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Holiday packing, what if I forget something?!

I’m heading off to America (Orlando) in a few days and leaving you with my best buddy Epril, who is going to take care of you while I’m away.

I am currently packing my bags and wanted to make sure I wasn’t forgetting anything, so I though who better to check with then you lovely lot!

We are off to Orlando for 10 days, with no children and not planning on visiting Disney or Universal (shocking I know). The weather at the moment is hot and humid with daily thunderstorms, some very heavy downpours occasionally lasting a long time.

Clothes wise, I have packed mostly shorts and t shirts, with a couple of daytime casual dresses and a couple of smart evening dresses, 1 pair of jeggings and I will be travelling in a pair of comfy trousers (either leggings or joggers I’m not sure yet). I’ve put in a couple of cardigans and cover up shirts for hiding from the sun/keeping warm in the evening. A pocket poncho and underwear haha. There is, of course, my fabulous new bikini!

I have my waterproof camera, a couple of books/my kindle, toiletries of course (suncream included), flip flops and walking sandals, power socket adaptors, charging cables for our phones etc.

I feel like I’m missing something important! Help me out?!?

Dear Bear and Beany
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To move house or to extend?!

We have decided we need a bigger house. The children each have their own room, but Jack’s room is tiny; so small that we had to build his bed into the room in order to fit a full sized single in and themed needed to find space to store his clothes…so a bigger room is needed. We also would very much like an extra room to use as a playroom crossed with an office, we just need some extra space everything is very cramped and stacked on top of each other. 

So, we have decided we will either extend or move to a bigger place. 

                Jack’s room is so small!


Extending would work out cheaper, we would need to find a trust worthy builder and get some quotes. But we would be stuck with the “parking situation” around here. 


We would have to take out quite a lot more mortgage and extend the number of years we have it over if we want to get a 4 bed place. We would have to find a decent estate agent, like Featherstone Leigh Twickenham, finding a good estate agent who can sell your place for the amount you want and find you a good place is vital. 

It’s so difficult to decide whether to extend or move, we flit between the two on a daily basis. What would you do? Extend or move?!?

*Collaborative post 

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#DIYBlogChallenge Father’s Day

Last month’s #DIYBlogChallenge was to upcycled a charity shop find, this month the challenge was to produce something for Father’s Day.

I gathered the children, and manage to find a day when Daddy wasn’t here so we could tackle the crafts! Of course my kids couldn’t agree on a design between them so we ended up doing 2 designs!

Bethany chose to do a canvas for daddy with the word LOVE on it. This is a really easy, yet effective design for any child to do. You do have to watch them because canvas’ are expensive and if they make a mistake it’s difficult to undo it.

She taped off the L and the V and painted around the tape to leave a blank. She then used her hand print to make the O and finger prints for the letter E (why she made this a “baby” letter I don’t know, but she was in charge). We waited until it dried and then peeled the tape off. She is really pleased with how it turned out:

Jack insisted he wanted to make a clay plant pot for Daddy. I bought air clay for him and showed him how to wet it to shape it. He did eventually make two pretty good pot shaped clay “things”, he also scratched patterns into the outside of the pot.

When he was done we put them to dry (which takes ages with air dry clay). He then painted them, leaving them to dry again and put little plants in them. They could also be used as a pot for his pennies.

Check out the other members Father’s Day makes here:

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Some ideas to entertain school aged children

A few weeks ago my friend asked if I could look after her kids for her on general Election Day. I am always happy to help so agreed, they will be dropped round at 7.30 and collected at 5.

I have a 5 year old and an 8 year old and my friend has a 5 year old and a 9 year old. Suddenly nearly 10 hours of 4 children and no car in order to take them out (I don’t have space in my little Zoe for 4 car seats) seems really hard work and to make matters worse the sunny weather has gone away and we seem to be stuck with rain, which put an end to my friends suggestion of a waterfight.

I ask my fellow bloggers for ideas:

    • Rachel from the Illustrated Teacup suggested fort building and the fort which lasts all day wins a prize!
    • Beth from Twinderelmo suggested a colouring competition, charades and hide and seek!

    • Clare has written a whole post for Brit Mum’s full of cheap ways to entertain the kids
    • Cass from Frugal Family suggested I bake some biscuits and get them to ice them *top tip* put a cover on the table and lay everything out for them to use. Then when they are done you can shake the messy sprinkles off the cover into the garden to clear up quickly 😉

If all else fails I will take Lauren’s advise (from Scrapbook Blog) to leave out snacks and drinks and hide in the bathroom 😂

Any suggestions welcome!!

I will let you know how it goes after their visit! Wish me luck…

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Crabbing in Littlehampton

Today we took the kids out to Littlehampton with their crabbing nets. We used some left over dinner (of sausages and meatballs) to stuff our nets and popped them in the water hoping to catch some crabs. 

Unfortunately we failed to catch anything, but our friends came along with some little fishes to use as bait and that worked much better. 

It really is so much fun for the kids, we love heading out after dinner and killing a few hours down at the river. So much better for them then sitting at home and watching some TV or a film. Hooray for summer!

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Top tips for toilet training your little one. 

I have started toilet training my youngest son who just turned 3 years old. I have seen signs that he is ready as he’s started hiding when he is doing a poo then will tell me afterwards, he will also tell me to go to the toilet as he can see his older brother and wants to copy him and he asks to be nappy changed.

So, I thought everything is perfect and easy. But it’s not, I’m struggling as he only tells me when he’s done it but he doesn’t go to the toilet before doing it. This is why I turned to my fellow bloggers and asked for their help and found it all very helpful.  Continue reading “Top tips for toilet training your little one. “

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Maya’s Bows, personalised hair bows

My beautiful Bethany loves helping with my reviewing and was talent spotted by the company Maya’s Bows, who were looking for bow loving girlies to model their bows for them. Bethany was more than happy to help them out! You can check out the Maya’s Bows over on Facebook and Instagram.

Our first delivery arrived and bethany really enjoyed looking through the whole collection. See her reaction here.

She was absolutely overwhelmed at the different styles, they were all so pretty. I was really pleased with the quality and the variety (not all big bows, but little ones on hair grips and on hair ties and different styles of bow too!)

Check out the Maya’s Bow Facebook page here and Instagram here. If you would like to order from them drop them a private message with yours specifications and quote the code Bethany10 for a 10% discount!

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