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Medieval Times, Orlando. Amazing afternoon out for the whole family!

During our amazing trip to florida we booked an evening at the Medieval Times; jousting dinner and show, it was a spectacular show so entertaining!

As you arrive along the road (it is approximately 20 minutes from the centre of Orlando) you are greeted by a castle, complete with moat:

You cross the draw bridge and enter the castle itself, once you are booked in you can enjoy a drink in the bar (watch out it’s not cheap and these drinks are not included as part of the entry price) purchase some souvenirs or take a nosy round the medieval village full of artifacts. 

We had purchased the standard ticket, which includes 2 drinks (Pepsi or lemonade, water is also available of course), dinner and the show, you can opt to upgrade from the standard package to get banners to wave, t-shirts and preferential seating (but as it was we got the front row). 

Dinner consisted of tomato soup with garlic bread, chicken with baked potato and corn on the cob, pastry and coffee. It was all served medieval style so you eat without utensils, this just makes it more fun! I must say the food was delicious!!

The arena is split into 6 sections and each section supports one of the knights taking part in the jousting completion and you get a crown in the colour of your knights realm and banners etc if you upgrade:

The show starts with the horses performing dressage style “dance moves” which are gorgeous and then moves on to a jousting competition between the knights, complete with a king and princess and a background story line of a bad knight from an opposing realm coming in to try to steal the princess away! There was jousting, hand to hand sword fighting and even falcon flying, they really put on a great show!

Take a look at our video of the evening out here.

I would totally recommend this dinner and show to all visiting Orlando, with or without children. So much fun was had!

*tickets received discounted in exchange for a review

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*guest post* Top 5 tips for handling the summer with kids!!

British summertime. BST. Most of us love it but for some it can be a struggle, especially when you’ve got children to entertain. Whether it be money, time or effort you’re lacking it can be hard work.
As a Snowy Owl Brownie Leader I often get texts or calls from friends asking for help or ideas of things to do. So I’ve listed a few to help get you through the summer.

1. Find free days – Check out your local council and community websites and Facebook pages for free activities and fun days! Days are always better when they are free!

2. Get outdoors – Ok, so this is a given but it’s not easy if you suffer with parent anxiety or simply hate being outside! Make it easier on yourself by starting off small and play out in the garden.

3. Protect yourself – Whether it be from the sun or bugs, get the creams and sprays and lather up. This includes the grown-ups! It’s easy to forget about yourself and end up with sunburn when you’re busy wrestling a child that’s fighting a sun cream application!

4. Get creative with the paddling pool – Fill with water on hot days to cool off and balls on cooler days to create a big ball bit! Kids having a sleepover? Fill it with blankets and pillows and stargaze!

5. Be prepared for rainy days – It is the British summertime after all! So have the kids favourite films and a bag of popcorn to hand for a movie day or blankets and pillows for den building.

Most of all though, enjoy the summer!

Mummy Snowy Owl



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Amy’s surprise Da Vinci Bouquet from prestige flowers

I wanted to surprise Amy on her birthday and I thought the best birthday surprise is to deliver her a beautiful bouquet of flowers. 

Prestige flowers sent a Da Vinci Bouquet for Amy’s birthday. It was beautiful and looks so expensive and posh. Honestly, I’ve never seen such beautiful flowers. It came in a lovely box and inside is the flowers wrapped in luxury paper. Also in the pack is the plant food and care instruction guide and there is also a card (showing the Virgin Mary Da Vinci painting) with a personalised message for the receipent. 

Included in the bouquet are superb Vanda Orchids, magnificent Memory Lane Roses, Calla Liles, Eryngium, Ruscus, Pistacia enhanced with gold wire. The use of this variety of orchid is used to represent the rocky setting highlighted in the Da Vinci painting, the callas are used to signify the unusual use of lighting and flora. The various colours and textures perfectly represent key elements of this painting, namely the angles, hazed sky with pastel shades and golden orbits to represent the finer details shown in the beautiful face of the Virgin. This masterpiece is housed at the National Gallery in London.

I thought Amy deserved to receive some luxury flowers inspired by artwork since she loves arts. And of course she loved it and was really impressed with this bouquet. She was really pleased and happy with these flowers and I think it’s well priced. It will be a special treat for any recipients. I had a good look at it as well before delivering to Amy and it has a beautiful golden leaves, I thought they were plastic but they are real. It’s really captivating. 

Amy sent me these photos below.

Disclosure : I was sent the flowers for the purpose of this blog post. However, my thoughts and opinion are my own including pictures and video unless otherwise stated. 

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#DIYBlogChallenge Father’s Day

Last month’s #DIYBlogChallenge was to upcycled a charity shop find, this month the challenge was to produce something for Father’s Day.

I gathered the children, and manage to find a day when Daddy wasn’t here so we could tackle the crafts! Of course my kids couldn’t agree on a design between them so we ended up doing 2 designs!

Bethany chose to do a canvas for daddy with the word LOVE on it. This is a really easy, yet effective design for any child to do. You do have to watch them because canvas’ are expensive and if they make a mistake it’s difficult to undo it.

She taped off the L and the V and painted around the tape to leave a blank. She then used her hand print to make the O and finger prints for the letter E (why she made this a “baby” letter I don’t know, but she was in charge). We waited until it dried and then peeled the tape off. She is really pleased with how it turned out:

Jack insisted he wanted to make a clay plant pot for Daddy. I bought air clay for him and showed him how to wet it to shape it. He did eventually make two pretty good pot shaped clay “things”, he also scratched patterns into the outside of the pot.

When he was done we put them to dry (which takes ages with air dry clay). He then painted them, leaving them to dry again and put little plants in them. They could also be used as a pot for his pennies.

Check out the other members Father’s Day makes here:

How to make savoury jam for Father’s Day | Hapiness Wherever

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Father’s Day Gift Guide 

Family is very important and a family is not complete without a father, they are the foundation of every home. As Father’s Day approaches we would like to celebrate our fathers and grandfathers in a way to remind them how great and special they are.
In celebrating Father’s Day I would like my husband to feel special and appreciated for being a good husband but most of all; a very loving father to our children who would give everything for them to have a good life. 

My children have done some handmade gifts for their daddy, to create a more personal touch. We bought some materials from Poundland and let the kids make what they wanted.  I also found these Father’s Day mum’s online.

Here is what my kids bought and how we transformed it into a gift.

Richard got a beer crate from Poundland and painted DAD on the side. I’m pleased with his choice so I’m sure my hubby will be too,  as he drinks beer and wine. 

My teenage daughter divine chose a scrapbook as she loves arts and drawings. She designed it and let her siblings have a scribble too, so all of them got to write in the Father’s Day scrapbook. 

The boys taking turn contributing with the Father’s Day scrapbook 

They also did their hand prints on their handmade Father’s Day card. 

We also have this as another present from Twenty fingers and have done a review on them Here

I love this one from twenty fingers. 

This daddy and me set is lovely as well. It’s a nice keepsake for dad to always wear everyday. If you order this through our site then you can get a 10 percent discount. 

A personalised fridge magnet is a great present as well for Father’s Day and what could be better than to have it free. Yup that’s right it’s free just pay postage. Snapfish Is having a promo offer of free 3 photo magnets. 

Free Father’s Day gift bag when you buy 3 selected items starting from 59pence each at Superdrug

Or maybe designer cologne? I’m sure you could never get wrong with Ralph Lauren especially when it comes with a free gift of Ralph Lauren weekend bag at The perfume shop

Perhaps he has a sweet tooth? Well Thorntons have you covered for a special Father’s Day chocolate. They looks tempting don’t they? 

 So, whatever you give as a present I’m sure it will make a dad’s the happiest person to be able to get a treat and feel appreciated. It’s not the gift that counts or mattered but it’s the love that we show to them everyday. It’s the thoughts that counts 😉

*some link contain affiliate post 

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Maya’s Bows, personalised hair bows

My beautiful Bethany loves helping with my reviewing and was talent spotted by the company Maya’s Bows, who were looking for bow loving girlies to model their bows for them. Bethany was more than happy to help them out! You can check out the Maya’s Bows over on Facebook and Instagram.

Our first delivery arrived and bethany really enjoyed looking through the whole collection. See her reaction here.

She was absolutely overwhelmed at the different styles, they were all so pretty. I was really pleased with the quality and the variety (not all big bows, but little ones on hair grips and on hair ties and different styles of bow too!)

Check out the Maya’s Bow Facebook page here and Instagram here. If you would like to order from them drop them a private message with yours specifications and quote the code Bethany10 for a 10% discount!

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