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Psychology of Colour: what colour should you decorate?!

Choosing colours for your home is a difficult task, I work for a paint manufacturer and I know the stress it brings people!

Did you know that certain colours can affect our emotions or how we behave in the house?

Thomas Sanderson has produced a guide which gives you a guide for the best colour for each room and the science behind it. I have taken their key points below for you, but do check out their full guide on their siteContinue reading “Psychology of Colour: what colour should you decorate?!”

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Three Signs You Need to Remodel Your Kitchen

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How long have you lived in your home? If it's been awhile, you might be getting the itch to remodel your kitchen. It could something as simple as replacing the wallpaper or it could be as major as replacing the appliances and cabinetry. Either way, a kitchen that has the aesthetic you want will make you much happier living in your home.

For prospective home buyers, the kitchen is the most important room in the house and the first thing they consider when checking out a home on the market. Because of this, many sellers choose to remodel their kitchen before putting their home on the market. Your kitchen may need renovating and you may not know it, so here are three signs you should heed telling you it's time to remodel your kitchen.


As your family grows and you increasingly use your kitchen, it could become overly cluttered with the appliances and utensils you use. Space is one of the most common reasons homeowners choose to renovate their kitchen. A home renovation contractor will be able to come up with a design that you will love that gives you ample space to store the myriad of things you use in your kitchen every day. Of course, a kitchen with a lot of space and a functional work environment looks great to prospective home buyers as well.

Outdated Appliances

New appliances are also a major factor in how much prospective buyers are interested in your home. This is for two reasons. The first is it gives the room the sleek modern look buyers are looking for without them having to put in too much extra work after they buy it. Second, new appliances are more energy efficient, meaning they will save you a lot of money over time on monthly utility bills.


This is the most obvious reason that people choose to renovate the kitchen their home. Damages to the ceiling, walls, or any part of the kitchen are unsightly. They are even dangerous in some situations.

If you are experiencing any of these three things in your kitchen, check out a website like renovationexperts.com. They act as a directory for homeowners to link up with good contractors in their area. Log on today to find the perfect professional for an upcoming kitchen renovation project.

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Music Magpie; my personal experience and review

Personally I have used Music Magpie a couple of times to make a few ££ from old dvds that we no longer watch and have never had any problems before. So when we decided to sell our Xbox and the games we thought “save the hassle” and sell through them again. They offered us £100 for the Xbox and £20 for the games. 

I checked the Xbox worked, loaded it up and checked each game to make sure they were all fine. Then I reset the machine to get rid of all our accounts and settings, packaged it (really) well and waited in all day for collection (by their courier). 

A few days later I receive an email from them saying the disk drive doesn’t work and we were offer a revised amount of £10!

I gave them a call and said I had tested it before posting and it was fine, if it no longer works it was damaged by their courier as was it not insured? To which they queried whether I had any proof it was working before I sent it? Had I video’d it working including the serial number of the Xbox? No I hadn’t, so my only option was to have them send the xbox back. To be fair it didn’t cost to have it returned, but I did have to wait in again for the courier. 

I received the Xbox back and tested it myself, with both a DVD, a bluray and an Xbox game and it works perfectly fine. 

Here it is running off the disk with no problems at all!

So my question is: was an error made by Music Magpie? Or is this some way to make extra money? If I had agreed to the revised figure I would have had £90 less and they would have a fully functioning Xbox!!

So just a warning to use this company at your peril, I cannot be sure whether they were trying it on or whether this was a mistake, but I would recommend my followers again using Music Magpie but if you do; always keep a record of your devises working before you send them off!

What do you think? Were they trying to scam me, or was it an honest mistake? Have you had any experience with Music Magpie?

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Colour Freedom Hair Dye!!

Last year we dyed Bethany’s hair at the start of the summer, that way she can have it bright and colourful and we have plenty of time for it to wash out before school starts up. This year she asked to dye it again, I think it’s becoming a bit of a tradition!

We use the Colour Freedom hair dyes from Superdrug, the ones we have are Pink Pizazz and Mystic Purple. I chose these as they don’t have any harsh chemicals or peroxides in and last 6-10 washes which is perfect for us. They also produce lovely bright colours and are really easy to apply and “play with”. The colours I used were from last years tubes, storing them a year, while open hasn’t effected them at all. 

Bethany is fairly blonde to start with, so I don’t need to lighten her hair before applying, last year I applied pink to the tips and purple further up so she had an ombré effect, this year she wanted pink tips and 2 purple streaks. 

Check out our video here

As always it came out looking great!!

So much so I did mine too, what do you think?!

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No no micro hair removal review | #triedtested

I was sent to try and test this nono hair remover. I don't have that much hair on my arms and legs so when it comes to hair removal, it's just my underarm that concern me. I usually shave them as I find plucking painful and takes so long. I want everything quick, like shaving, but my problem is that they grow quickly and I needs to shave several times a week to keep it at bay.

I have seen good and bad reviews of the nono hair remover and to see its price which is £149.99 I thought it's a bit pricey so it has to be worth it. Personally, I was scared to use it the first time because I don't know how to properly use it. It's important that you read the user manual.

The package content included :

  • No no micro
  • Charger
  • Pouch / bag
  • Wide and narrow tip
  • Cleaning brush for the tip
  • Accessories

First charge it took at least 5 hours. It comes with 2 tips: Narrow tip for small sensitive areas like face, neck, underarm, and bikini line. Wider tip for large areas like the arms, chest and back.

Before using it you have to make sure that the area is clean and dry and free of any chemical such as cream and deodorants etc. I would also recommend practicing on smooth and even skin surface like your legs or arms before moving to face, underarm and bikini line.

You glide the no no micron at 90 degree angle, with the roller flat against your skin and the logo facing in the direction you are travelling. You have to glide one way only and use a steady, smooth and even motion. When you are gliding at the proper speed, a blue light will be steady. You may need to glide 4-6 passes then buff after each treatment. Also when using it, you may notice a burning smell because the pulse is meant to target hair follicle, not just the hairs themselves, to slow down the growth of hair for semi permanent hair removal. 

I have noticed that it has slowed down the growth of my underarm hair since using it but when it comes to removing hair, it won't immediately remove my under arm hair as fast as shaving, it is definitely a long term treatment. 


Personally, at first few uses I felt that it hadnt really removed a lot of hair and I thought that it's not working for me. However, to be fair with the no no micron hair removal, it's meant to be use through a period of time before seeing a result. It takes time and patience as everyone has a unique pattern of hair growth. This will work easier for thinner hair compare to thicker hair. I've notice that when I tried it on my arm hair which is thinner compare to my underarm's hair which is thicker. 

You also have to be careful when using it as you might get burn or your skin gets too warm. Personally, I don't know if I can justify the price because it didn't easily remove the hair on my underarm. Maybe this isn't good for a quick or instant result but for a long term use. If you ever buy this product, make sure you give it a try for a longer period time before deciding and have a look for a return and refund policy. The warranty period is valid for 1-2 years in Europe.

Now, it's up to you to decide weather it's a nono hair or no buy!

Disclosure : Item was sent for me for the purpose of this review post. However, all thoughts and opinion are my own.

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How Much Is Your Health Worth?

At a time where people live longer, staying healthy has never been so important. Living longer is one thing; enjoying life to the fullest is another. Health is at the core of the possibilities and joy that you get in life. Without health, a lot of what you enjoy doing can become a lot more difficult to handle. So this raises the question of how much your health is worth to you, in terms of monetary investment, efforts, time, and involvement in issues of a bigger scale. How much are you ready to invest in preserving your health and make the most of your time on the planet?

Healthy fitness

You are worth the best

First things first, you are in charge of your health. Consequently, you are in charge of finding the best possible ways to maintain or recover it. Since 2015, the NHS allows patients to register to the GP of their choice, even if your home is out of the boundary area for the surgery. It might sound like an irrelevant fact, but it means that you can choose a GP you trust. Additionally, you can also cut the waiting time and the queue by registering as a private patient to the http://samedaydoctor.org/ organisation, as it means that you can arrange for a same day appointment. The waiting is exactly what could put your health at risk. The earlier a health condition is diagnosed, the earlier you can get better.

You deserve some escapism

With more and more people suffering from stress-related conditions – from a burnout syndrome to depression – it’s essential to remind yourself of the role of the me time. You do need to take a break from your stressful job or relationship to relax. Stress is an invisible beast that has dreadful consequences on your health. It exhausts you, it makes you worry all the time, and it upsets you.You need to break out of this vicious circle before it eats your sanity away. Your health depends on your ability to take some time for yourself.

You should bother with a healthy lifestyle

If you think that exercising and eating healthy food is for others, then you need to think again, as https://bloguvib.wordpress.com/ explains. Your body is the only machine that keeps you alive and healthy. Taking care of it might sound like a chore for some people, but if you don’t, it will deteriorate and will develop faults. Heart weaknesses, diabetes, joint pain, etc. These health conditions are the result of not looking after your body. A healthy lifestyle might sound dull sometimes, but it’s the only way to live to the fullest.

Your health and the planet’s are linked

If you live in a big urban area, you’ve probably noticed some health reactions each time there is a peak of pollution. Red eyes, cough, maybe even slight asthma, these are only some of the effects of pollution on the human body. Some patients have even been known to develop ADHD! The global climate change is also increasing the risk of pollution, and therefore your health risks. It might sound childish but making the planet a greener place is the only guarantee of living a longer and healthier life. Embrace the ecological movement as a way to maintain your health. Being healthy is certainly worth recycling your litter or driving a hybrid car.

Can you make the world a greener place?

*Collaborative post

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Seasonal Suffering: Staying Healthy Come Rain Or Shine

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s pouring down outside or the sun has made a rare appearance, seasonal illnesses can really take their toll. If you’re keen to stay fighting fit come rain or shine, here are some top tips.

Flu and colds

It may be warm outside now, but the nights have already started to draw in, and before we know it, we’ll be swapping beer gardens and rooftop restaurants for cosy nights on the sofa. With the arrival of cooler weather and grey skies comes the inevitable spike in coughs, colds, and flu. Unfortunately, these viral illnesses tend to spread like wildfire, and if you hear somebody coughing on the train or there have been a few people off sick at work, you can almost guarantee that you’ll wake up with a runny nose and thick head a few days later. Colds and coughs aren’t generally anything to worry about, but if you are at risk of flu, it’s a good idea to consider having a vaccine. You can either see your GP, attend a flu clinic at the surgery or use alternative services like this pharmacy that offers flu vaccinations. If you have asthma, your immune system is compromised, or you are pregnant, you may be invited to have a vaccine. If you’re not on the list, you can still have a vaccination, but you’ll probably have to pay for it. If you are struck down with a winter cold, get plenty of rest, wrap up warm, stock up on vitamins, and take painkillers if you have a high temperature or you feel achy.

Image taken from http://www.freestockphotos.biz/stockphoto/17095

Hay fever

Do you spend the spring and summer months sneezing and wiping the tears that are streaming down your cheeks? Most of us look forward to summer, but if you suffer from hay fever, the arrival of brighter days may not be so welcome. If you have an itchy nose, irritated eyes or a runny nose, and you haven’t been diagnosed with hay fever before, see your doctor. If you do have hay fever, there are lots of different types of medication you can try. Antihistamine tablets are often recommended. They block the body’s immune response when you come across pollen or grass, preventing the release of histamine. This should reduce the severity of your symptoms. You can also buy nasal sprays and eye drops. If you are taking tablets, look out for options that don’t cause drowsiness. It’s a good idea to wear sunglasses and to keep your windows closed if you have severe hay fever.

Image credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/97481684@N08/13397331035

If you spend most of the year blowing your nose or wiping your eyes, it’s time to banish seasonal suffering for good. If you’re prone to catching colds or you’re at risk of flu in the winter, or you suffer from hay fever in the summer, there are treatments out there. It may not be possible to dodge every cold this winter, but washing your hands on a regular basis and having a flu jab could help you to stay healthy when colder climes arrive. If you’re struggling with hay fever, ask your doctor about therapies or take a trip to your local pharmacy.

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