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What You Need When You’re Going To A Festival

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Summer really is the best time of the year. If you are a student, you can take some time off and not worry about essays and deadlines for a while. It also gives you a chance to start reading for your next year’s modules. If you have already become ensnared in the world of work, it is the time that you look forward to every single day. When you get up on those cold winter mornings and have to scrape the ice off your windshield, the long, sultry summer evenings are something that you dream of. Whether you just want to kick back and relax at home or you’re planning a trip abroad, you will want to prepare properly.

However, one of the defining experiences of a British summer (despite it likely lasting only a few weeks in which it will rain a couple of times anyway) is going to a festival. While the Glastonbury festival is the biggest event of the year (and certainly the only one that is broadcast on television), there are a lot to choose from. Irrespective of which you choose, from a small, intimate gathering of hardcore fans to being one of an estimated 153,000, there are some things that you will always need.

Here is a list of festival essentials to help you ensure that you are as prepared as possible:

The first part of any festival experience is actually getting to the site. Depending on where you’re going, that may mean getting a coach or driving there yourself. It may be that you’re travelling quite far and you should, therefore, consider investing in something to distract you. An iPod is always good, but since you are going to be partying for at least a couple of days, you should probably think about getting some rest.

Taking a neck pillow is never a bad idea. While it may sound rather dull to just settle down and conserve your energy, one of the things that you’ll find is that travelling to a festival on a coach is not as hectic and loud as you’d expect. While there will likely be a lot of young people with you, they will probably be quite sedate.

You could even think about taking a book but you have to consider that it may potentially get damaged once you get to the festival.

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Once you arrive, you will not be heading straight to a stage to see your favourite acts, but going to the campsite to find a good spot to sleep. You will obviously want to take a tent. Opinion is divided on whether you should take a good one though.

Many people invest in a cheap tent and then when they leave the festival, they just leave the tent at the site. However, this is not all that considerate since someone will have to clear it up. While you should leave the place as you found it, you also want to live in reasonable comfort while you are there. You are going to be sleeping on the ground so it will never be as good as your bed at home, but making sure that your tent is good enough to withstand the sometimes capricious British weather is a must.

You should also pick out a good sleeping bag. You may be tempted to get a more modest one, but remember that it will be the only thing keeping you warm and you do not want to get sick and have your weekend spoiled. On the topic of being ill, if you are susceptible, you should double check that you’ve got tablets for hayfever and other allergies.

Not being able to see your favourite musicians because your eyes are watering so much is never a good look.

Once you’ve got everything set up and you know where you’re going to be sleeping, you can start exploring.

However, since there are going to be lots of people walking all over the place, the ground can quickly become rather muddy. Invest in a good pair of wellington boots. It may not pour down with rain the whole time though so you should also get some hiking boots too. They may not seem like the most glamourous, but they are practical.

Going to a festival in shoes that you’d wear on a night out is not going to work because you’ll soon find that you’re rather sore. You need something that will support your feet because you’re going to be spending a lot of time on them.

One of the reasons that a lot of people cannot stand the idea of going to a festival is that you do not have a lot of the comforts on which you usually rely. These may include access to a shower. At bigger festivals, you have to wait for a long time to get into the cubicle, and once you’re there, you may be disappointed to find that since thousands of people have used it before you, it may not be all that clean.

This is why some people choose to take matters into their own hands and wash as effectively as they can with a facecloth in their tent, or use wet wipes. It may not sound appealing but it is the reality of going to a festival. It is better to prepare for it now than be surprised later on. Incidentally, there are often long queues for toilets too so get used to waiting. You’ll be doing it a lot.

For all of the practical considerations that you have to be aware of, festivals are all about having fun. Take a camera so that you can capture what will likely be the best weekend you’ll have all year as well as comfortable clothes that you can dance in until the early hours of the morning.

Since you are at a festival, you cannot go down to the shops if you want something to eat, so take some extra cash to get something there. If you drink, you should also think about taking some of your own since it can be quite expensive.

The most important thing though is to enjoy it. It is a rite of passage at this point and you do not want to miss out.

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Get Your Kids Ready For Sports Day

Sports day is often one for the calender as parents flock to their kid’s primary school to watch them take on a number of sports. And it’s always a fun day for the children as they try and beat their friends to get the winning spot.

Although you might have a moody kid if they don’t win in their particular race! As mums, we want to help them out for the day ahead, but if can be hard to know how. Therefore, here is some advice mums need to get their kids ready for sports day!


Help them to be healthy and fit for the big day

There’s nothing worse for your child than for them to be sick on the big sports day. After all, they might have to watch their school mates take on the races while they miss out. Therefore, to ensure they have a fantastic sports day, you should try and get them in the best of health before the big day. That way, they can feel fit and healthy while taking part in their races.

You need to make sure they are having plenty of sleep in the run-up to the big day. After all, if they are feeling tired, they are more likely to have a lower immune system so will pick up any bugs in the vicinity.

You also need to make sure they are having plenty of nutritious meals which will keep them in good health. After all, if they are getting all the right nutrients, they are more likely to fight off illnesses! And make sure you do plenty of active things with the kids in the run-up to the big day!

Practice makes perfect 

It’s also a good idea to practice the sports at home that your child is partaking in for the sports day. After all, if you ensure they have plenty of practice, they are more likely to do better in the race. In fact, as it says on, you might want to hold a pre-sports day at your home.

You can get the similar equipment that they will use at school for the home. And you can even get medals from sites like to make it feel like a real event. Even if they don’t win on the day, they will still have a great trophy at home!

And getting active before the day will ensure your child is fighting fit on the big day.

Ensure they have all the supplies they need

As sports day typically takes place in the heart of summer, it’s so important to ensure your child has plenty of sun cream and a bottle of water to take with them for the day.

You will also need to ensure they have snacks for when they are sitting around on the field. It’s also a good idea to make sure their sportswear is all up to scratch. After all, you don’t want them to have to compete in dirty uniform! And then get your own camera ready so you can get some memorable shots.

And remember to teach your kid it’s all about taking part rather than winning. After all, you don’t want them to be heartbroken if they don’t win their races!

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A Great Family Day Out At The Aldingbourne Country Centre. | #KCACOLS

Easter adventure at The Aldingbourne Country Centre with my kids. A great day out!

My kids and I went to Aldingbourne Trust on Easter egg hunt with bonnet parade.
Entrance fee is affordable at prices: child £3, adult £4 and family / group of 4 is only £14. That would not break the bank and plus you are giving to charity. They welcome guest from 10:00 am to 4:00pm (gates close at 5:00pm).

Check out the video of our day out over on our YouTube channel. 

There is a lot of activities for the kids. My children enjoyed the animal sanctuary where you find some farm animals like goats, pigs, birds and more. The animals can be approached as they are tamed. And it’s good to know that there are staffs to supervise.

The woodland walk explores a mini forest and where the Easter egg hunting took place. Which cost an additional £3.00 a child but its worth it as kids are guaranteed to have gift to take home and spending time with the mascot “Easter bunny”. My boys had enjoyed more of the egg hunting as the Easter bunny added colour to the event.

The kids had found quite a few and so chocolate galore!

The tractor play area is a treat! My boys loved it and had spent lots of time here.

They have a delightful cafe which offers a variety of foods and drinks at affordable price.  Kids meals are only under £5.00 and you will not pay more than £7.00 for an adult. My kids enjoyed their order of sausage and chips! They also offer a platter of chicken dips, fried mushrooms, scampi, chips and salad for just under £7.00. Please note that the price stated is at a time when we visited the place (price may vary).

On the back of the cafe is a spacious playground where you can also have a sit down while the kids play. The little golf area is also worth experiencing for the kids to explore their imagination. Or do some arts at the barn.There is also a gift shop for souvenirs and discover the Aldingbourne Trust’s artwork. A variety of plants for sale can be found at their theming nursery.

The Easter bonnet parade with its added activities sums up the day. A whole lot of fun for the family to enjoy all in one day! With friendly staffs, lots of activities for the kids, a cafe for your tea; the Aldingbourne Country Centre is the place to be for your family. So why not come and visit for a day of fun and discover the great work of the Aldingbourne Trust.

We had a lovely day out and really enjoyed it. My kids absolutely loved it. I would definitely recommend them, and we will surely go back there in the future. I’m impress with their prices, cleanliness of the area and lovely friendly staff who work there. My kids were entertained and happy with our day out experience at the Aldingbourne Country centre.

We have a free family of 4 voucher for Aldingbourne Country Centre Chichester West Sussex to giveaway. Entry is open to uk residents only and you will have to find your own way there, tickets will be sent out to you directly. No cash alternative. To enter you will need to:

We have a complimentary ticket for a family of 4 to Aldingbourne Country Centre to giveaway to one lucky follower, to enter all you need to do is:
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Like Aldingbourne Trust

Like and comment on the post 

stating which part of Aldingbourne Country centre your children would enjoy most?!
You must complete all steps to be entered into a random draw, giveaway closes at midnight on the 22th May 2017. 

Giveaway is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Facebook. 
✨sharing not required, but feel the love guys!✨ ✨tagging your friends not required, but go ahead and tell them about the competition!
*note: my tickets were provided free for the purpose of a review, this did not affect my opinion and all words are my own.

Some of the photographs were taken by my daughter, Divine, who captured them on the Nikon D5100.

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An amazing day out at Fishers Farm, West Sussex

The sunshine has finally arrived this year and we took the opportunity to visit Fishers Farm. Most farms you can visit round here is a maximum of a few hours to a visit, tops, but not Fishers Farm! We headed over for opening at 10am and spent all day there, until 4pm. It’s obviously not the cheapest ticket price at £15.75 per person in the high season, but it really is a full day out. There is also an option to just buy a soft play ticket which doesn’t include any of the rest of the park. 

Check out the video of our day over on our YouTube channel. 

The children were most excited about seeing the animals, it is called a farm after all, so as soon as we arrived we headed to the animal encounters barn, looked around all the animals and then it was time for the animal handling (at 11am). 

The animal handling consists of a 10 minute talk about the different animals and then the children queue up and get to hold/stroke the four selected animals of the day. Today’s selection were a rabbit, guinea pig, baby chick and chinchilla. The kids were really amazed at how soft the chinchilla was, although they could hold him he was too quick. 

Next we went outside to explore the funfair rides, there are small carrousel type rides for under 10’s (I think it was), they also have giant bouncy pillows and trampolines:

Peddle bike type cars, or ride-ons for the smaller toddlers, there is a maze, a castle, loads of outdoor climbing frames, aged 6 + climbing walls:

Sandpits with digging toys, panning for gems, slides, zip lines, ghost train, barrel bug ride (so much fun), mini golf, tractor rides, toboggan run:

All of this is included in the price. 

At this point it was time for the pony rides (12.30pm), which is additional cost of £1 per child. You need to head over there early for this as the queue can get quite long in the high season. The kids get a riding hat and go for a 5 minute walk around the school and pose for a photo. 

If you want to save some money, you are more than welcome to bring your own picnic along, there is a covered barn for picnicking if the weather is iffy or there are loads of benches and green spaces around to sit an enjoy a good day. We decided to try the Saddle Room Restaurent, it is right next to the soft play areas (of which there are 3 for different aged children) which is convenient for entertaining the kids while you enjoy a sit down and rest and is well priced: children’s meals are under £5 and adult meals are between £6 and £9. 


After lunch we went back outside to finish off the activities we didn’t have time for before lunch. We had a go on the bumper boats (£2 per boat) and the children sent ages playing on all the outdoor climbing frames and play areas. 

The kids could have continued to play here for days! They absolutely loved it. I was impressed that there were benches and space for parents to sit and watch the kids everywhere. Although the park really is aimed at children, and I would recommend for those under 10 year old really, it wasn’t boring for the adults and there was enough around that older siblings would enjoy it too. 

We had a lovely day and the kids are completely exhausted now, that in itself is worth paying for! 

We have 2 free children’s tickets for fishers farm, West Sussex, to giveaway. Entry is open to uk residents only and you will have to find your own way there, tickets will be sent out to you by fishers farm directly. No cash alternative. To enter you will need to:

  • Like our Facebook page
  • Like and comment on our giveaway post, sharing not required but encouraged…
  • Answer this question: which part of fishers farm would your children most enjoy?!

Giveaway in no way sponsored or endorsed by Facebook. Winner will be selected, at random, from those who have completed all steps correctly. Giveaway closes at midnight, on the 22nd April 2017. Children must be accompanied by a full paying adult. 

*note: my tickets were provided free for the purpose of a review, this did not affect my opinion and all words are my own. 

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Affordable alternatives for spring trends

While waiting for my car service on Saturday (3 hours!!) I decided to kill some time by reading a magazine, now I’m not normally one to buy magazines, I think they are a waste of money. But I quite enjoyed flicking through Marie Claire (April 2017 edition) and looking at their suggestions for spring fashion trends. 

Marie Claire is predicting that trend for spring/summer is going to be:

  • Metallic 
  • Check
  • Asymmetric hem lines and
  • Bold colours and patterns 

One thing I did not like, however, was the price tags suggested in these articles: £220 for a top, £70 for a blouse, £79 for a skirt and £590 for a pair of sandals…so I have decided to share some better priced alternatives for those of us who are not millionaires…


Metallic cold shoulder top, £8.99 from select

Metallic jacket, £29.99 from NewLook


This gorgeous checked dress is only £22 from NewLook

Checked shirt, only £14 from Tesco F&F

Asymmetric Hems

This beautiful dress is only £16 from Forever21

Asymmetric skirt, £18 from Tesco F&F

Bold Colours and Prints

Bright and bold yellow crop top, only £10.99 from Forever21

£5.99 for this skater dress, from Select

I love these outfit ideas, they are so lovely. 

*post contains affiliate links

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Easter craft ideas -polystyrene eggs!

Every year my children’s school host an Eggstrvaganza, each child gets given a polystyrene egg and has to design a handmade display around the egg.

Bethany is in year 3 this year and jack year 1, so this will be the 5th and 6th creations I have “helped” make…I hoped it wouldn’t happen this year, but it did!

Just in case other school do similar I am here to help you out with our ideas. My kids do most of their work themselves (unlike some kids who’s parents do all of the project).

Bethany didn’t allow me to help at all her first year, so it was simply an egg covered in pink glitter lol

Her second year was a bunny who had tumbled into a flower pot. Simple and easy to do.

The next year we papermached a balloon, cut it in half and painted it as a chicken. She then made the box into a nest and placed the egg inside the chicken.

For Jack’s first year we made a dragon with a dragons egg. I admit he didn’t do much of this lol he paused all the parts and the background and I assembled the dragon for him.

Jack’s this year is a seascape, he did this all himself and I only helped with the mummy seagull.

Bethany’s she has refused any help with (and keep telling me that her friends ones look like they have been done by parents not by the kids!!). It is an Easter egg hunt.

One of Each #littlemakes
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Easter Activities in West Sussex

I have been trawling through the websites of places to visit in West Sussex searching for activities to do with the kids over the Easter holidays. Below is a round up of my findings so you don’t have to search yourself…you’re welcome!

Fishers Farm Park 10am-5pm
Tickets: £15.75 per person, includes entry to the park and the soft play areas.
Easter activities include: bottle feeding lambs and handling fluffy chicks, there is also an Easter Egg Hunt but this is the Easter weekend only.
Indoor soft play, farm animals (animal handling sessions available), loads of outdoor activities (go karting, trampolining, zip lines, mazes, sand pits, rides, panning for gems, and summer splash areas)
Newpound Lane, Wisborough Green, West Sussex, RH14 0EG Tel: 01403 700063,

Earnley Butterflies, Birds and Beasts – 10am-5pm
Easter egg hunt – 14th-17 April
Mostly indoors, great for a poor weather day. Butterfly house, birds of prey, reptile house, bird aviary, donkeys and small animals,
Adults £9.50, children £7 (under 3’s free), family ticket £29 (discount voucher online)
133 Almodington Lane, Earnley, Chichester, West Sussex, PO20 7JR. Tel: 01243 512637

Arundel Wetland Centre 9.30am -5pm
Prices: Adult £11.08, child £5.58 (under 4’s free) family ticket £29.79. 10% discount if you buy them online (and they are valid for 6 months in case you need to change your day)
1st-23rd April: Duck hunt. Find the ducks and win a prize. Kids crafts from 2-4 pm
Mill Street, Arundel, West Sussex BN18 9PB. Tel: 01903 883355

Amberley Musuem & Heritage Centre, 10am-5pm
Tickets £11.50 adults, £6.60 children (under 3’s free) or family ticket £34. Free car parking
Easter Trail 12th – 17th April, follow the clues to win a prize.
Family activity days: 12th and 19th April, Hawking about are visiting.
Amberley,near Arundel, West Sussex, BN18 9LT, Tel: 01798 831370

We really enjoyed our Halloween visit to Amberley Museum

Chichester Ship Canal – Easter Bunny boat trips, 11am, 1.15pm or 3.30pm
£10 per person (under 1’s free). Trips run from 8th to 15th of April 2017. A boat ride down the canal with the Easter Bunny. Includes refreshments for everyone and a chocolate bunny for the children. Advance booking required
Chichester Canal Basin, West Sussex, PO19 8DT , Tel: 01243 771363. Note parking is very limited.

Fishbourne Roman Palace, 11am-3pm
Easter Surprises. 17th – 21st April. Springtime crafts and an Easter treasure hunt around the Palace grounds.
Entrance cost: £9.20 per adult, £4.60 per child (under 4’s free) (family ticket £25)
Roman Way, Fishbourne, West Sussex, PO19 3QR, Tel: 01243 785859

National Trust Egg Hunts: Solve clues and win a chocolate treat. Mostly over the Easter weekend, some extended over the whole holiday, check out where is closest for you. Note: Some charge an entrance fee, some only charge for the egg hunt.

Weald & Downland Open Air Museum . Open 10.30am-6pm
Tickets are priced at adults £15 and children £7 (under 4’s are free) (or family tickets available)
Special Easter weekend event: Fri 14th- Mon 17th. Easter trial with prize. Activities vary daily: Easter cooking in the Tudor Kitchen, egg painting, bonnet making
Singleton, Chichester, West Sussex PO18 0EU, Tel: 01243 811363,

Ferring Country Centre: Easter Eggsperience. Thursday 13th- Saturday 15th April 10am – 4pm
£8 per child (with 1 accompanying adult, additional adults £5 each), includes Easter bunny burrow (as a family find clues and solve them) entry to the small animal farm. Book to avoid disappointment (£1 booking fee applies)
If you just want to go to the farm it is £3 entry per person (under 3’s are free), no need to pre-book. They also have a lovely café and both an indoor and outdoor play area. The café is run by disabled staff, so please give them time and don’t rush them.
Rife Way, Ferring, Worthing, BN12 5JZ, Tel: 01903 245078

Aldingbourne Country Centre: Different events on different days of the holidays. 10am-5pm
Standard entry price is £4 per person (or £14 for a 4 person family group, or you can become an annual member for only £55 for the family), price includes: Entrance to the open farm, mini golf, woodland walk and play areas, treasure trails, enchanted garden and the ride-on tractors. Animal feeding and guinea pig handling is an additional £2 per session.
The special events put on for Easter have additional charges of either £2 or £3 depending on the event.

*All events are weather dependant, keep an eye on their facebook page for cancellations before you turn up, last year most of the events were unfortunately called off.
Aldingbourne Country Centre, Blackmill Lane, Norton, Chichester, PO18 0JP, Tel: 01243 542075

Wyevale Garden Centre: Breakfast/tea with the Easter bunny, time various dependant on location.
Tickets are £9.99 pre-book only. Suitable for children aged 3-8 years. (Adult, food only, £7.99 for full English, or £3.99 for mini pastry breakfast) Each booking must include minimum one paying adult.
Includes a cuddly toy gift, Easter cookie decorating, bunny hunt and an activity sheet.
Don’t forget the amazing Flip Out in Chichester and fabulous Whizzfit nerf and dodgeball events