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Psychology of Colour: what colour should you decorate?!

Choosing colours for your home is a difficult task, I work for a paint manufacturer and I know the stress it brings people!

Did you know that certain colours can affect our emotions or how we behave in the house?

Thomas Sanderson has produced a guide which gives you a guide for the best colour for each room and the science behind it. I have taken their key points below for you, but do check out their full guide on their siteContinue reading “Psychology of Colour: what colour should you decorate?!”

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Three Signs You Need to Remodel Your Kitchen

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How long have you lived in your home? If it's been awhile, you might be getting the itch to remodel your kitchen. It could something as simple as replacing the wallpaper or it could be as major as replacing the appliances and cabinetry. Either way, a kitchen that has the aesthetic you want will make you much happier living in your home.

For prospective home buyers, the kitchen is the most important room in the house and the first thing they consider when checking out a home on the market. Because of this, many sellers choose to remodel their kitchen before putting their home on the market. Your kitchen may need renovating and you may not know it, so here are three signs you should heed telling you it's time to remodel your kitchen.


As your family grows and you increasingly use your kitchen, it could become overly cluttered with the appliances and utensils you use. Space is one of the most common reasons homeowners choose to renovate their kitchen. A home renovation contractor will be able to come up with a design that you will love that gives you ample space to store the myriad of things you use in your kitchen every day. Of course, a kitchen with a lot of space and a functional work environment looks great to prospective home buyers as well.

Outdated Appliances

New appliances are also a major factor in how much prospective buyers are interested in your home. This is for two reasons. The first is it gives the room the sleek modern look buyers are looking for without them having to put in too much extra work after they buy it. Second, new appliances are more energy efficient, meaning they will save you a lot of money over time on monthly utility bills.


This is the most obvious reason that people choose to renovate the kitchen their home. Damages to the ceiling, walls, or any part of the kitchen are unsightly. They are even dangerous in some situations.

If you are experiencing any of these three things in your kitchen, check out a website like renovationexperts.com. They act as a directory for homeowners to link up with good contractors in their area. Log on today to find the perfect professional for an upcoming kitchen renovation project.

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Living Room Inspiration for Summer

There is so much I want to do in the house, one of which is refurbishing the lounge, we recently repainted, using our recycled paint in Parchment Cream and now I want to update the rest of the room.

One thing I love is the blinds we have, we got them from a little place Chichester, they are great quality and have lasted so well with the two child environment and being vertically fitted they don’t gather dust as badly as horizontal blinds.

I would love to renew our sofa, we have had it 8 years now and it has coped with two babies throwing up on it and spilling milk daily, but now we would like a “grown up” sofa. I love sofa shopping and Fishpools have some lovely collections, I adore the Isabelle range of corner sofas, we are definitely going for a corner sofa this time.

Storage is important, especially with children around, somewhere to put the toys without looking like its full of toys. These unit boxes are great it keeps the toys tidy and the kids can take one box at a time and tidy up before they get the next box out. Check back to our blog in a few weeks as we will be giving away one of these units. 

I love floating shelves for displaying ornaments, keeps them out of the kids reach but without the messy brackets holding them up.

A bright rug like this Darcy Rug from Littlewoods would look great in our lounge, the bold red would look fab against our dark wooden flooring and the flower pattern would help hide the dog and cat hair which inevitable always coats our flooring!

What are your lounge décor plans? Do you dream of redecorating like me?

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Arthur Price Minion themed dinner set

Jack is an absolute fan of Minions so these Arthur price cutlery and dinner plates sets are a perfect gift for him. The plate sets is proper bone china and comes in a choice of options; so that you can choose whether to get the plate the cup the bowl or a mixture of all of them and the cutlery is it is a lovely gift box with knife, fork, desert spoon and teaspoon.

Continue reading “Arthur Price Minion themed dinner set”

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Sunrise clock: why you want one and how to get it (hint, we are giving one away)

When you wake up when you aren’t quite ready, like in the middle of a dream, you start the day feeling sleepy and nothing you can do can shake it.

A sunrise clock, or wake up light, is the perfect solution. You set the wake up time and half an hour before the light comes on and gradually increases in intensity over the half hour before wake up, at which point either nature sounds or the radio comes on (depending on which you set it to). Continue reading “Sunrise clock: why you want one and how to get it (hint, we are giving one away)”

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Questions You Need To Ask Yourself When Considering An Attic Conversion

Converting your lifeless attic into a living space that could be filled with joy and laughter one day, is a fantastic way to fully make use of all the space in your home. Utilizing the attic is a task unlike any other around the house because it’s essentially an integral structure that is a part of the roof, which is the most fragile part of any home. However, it gives you so much creative leeway to convert the attic into a room totally of your choosing which could not only be a great asset to your living standard but increase the price of the home. Whether you choose the new room to be an additional bathroom, living room or bedroom, the financial rewards are too great to miss. Many people convert the emptiness into a study, where you can get away from the noise of a busy household and purely focus on your paperwork. The first step is to plan sufficiently so the tricky stumbling blocks of design can be tackled with a driven purpose.

Image by – Afries52


The inspection 


Before your heart can set on any particular idea for the space, check that converting your attic is feasible. You could go the easy route and hire an inspector to come to your home and learn the history of the property, the materials used and the structural safety that the building codes the local authority or company adhered to. Although, you could also make some simple checks to see for yourself before getting a second opinion. The ceiling needs to be around 10 to 12-feet high in order for it to be deemed safe, as banging on the support beam and metal bars is bad for your and the house’s health. In that regard, the floor also must have the correct support to withstand many people walking on it at different locations in the room.

Image credit – jwco


Making it comfortable 


It’s important that your potential space has modern regulations on insulation that were used during construction. This means you should have r-30 insulation in the walls along with r-13 in the ceiling so that you’ll be protected from windchills and have an adequate room that keeps the heat in. Having the proper insulation will also save money on an energy bill. Equally important, there needs to be at least one window from which sunlight and fresh air may peer through. Following the same principle as the insulation, seek to hire a company like Buckingham Double Glazing, which specialises in proper window construction. You can then choose whether you want aluminium or wooden frames for a modern or rustic style. Pick out where you would like a window using knowledge of which way your home faces so as to get the most sunlight available. From then on, the installation will be focussed on maintaining the integrity of the surrounding structure.


The real price 


There’s a big difference between an estimate you might have gotten to the final quotation. An estimate is the contractor’s guess as to what the conversion might end up costing you. However, the quotation is the final price after every question of safety, design, materials, time and labour have been calculated. Before work can be done, you will be given a list of the overall expenditure and the items to be bought, so make sure your budget is sufficient.


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Everdine, a healthy, frozen meal delivery service

Have you ever had one of those days when you have got dinner out to defrost but come cooking time it’s still frozen? Well this happened to me today, so I started riffling through cupboards looking for an alternative dinner option (spaghetti hoops on toast maybe?) when I remembered this week I had been sent an everdine delivery by tornado to trial! Dinner was saved!


Everdine supplies frozen, one person portion sized meals, which are healthy and interesting. The selection from the supermarket is dull (to say the least) and poor quality (or at least the ones I have bought have been, it’s pot luck whether you get any meat in them and they turn out soggy and mediocre) but everdine offers interesting meals and the quality is great.

How it works

Select your plan: 8 meals or 12 meals vegetarian or classic. 12 works out slightly cheaper per meal (£6.90 vs £6.40).

Select frequency of delivery (1-4 weekly) and day of delivery (Friday or Saturday)

Select your meals: it auto selects 8 dishes for you, if you click “change meals” you get the full list. You can click on the meal for full details, nutritional info, calorie content, full list of ingredients and allergy info.

Then enter your details and order.

Who are these for

They aren’t cheap, if you want cheap go to the supermarket and stock up on lasagnes and Mac cheese, but these are really interesting and really tasty! They are great for those people who live alone, or maybe have different shifts to the rest of the family so you eat alone and you don’t want to cook a whole meal for one person. Or perhaps for that one night a week you have a club and end up eating later than everyone else. Or like us, it’s great in the freezer for those days you fail to defrost dinner in time!

Example meals

An example of the meals currently on there site are below:

  • King Prawn Miso Raman
  • Cajun Blackened Salmon
  • Roast Duck with Blueberries
  • Lemon and Black Pepper Chicken
  • Warm Pea and Asparagus Orzo Salad
  • Speckled Lentil Chilli with Parisienne Potatoes
  • Slow Cooked Beef and Beetroot Bourguignon
  • Singapore Noodles
  • Tofu and Shitake Mushrooms with Blackbean Sauce

If you would like to try Everdine they are offering all my followers a £25 discount, sign up here.

Please remember if you just want a one off delivery you will need to cancel your subscription.

*please note, items were provided free for the purpose of review. But all words and opinions are my own.

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