Earn money for free; Swagbucks

Epril and I often share easy methods to earn a bit of cash from doing very little. My suggestion today is to visit Swagbucks and register with them!

The aim of Swagbucks is to earn “SB points” and then you exchange your points for gift cards. It is quite easy to earn the first selection of points from filling in your details, but after that you can earn points from completely surveys and as a form of cash back for purchasing online or opening accounts (often for free) with online websites.

Do watch out of those sites that sign you up for a monthly/weekly subscription, you will need to cancel if you don’t want to continue and for some often offers you need to put £5 cash into it to get it to give you the SB points (eg gambling sites). I don’t use these offers personally I just use the survey options.

I have tested this for you and received £10 into my PayPal in exchange for 1600 points.

There are daily rewards for completing certain tasks and further bonuses if you get to a target number of SB points, so it is worth logging in daily, completing a few surveys and getting the points.

Generally I earn £10-20 a month for maybe 10 minutes “work” a day. Also if you don’t use the account for a few months they try to tempt you back by offering SB points for coming back, which if you want can be exchanged immediately for cash lol

It is free to sign up to Swagbucks, but you do need to register your address before you can be paid, which involves them sending you a postcard with a verification number on nd you confirming it online. Which is a bit of a faff, but not too difficult.

The link for Swagbucks is here. Definitely one I recommend.

*note: I get a small reward for recommending this site

Earn money decluttering your unwanted stuff. Sell for free on Vinted.

Are you a shopaholic or maybe a hoarder? You want to clear out your stuff but your put off by eBay’s seller fee? Well, it’s time to clear out your unwanted clothes and your children stuff and sell them for free at vinted.

Join me on Vinted and you can get £5 to shop. Of ourse I can get a reward as well but I’m honest with you. I have been clearing my stuff in there and I would definitely recommend them. What I love about them is that I get to sell for free unlike eBay which you have to pay selling fees. I love shopping at Vinted as well because there is a lot of bargain in there. Just look at item’s and the sellers profile because there is a lot of them who offer up to 50 percent discount if you buy bundle up to 5 items.

Selling on Vinted is totally free. You can swap in there as well since it’s a buying, selling and swapping site. Download their app for a better shopping and selling experience while you are on the go.

What about you? Do you have a recommended platform to clear out unwanted stuff? Please do share with us ❤️

Guest Post : Have you heard of Matched Betting?

Today’s guest post is written by Jodi from Matched betting mum . if you would like to know more about Jodi, please scroll down to the bottom of this post where you can find her details.


Thanks to Epril and Amy for having me here on their blog. I run a blog sharing money saving and money making tips. As you can probably tell by the name, my specialist subject is matched betting.

Matched betting is something I’ve been doing for a year now. It’s a guaranteed way of making money from the comfort of your own home. Yet most people have never heard of it. Or, if they have, they’re a little bit too scared to try it.

But it’s actually very simple and easy to do. So I’m on a mission to spread the word. Continue reading “Guest Post : Have you heard of Matched Betting?”

How to be more eco-friendly

How to be More Eco-Friendly in your Day to Day Life

As a society, we are constantly becoming more and more aware of potential damages to the environment and as a result we are regularly seeking out new ways to reduce our carbon footprint a little. Whether that’s switching your lightbulbs to an LED alternative, going paperless with your energy bills or bank statements or even re-using your Tesco carrier bag, little subtle changes in our day to day lives can really make a big difference to the quality of our environment. Not only this, but you may also find that you benefit financially as well as just feeling generally better physically and mentally. Want to help but not sure how? Here are a few ways you can do your bit to help keep our eco system healthy!

Grow your Own Food

Admittedly, this is a very sweeping statement and of course, not everyone has acres of farmland on which they can live a completely sustainable lifestyle. However, even in small gardens there is the opportunity to grow a little fruit and veg which is not only helping the environment, it is also delicious, nutritious and readily available – not to mention great fun once you get the hang of it! Packets of seeds for fruit such as tomatoes can be bought at any garden centre and once they are planted you can begin the excitement of watching them grew. There is definitely nothing more satisfying than enjoying a delicious meal that is not only home cooked – but home grown too!

Walk or Cycle!

This is definitely an age old piece of advice when it comes to ways to help the environment, but one that still stands! We are stuck in a society where driving everywhere has become the norm. It is easy to see why, it is quick, convenient and easy. But how many journeys are you completing in the car that could be done using other means? How far away from home do you work? Would it be possible to walk or cycle? Even if you take the train to work, could you walk or cycle to the station instead of drive? Not only will becoming more active benefit the environment, it will also positively impact your physical health.

Have a Clear Out

There is nothing better than having a good old de-clutter from time to time. Just as the saying goes, clear space means a clear mind, and if you allow all kinds of junk to build up in your home, you are likely not doing your stress levels any favours. A good way to tackle hoarded items is to start with your wardrobe. Take a look at the clothes inside and pick out anything you haven’t worn in over a year. Ask yourself if you’re likely to wear it again. If the answer is no, then chuck it. It’s as simple as that. In order to help the environment, make sure you dispose of your clothes responsibly. Organisations such as Freecycle will allow you to exchange goods with others and they will not simply dispose of any unwanted items, they will recycle them. Check out Freecycle as an alternative to the likes of eBay and Gumtree.

Reduce your Food Waste

It is quite shocking the amount of food that is wasted by the average household in the UK and there are so many simple ways of preventing wastage and making sure that your weekly shop lasts just that little bit longer. Batch cooking big one-pot dishes such as spaghetti Bolognese or vegetable curries and freezing it will mean you always have something homemade and nutritious available. If you’re making a stir fry for the whole family – why not put the leftovers in a Tupperware and take it to the office for lunch? Don’t throw away fruit and vegetables that are past their use-by dates either – they are likely still ok to eat – why not boil veggies with stock and blend for a delicious soup? Mash up over-ripe bananas for a hearty banana loaf? Or freeze blueberries for a cool and refreshing smoothie? Next time, before throwing food away, consider whether there are any uses for it first!

Buy Used!

Still today, there is a slight stigma that surrounds buying goods second hand and many people avoid doing it before they have even tried it. Charity shops only stock good quality items and if you don’t like the fact that someone else has worn something – then simply give it a quick wash! You can find some really great quality items in the likes of Oxfam, from clothes shoes and bags to furniture and electronics. The best thing about buying furniture second hand is that you get the opportunity to buy some really great, one off statement pieces for pennies. Re-working them is also a fun challenge if you want to put your own stamp on it! Shopping in charity shops also means you are helping a great cause – guilt free shopping? Where do we sign?!

 *collaborative post


Turn your phone habit into freebie hunting

I developed a bad habit of always being on my phone, just to pass the time or diverting my boredom. I find it therapeutic sometimes and that’s how I discovered a lot of things online that could turn into something more productive. I endlessly surf the internet searching or watching videos being shared in Facebook. I feel that my habit is such a waste of time for nothing so i thought I have to use it for something useful which is bargain and freebie hunting.

Who doesn’t love freebies anyway? It’s fun and exciting just to get a free stuff in the post. It’s like receiving a gift which is lovely.

I have discovered many freebie website and starting receiving free samples which is a great reward for my time. I don’t feel so  guilty about being on my phone anymore since I turn them into something sensible.  Continue reading “Turn your phone habit into freebie hunting”

Get in Good Habits and Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

With summer well on the way, it can be easier to save money on bills around the home. You can dry your laundry outside, and there isn’t a need to have your heating on. You use fewer lights in the daytime, and might even use less gas for things like cooking. So it is can be easy to get forgetful about ways to cut the costs of our bills at home. But if we establish some bad habits in summer, then it can lead to us carrying on that way when the cooler temperatures come back. So what are some good habits to get into, to take care of our home, as well as keep costs down? Here are some ideas for you. Continue reading “Get in Good Habits and Make Your Home More Energy Efficient”

Top tips on saving for a holiday.

Going for a holiday outside the uk can be a bit expensive, especially for a family of 5 like us. We love to go to our native country, the Philippines, as much as we can. We can only afford to go for a holiday to the Philippines every few years since the tickets are very expensive. We’ve went there last year so going for a holiday again this year is out of the plan.

However, my husband was checking prices everyday and took advantage an offer. We are going in August which means there is only a few months left for us to save for our holiday. Continue reading “Top tips on saving for a holiday.”

Things To Do To Your Home This Summer That You’ll Appreciate In Winter

Okay, so summer hasn’t even arrived yet (will it ever), and winter is already being discussed. However, it’s worth thinking about the things you can do in your home during the warmer (here’s hoping) months, ensuring your house is in the best shape it can be when the days get shorter, and you’re searching for the hot water bottle.


Tidy home, tidy mind (is that how the saying goes?). A spring, or summer, in this case, clean automatically refreshes your house and lifts the spirits of everyone living in it. If you’re having a thorough clear out (we’re talking gutting the garage and organising the loft), then the last thing you want to be doing is traipsing in and out the house with boxes and bin bags in the freezing cold. So pick a dry and mild day to get all the heavy lifting done, and why not organise a car boot sale, so all that effort literally pays off.

When the colder months hit, you’ll be clutter free, and the house will be a pleasure to be in, after all, you’re more likely to be staying inside during winter. For decluttering inspiration, take a look here: http://www.goodhousekeeping.co.uk/lifestyle/declutter-your-home/decluttering-tips-spring-cleaning.

Image found here: https://www.pexels.com/photo/old-photos-in-the-wooden-box-5842/ 


The summer is the best time to get any DIY or home improvements done; as you’d have to be brave to decide on having your roof refitted during January (brrr). Summer is a smart time to check that the outside of your house is well maintained, so ensure your gutters are clear, and all your roof tiles are still up there, you don’t want to be dealing with leaks and damp throughout winter.

If you’re thinking of home improvements inside the house, again, when it’s warmer outside, it’s better to get them completed; especially if it’s related to the plumbing (although there’s nothing more refreshing than a cold shower in mid-December). So, if you’re planning to refit the bathroom, add some underfloor heating, or change your radiators, get the professionals in now; before it gets too cold.

Image from PEXELS


Every household will use less energy when it’s warmer; so it’s always a great time to check if you can get a better deal on your utility bills. It’s a highly competitive market, where everyone is fighting for your business by offering the lowest rates; so don’t be lazy and just stick to what you know, there are plenty of resources out there to help you find a better deal than what you’re currently paying for your gas and electric. If you choose to change your energy provider this summer, try and find a fixed rate that will see you through winter, and save you money in the meantime.

Image via pixabay.com

Getting ready for winter during the summer months might sound depressing, but it doesn’t have to be! Cleaning and improving your house will only make it a more pleasurable place to live in, whatever the season. And there’s never a fun time to sort out household bills; but if you get on top of them before it gets cold, you’ll worry less when you’ve accidentally left the heating on all night.

*collaborative post

Free fidget spinner!

Are your kids desperate for these?! I know mine are and they are sold out everywhere nearby!

Well here is a free one for you, all you have to do is sign up over at simply eliquid, you will be sent a referral code, share that and you will be sent a spinner. 

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*giveaway is not associated with Eps and Amy blog, we are passing on a good deal for you. All information is correct as we understand it, but please read terms and conditions of entry yourself. We cannot be held responsible. 

Making Money On The Side? A Hustle, Not A Hassle

You might have heard the term ‘side hustle’ a lot more these days – and for good reason. There are plenty of opportunities for people with talents, ingenuity or a good work ethic to earn a bit of cash on the side, or to top up their earnings.

Earning cash on the side of your full-time role to supplement your earnings or doing a bunch of smaller opportunities is a great way to get some bucks for a rainy day. Especially so when a lot of these opportunities can be fun!

Think about it – if you’ve got skills as a writer, would you rather write articles, blog posts, essays or creative pieces or would you rather sit down and do some data entry at your day job? It depends on what you enjoy, but if you have the skills, you must have the interest – no? These side opportunities are ways to make good cash in areas that you genuinely enjoy. Continue reading “Making Money On The Side? A Hustle, Not A Hassle”