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Forgotten Pregnancy Issues You Should Keep in Mind When You’re Expecting

There’s going to be a lot on your plate when you are pregnant. Therefore, it’s hardly a surprise that a lot of people forget about some issues. However, your pregnancy will be much easier on you if you know exactly what’s going to be in store for you.

The forgotten pregnancy issues discussed below are among the most important of all. You need to make sure that you understand them all and prepare how you’re going to deal with them. It’s not good to let these things take you by surprise and make your pregnancy any more stressful than it already has to be.

Your Rights Regarding Work

Everyone should be aware of their rights in the workplace. If you don’t stand up for what you have a right to when you’re pregnant, you will end up having to work more than you should. When you’re pregnant, you’re entitled to maternity leave. This is time that you can spend away from the workplace. It gives you time to recover after giving birth and some time to spend with your baby. You can learn a bit more about maternity leave by reading Ellis Whittam’s article. You should improve your knowledge and make sure that you get what you’re entitled to.

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The Environment You’re In

The environment you’re in during your pregnancy will have a big impact on how stressful or stress-free your pregnancy is. When you are surrounded by arguing and a tense environment, this can have an impact on your health. You should do the best to make sure that the people you’re surrounded by and the environment you’re in is peaceful and quiet for you.

There is no need to put up with a situation that is going to make you stressed and anxious. It’s simply not worth it if it causes you problems that could put your pregnancy at risk.

The Exhaustion

Many people forget how exhausting it can be to go through a pregnancy. It’s best that you are aware of this because you need to know how to prepare for the exhaustion. When you’re prepared, you can ensure that you don’t wear yourself out and put more pressure on your unborn child. You might need to reorganise your work life and make time for yourself to rest and take it easy.

You can’t just carry on with your same old routine, because that will but more pressure and more strain on yourself. That’s the last thing you need when you are trying to get through a pregnancy.

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Worry and Anxiety Can be Difficult to Keep in Check

Worrying and getting anxious about the birth itself are common. Everyone worries about something going wrong or the pain or pregnancy. It’s only natural to feel that way.

However, you should find ways to manage and mediate these feelings because they could become potentially harmful to you if you’re not careful. Talk to someone about this if you start to feel like these feelings are becoming too much for you or you’re worried that they could harm your pregnancy in any way. There is always support out there for you to seek when you need it, so don’t assume that you’re on your own with these feelings. It doesn’t need to be that way.

Maintaining Your Relationship

Your relationship is not something that should come before your pregnancy. However, it could be put to the test. And it will certainly change as you enter this new phase of your life together with your partner. You should be aware of the changes that are ahead of you. They shouldn’t be feared, but it’s worth giving them some thought and consideration.

You will want you and your partner to be on the same page and expecting the same things. This will make you much stronger going forward as you become parents. If there are problems, it’s best to address them head-on before you get further into the pregnancy.

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Managing Expectations in the Run Up to Parenthood

Everyone has different expectations as they edge closer to closer to parenthood. You don’t want your expectations upended or disappointed in any way. That will only make your situation worse later on.

So, try not to get ahead of yourself too much. It’s much better to focus on the here and now. During a pregnancy, that’s what matters most. Of course, you do need to think and plan ahead. But you don’t need to imagine the perfect life ahead of you because this will just result in disappointment. Don’t place that kind of pressure on your shoulders.

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Ways To Reclaim Your Young Days

Nostalgia is a warm yet icy blanket. Whilst it is always sweet to reminisce about the good old days of your youth, the memory can offer be bitter, as you come to the realisation that you are no longer as young as you were and you never will be this young again. Still, this doesn’t have to be such a depressing though, as you’re only as young as you feel. That’s a stereotypical line, of course, but there’s a modicum of truth to it.

Whilst ageing is unavoidable, confidence and good health are both things which are well within your control and are both remnants of your young days. If you want to reclaim that feeling in both a mental and a real, physical sense, then here are some tips to help return your body and mind to a youthful stage.

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It’s easy for us to complain about never feeling awake or alert, but often the problem is that we’re just not getting as much sleep as we should be. Yes, when you were 21 you only needed a 6 or 7 hour sleep in order to feel refreshed, but time is harsh like that.

The best way to feel better as you get older is to accept that you’re getting older and work harder to hold onto that youthful, refreshed feeling you miss so dearly.

Sleep isn’t just a time for recovering energy; it’s a process which helps your entire body recover. It helps your health as much as it helps your energy levels, so don’t just see it as a chance to stop your yawning.

Try getting eight hours sleep every night for a couple of months until it becomes a habit, and you might just find that you’re feeling and looking a lot healthier and more alert.

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Strength training.

Exercise is crucial for good health, but strength training is one of the most important forms of exercise, whatever your age. Not only will you be burning fat in the same way as if you did regular cardio, but you’ll be pushing your muscles to their limits, creating micro tears and, as a result, creating stronger muscle fiber.

All of this will get your body working at an elevated level, much as it did when you were younger. You might only care about projecting an outward appearance of still living your young days, but a steady routine of weight training will make your body young and healthy on the inside.

Practicality and health should be at the forefront of your mind, as a youthful and impressive appearance will come as a happy bonus from this.

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Hair is something which remains incredibly important to us throughout our youth and old age. It’s a defining element of your appearance and personality, which is why it still matters so much even as it changes along with you throughout the years.

However, with age, much like all things, your hair may start to become a little disobedient and wither in ways which you hoped it never would. You could look into solutions such as finasteride for hair loss too, as thinning is quite common amongst men and women once the cruel effects of aging set in.

Perhaps the fading colour of your youthful hair bothers you too, but it’s best to avoid dyeing it if you can, as this can cause further damage; it’s best to simply take care of your hair and wear it with pride no matter the colour. People are actively choosing to dye their hair white or grey now anyway, so there’s no reason your new shade of hair can’t be youthful.

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Keep your lifestyle fresh.

Routines are good for us in that they keep us on track mentally and physically, but they can also become dull after a short while of keeping them up. When you were young, life was changing so quickly, much like you, that your routine, interests and habits seemed to alter rapidly. New opportunities presented themselves every day, you learned new things and you met different people.

All these things kept your mind and body young and alert, which is why you should be seeking out the same opportunities and switching up your routine even as you get older. Wake up at a different time, go somewhere new, and meet different people. Challenge yourself, and keep life as fresh and new as it was when you were young. You truly are only as young as you feel.

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Their Health In Your Hands

Every parent hopes to keep their children healthy. In fact, it’s the main thing we worry about. We go out of our way thinking about how to keep them safe. In some cases, we stay up at night worrying about it.

The bad news is, there’s no way to stop them catching sniffles and bugs when they’re in school. Children get close and personal, so you can assure they’ll catch a few illnesses along the way. The good news is, there are steps you can take to lessen the impact these bugs have on their lives.

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We’re all aware that getting a good diet is essential for helping us fight illness. Who doesn’t reach for the oranges when a cold strikes? Your children are no different. Giving them what they need will help them fight any bugs they pick up.

Provide them with a balanced diet, including plenty of fruit and veg. That way, their bodies will be in the best position to fight illness. Of course, getting children to eat what they should isn’t easy. If you have a fussy eater, you may have your work cut out.

Get creative with how you present food to ensure they eat what they should. Making food fun is always a good idea. Showing it in a fun design, or playing games is your best bet. Never mind about not playing with food. If it gets them to eat what they should, it’s worth it.

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Every home should have a first aid kit. This is especially important where children are concerned. You need to stock up on cold medicine, painkillers, and anything else you think necessary. That way, you can get the medicine out the moment they start feeling under the weather.

A thermometer is always a good idea as well. You’ll need to keep a close eye on their temperatures. Make sure to keep this kit out of reach. If possible, don’t let your children know where it is. That way, you don’t have to worry about them getting their hands on what they shouldn’t.


There’s no need to rush your children to the doctors every time they catch a cold. Even so, it can help your peace of mind to have a doctor’s opinion. That’s why it’s worth looking into an online Dr App or something similar. That way, you can put your mind at ease without making unnecessary appointments or waiting around. Plus, this will allow you to act fast if their illness is something to worry about.

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For many of us, the comforting love we received when we were ill as children is something we remember to this day. Make sure you give that memory to your kids by giving them plenty of love when they’re unwell.

Cuddle them on the sofa, and treat them to their favourite foods. It can’t hurt to buy them a DVD or two to watch, either.

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Confidence Is in More Than Just Your Appearance

When we talk about confidence, we typically associate it with things such as your personality, attitude, and ultimately your appearance. The more comfortable you are with your look, the more likely you are to have faith in who you are as a person and, as a result, take on life’s challenges without a worry. However, confidence isn’t just in your appearance. Once you’ve worked out, lost weight and picked out a good outfit to gain your confidence back, you might still feel like something is missing.

That something is probably your health.

Let’s face it, outward appearances don’t mean everything. We can hide things as best we can, but ultimately, our bodies are our temple and our body image should reflect how we feel inside. The most basic example is the consumption of water to flush out bad toxins in your body. Everyone knows that drinking plenty of water as opposed to alcohol or soda has amazing benefits for your skin that can really boost your confidence.

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Confidence in your body’s health

When you’re confident that your body is healthy, you’re more likely to take risks and do something extraordinary. However, if you’re worried that you might be developing an illness or that your fatigue is the result of overexerting yourself, then it might severely limit your options in life and it can be a debilitating state of mind.

There’s no use looking up online diagnosis websites to try and determine what your symptoms mean. There are some illnesses or conditions that have very obvious symptoms, but something as general as pain in a certain part of your body could be something trivial or it could be something serious. This is why it’s always recommended that you contact your doctor and schedule regular appointments to check on your overall health. It’s a lot better than sitting at home worrying that you might have a serious condition.

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Know the right places to visit

Doctors are very powerful people. Their words carry a lot of weight due to their profession which is why it’s essential that you pick a good doctor or medical practice that knows how to handle their patients. Specialised services are a step up from a general doctor and typically offer tailor-made services for patients of all genders and conditions. For instance, a smear test clinic is usually very welcoming to female patients and all the nurses, doctors and staff are trained to provide you with all the information and assistance you need.

A well-equipped medical practice is going to give you the confidence boost you need to be able to tell your doctor about your conditions. Condescending staff members that don’t care about your issues or who prescribe you useless medicines are not helpful. In fact, their negligence could be an incredibly slippery slope that you need to get off before they misdiagnose you and destroy your confidence. 

In short, if you aren’t confident in speaking to your doctor about your health, fire them and get a new one that understands you.

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Getting that body confidence back.

It’s been a good few months since Christmas, and perhaps some of those Christmas pounds are still lingering with the January blues and heading back to work and reality. It can be a stressful time, with a lack of motivation for work, socialising and even working out. However, the warmer, happier months are heading this way, and already those beautiful spring evenings are probably putting you in a good mood. The flowers are blooming, and your energy is up, but are you confident yet in your body and are you ready for those impending bikini holidays! Your days of feeling confident can easily come back to you, it’s all about perseverance and of course, that desire to look and feel good, just in time for the holiday season! 

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Getting back your motivation may not be easy, but you have to start somewhere, and feeling confident in your body, means saying yes to more things, which in turn, allows you to create more memories and stop saying no to things. Firstly, try to stop comparing your body to others. It’s a common problem that many of us have and it’s ruining your confidence and making you feel more miserable. 

Every body is different, and this is based on genetics, lifestyle factors and much more. We all come in different shapes and sizes, and you may be surprised at how many other people may envy your body, even if you’re feeling miserable about it! Your weight and height should be evenly spaced out, which is why we measure our BMI. You can do this online easily with a calculator based on your weight and height. 

Most of the time, we feel we need to tone up a little bit more, rather than losing weight. Drastic weight loss is never good and it’s something that we can easily get sucked into by reading the gossip magazines and seeing tons of airbrushed models! 

Start by getting into a routine, and this does not mean having to pay a hefty gym membership, but rather taking a brisk walk on a morning, or an evening stroll, just staying active by walking can be very beneficial to your bodily cycles. 

Why not try cycling, or perhaps even swimming which is a fabulous full body workout without a huge strain on you physically. Start eating your treats in moderation and plan your meals, which is good for you mentally and also lighter on your wallet. 

You don’t waste as much food! Create some healthy juices to start the day! By starting your diet early in spring, by the time those beautiful summer days roll around, you’ll be seeing the results; and before long, you’ll be feeling confident to wear those sassy luxury swimwear pieces again that you can find at knicker locker

Often women feel a little happier with a tan. Fake tan can be just as good as a natural one if you find the right one for you. Try a gradual tanner if you’re worried about any orange streaks, and then it’s a more gradual and natural process and can really make you feel happier in your own skin. 

Get your notepads at the ready and start planning, get ahead of the game, and feel more confident again! 

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Calpol soothe and care vapour plug and nightlight review | #breathewelltosleepwell

I was sent this calpol vapour plug sample to try and test from BzzAgent. This was a perfect timing as well as we have colds and cough when we received it so I thought let’s see if it’s effective. 

It’s simple to use just open the refil pads included in the pack ( has 5 refil pads that last up to 8 hours per pad ) then insert the pad into the slot using the foil to hold the pad. I use my finger tip in pushing it into the slot. 

Then plug it in and a nightlight will be activated at night. 
Allow 60-90 minutes for vapour to fill the room. I plug ours in the hallway as the room is on the left and right of it and just leave both doors open. The vapour has a blend aromatic oil including lavender, chamomile, menthol,  camphor and eucalyptus. 

This help to soothe and ease breathing especially when you have colds and cough. I find this effective and really helpful during the time we have colds. 



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Zombies, Run! App review, immersive story for running/walking #triedtested

I like doing for a run every now and then, I’m not very serious about it and not very good at it. The best I can normally manage is about 4km and I walk at least half of it haha.

I adore zombie films and the Walking Dead type series on TV so when I heard about a new app out which is essentially a running app based on a zombie storyline I just had to try it!

It is free to download, which is always good, and can be used for walking or running. You do have to register with it, which didn’t take long and then you link it up to your playlist and you can start using it right away. You select how long you want to run for, or how many km if you prefer and turn on the zombie chases.

The storyline is a zombie apocalypse is currently going on and you are a survivor. You get a couple of minutes of story, followed by a few tracks from your playlist, then more story and more songs etc.

The further you run the more “supplies” you gather, when the zombies swarm you the radio guy instructs you to run faster.If you don’t run fast enough the zombies get closer and eventually you “drop” something to distract them or you manage to evade them and keep all your supplies. In my 4km I met 3 zombie swarms which I had to sprint away from.

The story is great fun, I can’t wait to go running again so I can hear the next part of the story.

The app tracks your route, time and distance etc, in the same way a normal running app does.

I would completely recommend this app, it is so much fun and really does encourage you to get out there more often, run for further than normal and run faster than normal (at least you do when the zombies are chasing you!). They also do a 5k training version, this however costs £1.99 so I haven’t tried it myself. You can set your distance on the normal app, so I don’t think the training version is really needed.

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