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Forgotten Pregnancy Issues You Should Keep in Mind When You’re Expecting

There’s going to be a lot on your plate when you are pregnant. Therefore, it’s hardly a surprise that a lot of people forget about some issues. However, your pregnancy will be much easier on you if you know exactly what’s going to be in store for you.

The forgotten pregnancy issues discussed below are among the most important of all. You need to make sure that you understand them all and prepare how you’re going to deal with them. It’s not good to let these things take you by surprise and make your pregnancy any more stressful than it already has to be.

Your Rights Regarding Work

Everyone should be aware of their rights in the workplace. If you don’t stand up for what you have a right to when you’re pregnant, you will end up having to work more than you should. When you’re pregnant, you’re entitled to maternity leave. This is time that you can spend away from the workplace. It gives you time to recover after giving birth and some time to spend with your baby. You can learn a bit more about maternity leave by reading Ellis Whittam’s article. You should improve your knowledge and make sure that you get what you’re entitled to.

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The Environment You’re In

The environment you’re in during your pregnancy will have a big impact on how stressful or stress-free your pregnancy is. When you are surrounded by arguing and a tense environment, this can have an impact on your health. You should do the best to make sure that the people you’re surrounded by and the environment you’re in is peaceful and quiet for you.

There is no need to put up with a situation that is going to make you stressed and anxious. It’s simply not worth it if it causes you problems that could put your pregnancy at risk.

The Exhaustion

Many people forget how exhausting it can be to go through a pregnancy. It’s best that you are aware of this because you need to know how to prepare for the exhaustion. When you’re prepared, you can ensure that you don’t wear yourself out and put more pressure on your unborn child. You might need to reorganise your work life and make time for yourself to rest and take it easy.

You can’t just carry on with your same old routine, because that will but more pressure and more strain on yourself. That’s the last thing you need when you are trying to get through a pregnancy.

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Worry and Anxiety Can be Difficult to Keep in Check

Worrying and getting anxious about the birth itself are common. Everyone worries about something going wrong or the pain or pregnancy. It’s only natural to feel that way.

However, you should find ways to manage and mediate these feelings because they could become potentially harmful to you if you’re not careful. Talk to someone about this if you start to feel like these feelings are becoming too much for you or you’re worried that they could harm your pregnancy in any way. There is always support out there for you to seek when you need it, so don’t assume that you’re on your own with these feelings. It doesn’t need to be that way.

Maintaining Your Relationship

Your relationship is not something that should come before your pregnancy. However, it could be put to the test. And it will certainly change as you enter this new phase of your life together with your partner. You should be aware of the changes that are ahead of you. They shouldn’t be feared, but it’s worth giving them some thought and consideration.

You will want you and your partner to be on the same page and expecting the same things. This will make you much stronger going forward as you become parents. If there are problems, it’s best to address them head-on before you get further into the pregnancy.

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Managing Expectations in the Run Up to Parenthood

Everyone has different expectations as they edge closer to closer to parenthood. You don’t want your expectations upended or disappointed in any way. That will only make your situation worse later on.

So, try not to get ahead of yourself too much. It’s much better to focus on the here and now. During a pregnancy, that’s what matters most. Of course, you do need to think and plan ahead. But you don’t need to imagine the perfect life ahead of you because this will just result in disappointment. Don’t place that kind of pressure on your shoulders.

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Sleep techniques for older children

I’ve mentioned a few times that my daughter has always been a terrible sleeper. She didn’t sleep through the night until she was 2 and a half (and by “through the night” I mean from my bedtime until morning, I’m not talking 12 hours) and even then it wasn’t very often that she would actually go all night. 

She is now 8 and once she’s asleep she’s fine, but getting her to go to sleep can be almost impossible, more often than not she’s going to sleep in our bed. I have tried so many different techniques that I thought I would share them with you, in the hope that one of them works for you. 

  • Sleepy stories; I love these! They are special stories with hypnotic suggestive phrases to help you fall asleep. They worked for a while with bethany and she still uses them, but it doesn’t work every day. 
  • Lavender sleep spray; encourages relaxation and a soothing environment for sleep. 
  • Projection light; these project stars onto the ceiling. It gives you something to look at and distract your busy mind from thinking thinking thinking!
  • Massage; I attended a local back massage course and learnt some techniques to soothe and encourage sleep. 
  • Breathing techniques; I found an article online which described breathing techniques for bethany to try. So far she has refused to try them. 
  • We even went to far as to buy a new mattress and new pillow for her. 

I asked some fellow bloggers for further ideas to try and these were suggested:

Hopefully something works soon, as poor bethany is often still awake when I go up to bed and that is really not enough sleep for an 8 year old!

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ChewyMoon snacks for kids (and grown ups)

I saw an advert on Facebook for ChewyMoon, a free trial box so I just had to give it a try. 

My Jack is a massive snacker, he grazes constantly all day and it is really difficult to get him to snack on healthy food. Which is where I thought ChewyMoon would be a great idea. 

Check out our YouTube video of Jack and me exploring the boxes. 

Anyone can get a free first box from them off their website, they have the choice of a fruit box, savoury box or a variety box (which is a mix of both) and you can select a “no nut” box if you need it, unfortunately they are not suitable for allergy sufferers, the snacks are all packed at the same place so cross-contamination could occur. 

The boxes are nutritionally balanced and tailored to your child’s age, they are all natural with no additives. Once you have tried the box you can go back to the website and rate the snacks so you don’t get ones you didn’t like and get more of the ones you loved!

After the first box they are £4.93 a week including delivery and you can pause deliveries if you go away or cancel them at any time if you need to. 

Jack loved these snacks, as you can tell from him yumming it all up here:

ChewyMoon have been kind enough to offer one of our followers a months worth of ChewyMoon boxes completely free! 

To enter please use our rafflecopter below, one entry per item completed, open to uk residents only, open until midnight on the 30/04/17

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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An amazing day out at Fishers Farm, West Sussex

The sunshine has finally arrived this year and we took the opportunity to visit Fishers Farm. Most farms you can visit round here is a maximum of a few hours to a visit, tops, but not Fishers Farm! We headed over for opening at 10am and spent all day there, until 4pm. It’s obviously not the cheapest ticket price at £15.75 per person in the high season, but it really is a full day out. There is also an option to just buy a soft play ticket which doesn’t include any of the rest of the park. 

Check out the video of our day over on our YouTube channel. 

The children were most excited about seeing the animals, it is called a farm after all, so as soon as we arrived we headed to the animal encounters barn, looked around all the animals and then it was time for the animal handling (at 11am). 

The animal handling consists of a 10 minute talk about the different animals and then the children queue up and get to hold/stroke the four selected animals of the day. Today’s selection were a rabbit, guinea pig, baby chick and chinchilla. The kids were really amazed at how soft the chinchilla was, although they could hold him he was too quick. 

Next we went outside to explore the funfair rides, there are small carrousel type rides for under 10’s (I think it was), they also have giant bouncy pillows and trampolines:

Peddle bike type cars, or ride-ons for the smaller toddlers, there is a maze, a castle, loads of outdoor climbing frames, aged 6 + climbing walls:

Sandpits with digging toys, panning for gems, slides, zip lines, ghost train, barrel bug ride (so much fun), mini golf, tractor rides, toboggan run:

All of this is included in the price. 

At this point it was time for the pony rides (12.30pm), which is additional cost of £1 per child. You need to head over there early for this as the queue can get quite long in the high season. The kids get a riding hat and go for a 5 minute walk around the school and pose for a photo. 

If you want to save some money, you are more than welcome to bring your own picnic along, there is a covered barn for picnicking if the weather is iffy or there are loads of benches and green spaces around to sit an enjoy a good day. We decided to try the Saddle Room Restaurent, it is right next to the soft play areas (of which there are 3 for different aged children) which is convenient for entertaining the kids while you enjoy a sit down and rest and is well priced: children’s meals are under £5 and adult meals are between £6 and £9. 


After lunch we went back outside to finish off the activities we didn’t have time for before lunch. We had a go on the bumper boats (£2 per boat) and the children sent ages playing on all the outdoor climbing frames and play areas. 

The kids could have continued to play here for days! They absolutely loved it. I was impressed that there were benches and space for parents to sit and watch the kids everywhere. Although the park really is aimed at children, and I would recommend for those under 10 year old really, it wasn’t boring for the adults and there was enough around that older siblings would enjoy it too. 

We had a lovely day and the kids are completely exhausted now, that in itself is worth paying for! 

We have 2 free children’s tickets for fishers farm, West Sussex, to giveaway. Entry is open to uk residents only and you will have to find your own way there, tickets will be sent out to you by fishers farm directly. No cash alternative. To enter you will need to:

  • Like our Facebook page
  • Like and comment on our giveaway post, sharing not required but encouraged…
  • Answer this question: which part of fishers farm would your children most enjoy?!

Giveaway in no way sponsored or endorsed by Facebook. Winner will be selected, at random, from those who have completed all steps correctly. Giveaway closes at midnight, on the 22nd April 2017. Children must be accompanied by a full paying adult. 

*note: my tickets were provided free for the purpose of a review, this did not affect my opinion and all words are my own. 

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Easter craft ideas -polystyrene eggs!

Every year my children’s school host an Eggstrvaganza, each child gets given a polystyrene egg and has to design a handmade display around the egg.

Bethany is in year 3 this year and jack year 1, so this will be the 5th and 6th creations I have “helped” make…I hoped it wouldn’t happen this year, but it did!

Just in case other school do similar I am here to help you out with our ideas. My kids do most of their work themselves (unlike some kids who’s parents do all of the project).

Bethany didn’t allow me to help at all her first year, so it was simply an egg covered in pink glitter lol

Her second year was a bunny who had tumbled into a flower pot. Simple and easy to do.

The next year we papermached a balloon, cut it in half and painted it as a chicken. She then made the box into a nest and placed the egg inside the chicken.

For Jack’s first year we made a dragon with a dragons egg. I admit he didn’t do much of this lol he paused all the parts and the background and I assembled the dragon for him.

Jack’s this year is a seascape, he did this all himself and I only helped with the mummy seagull.

Bethany’s she has refused any help with (and keep telling me that her friends ones look like they have been done by parents not by the kids!!). It is an Easter egg hunt.

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Whizzfit Nerf and Dodgeball Events, South Coast

My kids were so excited when Whizzfit invited us along to their Nerf and Dodgeball event in Portslade.

They run events all along the south coast (Portslade, Horsham, Chichester, Winchester, Guildford, Bristol, Tolwlrth etc), in which you will be in a mixed group with other families, or you can book a party just for your children.   Individual prices are £12, or families tickets from £45 (plus booking fee), a party is from £159 for 14 children. 

The event starts off with 45 minutes of dodgeball games

They introduce a variety of games, traditional dodgeball, British bulldog with dodgeballs, jail Dodgeball, swapping sides Dodgeball. Each game had a way to be “saved” from being out so nobody was left out not joining in, very clever by the organisers and it meant that the kids didn’t get upset when they were tagged.

After dodgeball there was an hour of Nerf Wars, let’s be honest, that was what every kid there was waiting for!

Whizzfit supplied different styles of guns, and safety glasses for everyone. There were barriers put up so the teams could hide behind them to fire.

Different games were again played, from “jailing” when you have been shot, to a capture the flag type game. Again, there was always a way to be rescued if you were hit, so nobody was left out while the game went on.

The event is aimed at children from age 6, so my jack was a bit young (at 5), luckily their insurance allowed him to join in, the only problem he had was reloading the gun was a bit too difficult for him and I had to help him out.

The only complaint we had was the games relied on honesty by the players and a number of times somebody was hit and didn’t head to “jail”, which kind of ruined it a bit. Unfortunately there isn’t anyway to change this other than having more referees around to spot the cheaters. My kids weren’t worried about “cheaters” but hubby got quite stressed by it!

After the nerf wars it was tug of war time.

Kids against each other, kids against grown ups, all of which is great fun to watch!

All in all a fantastic afternoon of entertainment, the kids had a wonderful time. I’ve never seen them do so much exercise and not realise they were doing it! They are so quiet afterwards it is amazing. I would definitely recommend checking these guys out if you live down this way, such value for money. I will be booking a party for the kids birthday!

Check out our YouTube video here.
*tickets for this event were provided free from Whizzfit, but all words and opinions are my own.

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Mother’s Day present 

When it comes to present, I keep telling to my daughter that I don’t want anything fancy or stuff I don’t need. I told her to save her money and all I want is a relaxing day or a total day off lol 

For me it’s the thought that counts when it comes to present and my kids were the sweetest. I sleep all morning since I came from night shift work and when I woke up my kids gave me their cards and present. My little boys made me a hand made Mother’s Day card and a flower in a basket. My teenage daughter bought me a chocolate and made me a printed shopper style bag from her school. According to her, she sew the bag all by herself and enjoyed making it. She also got inspired from her fave brand cath kidston hence she choose patterned. I’m really touch by this and feel so lucky. She also printed a Mother’s Day with our picture on it and put it in a frame. My daughter has always been creative and resourceful. I’m so proud of my kids. 

Mother’s Day Lunch with our nephew who visit us.

Hubby did all the cooking and let me rest. I also had a good time watching film with my daughter. We watch the film called ” Me before you” while hubby took the boys out. I had such a lovely Mothering Sunday and it was truly relaxing and I feel pampered. 

I fell in love with this film but heartbroken of its ending.