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Ways To Reclaim Your Young Days

Nostalgia is a warm yet icy blanket. Whilst it is always sweet to reminisce about the good old days of your youth, the memory can offer be bitter, as you come to the realisation that you are no longer as young as you were and you never will be this young again. Still, this doesn’t have to be such a depressing though, as you’re only as young as you feel. That’s a stereotypical line, of course, but there’s a modicum of truth to it.

Whilst ageing is unavoidable, confidence and good health are both things which are well within your control and are both remnants of your young days. If you want to reclaim that feeling in both a mental and a real, physical sense, then here are some tips to help return your body and mind to a youthful stage.

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It’s easy for us to complain about never feeling awake or alert, but often the problem is that we’re just not getting as much sleep as we should be. Yes, when you were 21 you only needed a 6 or 7 hour sleep in order to feel refreshed, but time is harsh like that.

The best way to feel better as you get older is to accept that you’re getting older and work harder to hold onto that youthful, refreshed feeling you miss so dearly.

Sleep isn’t just a time for recovering energy; it’s a process which helps your entire body recover. It helps your health as much as it helps your energy levels, so don’t just see it as a chance to stop your yawning.

Try getting eight hours sleep every night for a couple of months until it becomes a habit, and you might just find that you’re feeling and looking a lot healthier and more alert.

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Strength training.

Exercise is crucial for good health, but strength training is one of the most important forms of exercise, whatever your age. Not only will you be burning fat in the same way as if you did regular cardio, but you’ll be pushing your muscles to their limits, creating micro tears and, as a result, creating stronger muscle fiber.

All of this will get your body working at an elevated level, much as it did when you were younger. You might only care about projecting an outward appearance of still living your young days, but a steady routine of weight training will make your body young and healthy on the inside.

Practicality and health should be at the forefront of your mind, as a youthful and impressive appearance will come as a happy bonus from this.

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Hair is something which remains incredibly important to us throughout our youth and old age. It’s a defining element of your appearance and personality, which is why it still matters so much even as it changes along with you throughout the years.

However, with age, much like all things, your hair may start to become a little disobedient and wither in ways which you hoped it never would. You could look into solutions such as finasteride for hair loss too, as thinning is quite common amongst men and women once the cruel effects of aging set in.

Perhaps the fading colour of your youthful hair bothers you too, but it’s best to avoid dyeing it if you can, as this can cause further damage; it’s best to simply take care of your hair and wear it with pride no matter the colour. People are actively choosing to dye their hair white or grey now anyway, so there’s no reason your new shade of hair can’t be youthful.

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Keep your lifestyle fresh.

Routines are good for us in that they keep us on track mentally and physically, but they can also become dull after a short while of keeping them up. When you were young, life was changing so quickly, much like you, that your routine, interests and habits seemed to alter rapidly. New opportunities presented themselves every day, you learned new things and you met different people.

All these things kept your mind and body young and alert, which is why you should be seeking out the same opportunities and switching up your routine even as you get older. Wake up at a different time, go somewhere new, and meet different people. Challenge yourself, and keep life as fresh and new as it was when you were young. You truly are only as young as you feel.

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Confidence Is in More Than Just Your Appearance

When we talk about confidence, we typically associate it with things such as your personality, attitude, and ultimately your appearance. The more comfortable you are with your look, the more likely you are to have faith in who you are as a person and, as a result, take on life’s challenges without a worry. However, confidence isn’t just in your appearance. Once you’ve worked out, lost weight and picked out a good outfit to gain your confidence back, you might still feel like something is missing.

That something is probably your health.

Let’s face it, outward appearances don’t mean everything. We can hide things as best we can, but ultimately, our bodies are our temple and our body image should reflect how we feel inside. The most basic example is the consumption of water to flush out bad toxins in your body. Everyone knows that drinking plenty of water as opposed to alcohol or soda has amazing benefits for your skin that can really boost your confidence.

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Confidence in your body’s health

When you’re confident that your body is healthy, you’re more likely to take risks and do something extraordinary. However, if you’re worried that you might be developing an illness or that your fatigue is the result of overexerting yourself, then it might severely limit your options in life and it can be a debilitating state of mind.

There’s no use looking up online diagnosis websites to try and determine what your symptoms mean. There are some illnesses or conditions that have very obvious symptoms, but something as general as pain in a certain part of your body could be something trivial or it could be something serious. This is why it’s always recommended that you contact your doctor and schedule regular appointments to check on your overall health. It’s a lot better than sitting at home worrying that you might have a serious condition.

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Know the right places to visit

Doctors are very powerful people. Their words carry a lot of weight due to their profession which is why it’s essential that you pick a good doctor or medical practice that knows how to handle their patients. Specialised services are a step up from a general doctor and typically offer tailor-made services for patients of all genders and conditions. For instance, a smear test clinic is usually very welcoming to female patients and all the nurses, doctors and staff are trained to provide you with all the information and assistance you need.

A well-equipped medical practice is going to give you the confidence boost you need to be able to tell your doctor about your conditions. Condescending staff members that don’t care about your issues or who prescribe you useless medicines are not helpful. In fact, their negligence could be an incredibly slippery slope that you need to get off before they misdiagnose you and destroy your confidence. 

In short, if you aren’t confident in speaking to your doctor about your health, fire them and get a new one that understands you.

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Lee Stafford cordless hair straightener review | #triedtested

This arrived on its own designed brand box which looks presentable and would make a perfect gift to any ladies. Included in the pack is the Hair Straightener , The Heating Base , Heat Resistant Mat , Storage Bag and Instructions.

According to the manual user, the product would heat up to 230 degree Celsius. The proof mat is to protect surfaces and a bag included for storing make it perfect for travelling. You can also use this in curling your hair so you don’t need to bring or use a curling thong anymore which makes this product 2 in 1.

What I love about this product is its cordless feature which makes easier to use which saves time especially when your always in a rush plus the hassle of twisted or tangled cable is no more. The straightener needs to be placed back into the heating base to heat back up between use / styling and it can retain enough heat depending on your hair type. I have a a fine thin straight hair so this is easy to use for me. However, my daughter has a thicker hair and she loves having this straightener to tame her frizz.

The straightener has a ceramic plates which glides easily giving a nice straight and sleek hair. It also heat up very fast so you don’t have to wait that long. This brand is becoming a favourite for my teenage daughter since it’s design is very eye catching. I have already tried few products from Lee Stafford and were all pleased and happy with it. I think this is a nice product making life easier in styling hair.

Disclosure: I was sent this product free of charge for the purposes of review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Here a bloopers for you to laugh lol

Family Fever
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Nay Nay’s Facemask Party, Worthing 

I try to come up with some fun days out over the children’s holidays, so when an advert for a children’s facemask party popped up on Facebook I decided that would be a fantastic day out for me and Bethany. 

It was over at Nay Nay’s Beauty Boutique in Worthing (West Sussex), which is the salon I use regularly for my beauty treatments (Karen is amazing!). It cost £15 for the two of us, for an hours party, which seemed like a good deal to me. Bethany’s best friend Sophie and her Mum also joined us. 

We started off, following the instructions of the wonderful Karen:

By making a facemask per person, we used items which you will all find in your kitchen: oats, honey, yogurt and cocoa powder. 

Karen did tell us what benefits each of the ingredients had for our skin, but I didn’t write them down, sorry! 
We then, of course smothered the weird mixture on our faces, and applied cucumber for refreshing our eyes too. 

The face masks were then removed (which took ages because I put it on too thick) and we were allowed to try the Stardust and Glitter Lips which consists of applying a glue to the face/lips and sticking the glitter to it (it’s all hypoallergenic of course). The girls of course loved the glitter:

It was really nice to spend some mummy and daughter time (without the boys), I do find that, as the oldest, bethany often gets left out so it was nice to give her some one-on-one attention. 

Although this was a special party which Nay Nay’s was holding for the holidays, they do offer similar parties for children’s birthdays. Karen tells me the party is similar, if the child is older (teenager aged) they apply age appropriate make up for the birthday girl and focus on avoiding teen make up pit falls and promoting positive self image andenhancing their looks rather than smothering on loads of make up to make themselves look older than they are. 

I will probably be booking bethany and her friends in for a party this year. 

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Eyeliner made easy

Eyeliner is my make up staple.  I find any day I don’t have time to pop make up on before the school run people will comment how sickly I look, honestly it is just eyeliner which makes all the difference!

Here we have the just out of bed pyjama look and the eyeliner on ready to go look (no other make up involved). 

I don’t believe in spending loads on make up, I have a few items which I find work really well for me and I stick to them. My eyeliner of choice is the Avon Glimmersticks, if you time it right then you can get it on offer (the best I’ve seen is £1.75 each!) and I stock up when it is. On a normal day I use the cosmic brown colour:

It glides on really smoothly and you can blend it slightly for a smoother finish. It isn’t the best for flicks but, as you can see, you can do slight flicks with it. For a more bold look I use the Avon Gel Eyeliner in black, it is a much stronger colour but is a thicker pencil and you really can flick well with it. 

I also have the Avon Big Colour pencils, which are more eyeshadow than eyeliner, but if you put it on carefully then it can be used like an eyeliner:

You definitely won’t be able to produce a flick with these, but it is a fun look for spring and really draws attention to your eyes. 

One thing you may not have heard before is how white eyeliner makes your eyes look much bigger. I use this Rimmel Eyeliner which glides on well and looks lovely:

Which is your favourite look? The brown, the white or the colour?!

*post contains affiliate links. 

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Younique beauty bash | join me to my online beauty party. 

I love younique products please see my review on their 3D fiber lashes mascara 

As you can see, I have fallen Inlove with their 3D fiber lashes mascara that I would like to share with you how great they are. 

This is why I’m so excited to be hosting Virtual beauty bash 
Come and join me to my Younique Virtual Party! This means that this party is done 100% online! No need to leave your house – let’s shop and party “virtually!” So feel free to browse the wonderful Younique cosmetics and remember that when you make a purchase it is helping me reach my party goals! Party on!

You can also join me on Facebook On march 2 at 8:00pm on my Online Beauty Bash

All you need to do is log on facebook, get comfortable in your PJ’S and join in with me and Dee for some tips, trucks, demos and games! I hope to see you all there. 

❤ thank you ❤

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Our Miss universe top 10 favourites | #65thmissuniverse 

Miss universe is happening in the Philippines and since I was born there, I’m joining the party in talking about miss universe lol 

Filipinos love miss universe and we love supporting our country’s representative. And because I’m already a British citizen and live here in the U.K. that I will automatically support Miss Great Britain as well as Miss Philippines. All the ladies are beautiful and unique on their own way and I must admit, even me I find it difficult to choose my fave. 

Anyway here our top 10 favourites on 65th miss universe 

There is something unique about Maxine, it’s like…she can always surprise you. Her beauty is very filipina, it’s like Maria Clara type as we call. She seems sweet, shy but very beautiful as you get to know her more. It’s like you want to know her more and that’s what I feel everytime I check the miss universe’s page and update. Her beauty is like ” mahinhin ” which translate “ladylike” in English. People bash her ability in expressing herself in English language. But personally, my English is not perfect as well. Even though we speak English in the Philippines, still it’s our second language. I think what matters most is that, as long as we can communicate in English then it should be fine. I know English grammar is very important but we can always learn to improve it. 

I find Miss Britain Jamie naturally beautiful. She is very charming and elegant and classy as mostly English ladies I have met. If only British people would support her to win I’m sure she can. British people is not very keen on beauty contest but they love football. However, I can see Filipinos in the uk already supporting her so thats nice. I wish her all the best. 

Omg! Miss Thailand…there is something about her that can’t take my eyes off. I can see her one of the strongest contender. Her charm is very sexy, alluring but sweet as well. She stand out from the crowd. I think some beauties are like that. The way they carry themselves makes them even more appealing in the eye and that’s how I find Miss Thailand. 

Omg miss Colombia, her beauty is fierce and just attractive. Her fun character is added bonus because it makes her even more appealing. She seems to have a good strong personality as well and some of her photos appeared to be a Jennifer Lopez lookalike. Colombia always sending a confidently beautiful representative. Amy find her beautiful as well and she is one of her fave. 

Miss Malaysia has a beautiful face and look like a doll sometimes. She appeared fun to be with and have a good personality. I must say, her beauty stand out as well from the crowd. She’s got the charm as well. 

Miss Venezuela is beautiful too. I find her captivating and seems perfect in every way. She’s got a very nice sweet angelic face that kinda charming. I think she one of the strong contender as well. 

What I love about Miss U.S.A is the total package. She is already beautiful but she is very articulate as well and seems smart like Pia Wurtzbach. She does speaks so well and can be a good representative. I’m sure if she get chosen for the question and answer, she will be confidently beautiful to answer the question and has the potential to win. She is good with public speaking and that’s an added beauty points for me.

Miss Nicaragua seems to have a beautiful face but I haven’t watch her talk yet so she can be photogenic as well. Her beauty is different she is just naturally gorgeous and very appealing in this picture. 

Miss Australia does look beautiful, young and innocent and has got an angelic face as well. She seems very sweet and has a very interesting personality. I find Australian people naturally beautiful as well. 

So that’s it, what about you? Do you have a favourites? Please do share with us Or if your not keen, maybe you could atleast support your country’s representative 🙂 

❤ Beauty is in the eye of beholder ❤ 

Good luck to all ladies participating the 65th miss universe. Mabuhay! 

Disclaimer: This is a personal opinion or favourites, please don’t feel offended in any way. If you have a fave that your supporting that’s fine but please respect my own opinion. No bashing in this blog post. Thank you! 

There is also a details on each ladies photo on how to vote for them so if you like to support them just vote for them. Thanks!