things like this can dramatically change how a room looks and feels. 

I hope these tips help you to improve your dining room. 

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Making the best with what you have: small home space solutions

Living in a small space is very challenging at times and especially now that it’s increasingly becoming the norm in modern society. Elderly people are living longer and thus not willing to give up their homes and sell them to the next generation. But the human population is now nearing a staggering 7.5 billion. Therefore governments have been hard pressed to make homes more affordable and policies throughout the Western world have shown that there are many homes for sale, but they’re not like your traditional family home. Many of them are small homes built in the 1960s and 70s. They may be cosy, but living in them comfortably is a bit of a challenge. Making the most of what you have is a task that requires some getting used to, but there are always a few handy guidelines you can follow, to implement small space solutions.

Peggy's Zen living room makeover, white sofa, pink tulips, bright pillows, maroon throw, natural woven drum shaped tables, jute rug, refinished floor, old brass floor lamp, Seattle, Washington, USA

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A living room should be for living
It’s very easy to see the living room as the space you should use to entertain guests and make sure you have enough seating in case guests, friends and or family come over. However, they don’t live in your home day in, day out. It’s time to stop worrying about making everybody else comfortable, and start living for you. Don’t put two couches or sofas in the room, when you only need one. Just because space is there, doesn’t mean you have to fill it with something. Take out the drawers and cabinets you that are there purely for aesthetic reasons like displaying away or stacking pictures of your family.

Sleep soundly

The bedroom of small homes is perhaps the most difficult space to get used to like most of the time; you’ll only have two small or one small bed available in each room. Despite there being enough room for a large bed, the hallways and small corridor don’t allow the ability to move a family size mattress up the stairs and through the door frame. Unless, you buy a zip and link beds, where you can find small mattresses which are able to be linked together to make a king size mattress. Additionally, if you or your partner weight more than normal, or just want different comfort levels, you can opt for tougher spring rates for each mattress, so both of you get what you want and not have to compromise. These products are easy to move and take up the stairs, even in the most narrow of stairways.

It's a pile of cool shoes.

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Create space

Think about using space, where you’d normally leave empty even though you hardly use the room or that particular part of the room. For example, the corner of the kitchen can be used to store coats, by fitting a coat hanger rack. Make sure this is done by the window, however, as it can be opened to maintain the temperature in the kitchen and a nice flow of air, therefore not damaging the materials. In the same exact position, you could also make a space for a shoe rack or perhaps a shoe mat or tray. Here you can store all your shoes without the need to lay them in the hallway or at the foot of the stairs. This kind of ethos should be replicated all over the home. Find space where you can, especially in rooms where you occupy most of your time, and make room where you hardly use a certain space.


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Calmness and light

One of it, not the biggest factor that puts people off when thinking of buying a small but affordable home, is the nature of it. You can get used to living in a small space, but only if the home itself projects calmness. Claustrophobia can set in and have a real impact on your life, making your very living space uninhabitable. Repaint your walls in bright, vibrant colours or even neutral colours. There’s no better time to use a bright white than in a small home, to give as much elastic force, rebounding the light within your home. The brighter a home, the more it gives off an impression of roominess and relaxation.

A small home doesn’t have to be small on the inside. Use large furnishings, but use less of them. Don’t fill space where you don’t need to purely for the sake of it. However, where you can, make space that you hardly use, functional, taking the burden off of another area. Bright and neutral colours will also fight off the panic of claustrophobia and not let it set in, they may also add value to the home.

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