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Holiday packing, what if I forget something?!

I’m heading off to America (Orlando) in a few days and leaving you with my best buddy Epril, who is going to take care of you while I’m away.

I am currently packing my bags and wanted to make sure I wasn’t forgetting anything, so I though who better to check with then you lovely lot!

We are off to Orlando for 10 days, with no children and not planning on visiting Disney or Universal (shocking I know). The weather at the moment is hot and humid with daily thunderstorms, some very heavy downpours occasionally lasting a long time.

Clothes wise, I have packed mostly shorts and t shirts, with a couple of daytime casual dresses and a couple of smart evening dresses, 1 pair of jeggings and I will be travelling in a pair of comfy trousers (either leggings or joggers I’m not sure yet). I’ve put in a couple of cardigans and cover up shirts for hiding from the sun/keeping warm in the evening. A pocket poncho and underwear haha. There is, of course, my fabulous new bikini!

I have my waterproof camera, a couple of books/my kindle, toiletries of course (suncream included), flip flops and walking sandals, power socket adaptors, charging cables for our phones etc.

I feel like I’m missing something important! Help me out?!?

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Questions You Need To Ask Yourself When Considering An Attic Conversion

Converting your lifeless attic into a living space that could be filled with joy and laughter one day, is a fantastic way to fully make use of all the space in your home. Utilizing the attic is a task unlike any other around the house because it’s essentially an integral structure that is a part of the roof, which is the most fragile part of any home. However, it gives you so much creative leeway to convert the attic into a room totally of your choosing which could not only be a great asset to your living standard but increase the price of the home. Whether you choose the new room to be an additional bathroom, living room or bedroom, the financial rewards are too great to miss. Many people convert the emptiness into a study, where you can get away from the noise of a busy household and purely focus on your paperwork. The first step is to plan sufficiently so the tricky stumbling blocks of design can be tackled with a driven purpose.

Image by – Afries52


The inspection 


Before your heart can set on any particular idea for the space, check that converting your attic is feasible. You could go the easy route and hire an inspector to come to your home and learn the history of the property, the materials used and the structural safety that the building codes the local authority or company adhered to. Although, you could also make some simple checks to see for yourself before getting a second opinion. The ceiling needs to be around 10 to 12-feet high in order for it to be deemed safe, as banging on the support beam and metal bars is bad for your and the house’s health. In that regard, the floor also must have the correct support to withstand many people walking on it at different locations in the room.

Image credit – jwco


Making it comfortable 


It’s important that your potential space has modern regulations on insulation that were used during construction. This means you should have r-30 insulation in the walls along with r-13 in the ceiling so that you’ll be protected from windchills and have an adequate room that keeps the heat in. Having the proper insulation will also save money on an energy bill. Equally important, there needs to be at least one window from which sunlight and fresh air may peer through. Following the same principle as the insulation, seek to hire a company like Buckingham Double Glazing, which specialises in proper window construction. You can then choose whether you want aluminium or wooden frames for a modern or rustic style. Pick out where you would like a window using knowledge of which way your home faces so as to get the most sunlight available. From then on, the installation will be focussed on maintaining the integrity of the surrounding structure.


The real price 


There’s a big difference between an estimate you might have gotten to the final quotation. An estimate is the contractor’s guess as to what the conversion might end up costing you. However, the quotation is the final price after every question of safety, design, materials, time and labour have been calculated. Before work can be done, you will be given a list of the overall expenditure and the items to be bought, so make sure your budget is sufficient.


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Guest post : Top tips in keeping your home clean

House cleaning is one of the most stressful work and due to our busy schedule, it becomes more difficult. But, you should keep home cleaned or organized as you may host a sudden party or your friends may visit your home in holidays.We all believe that cleaning dust from home is a daunting task, but your holidays will definitely become more enjoyable if you can make your house cleaned and organized before your guest arrived. So, a quick cleaning of your home will make you feeling more confident and your guest will find comfort too.

However, these magical feelings and moments won’t happen without proper planning and hard work. If you plan the cleaning schedule properly, it will save you from lot of stress, headaches and mishaps. For why, we have set this handy tips for cleaning and preparing your home for living a healthy life.

Plan Properly

Your home should be cleaned and dust free so that you can relax and revitalize yourself for your work. And a great planning helps you savor the joy of making something fun. So, firstly, you have to plan how you want to clean and organize everything. Do you want to host a party for family members or a group of 20 crowds? Will there be babies or mix of ages? Do you want sound system for dancing? So, if you have a proper plan of what you ought to do, it will make the process simpler.

Minimize clutter

There might have lots of unsorted items in the home if you are busy enough with your job or family. It becomes quite difficult to fix all of the things at short period of time because you may not have enough time or mental energy. So, it’s better to find an empty place to sort out everything or use a closet to store everything. Minimizing clutter will make the cleaning job much easier.

Place trash can in corner

Try to garbage removal system before hosting the party and tell the guests about the system. It will help you tremendously to organize everything when the party is over. Moreover, you can use garbage system for your family too and it will minimize clutter massively. Tell one of your family to look after the trash to prevent overthrowing.

Vacuum voraciously

If you want to thoroughly clean your home, it’s very important to vacuum voraciously. There are numerous vacuum models with different prices and attachments. Some vacuums may not work for all kinds of dust. So, read reviews before choosing your best vacuum with desired requirements. Onlycanistervacuum publishes reviews and vacuum guides on all kinds models. Moreover, you should consider the attachments with the vacuums to get highest service from any model.

Clean and ready your light fixtures

Every house has specific kinds of lights and there may have lamp shades due to dust. So, you need to clean or replace them to get 100% exposure. Moreover, you need to clean the light switches too as they may collect dust from dirty hands. If you have the score to clean them regularly, then do it.

Wash and Touch Up Your Walls

We often forget to clean our walls, but a freshen wall gives most sparkle to your home. So, you should give a special attention when cleaning your wall. You may use wet cloth or cleaning spray to make them shine. If color goes faded, you may paint them to give your house a stunning look.

Make bathrooms shine

This is our last tips to add sparkle at your home. Everyone likes a clean bathroom whenever we visit. So, you have ensure that you have cleaned all stains and bad odors from it. You can use bathroom cleaner and natural solution to remove those bad odors. Windex is mostly used for bathroom odors, but you can use it for any kinds of bad odors from bathroom, floors, carpets etc.

Though housekeeping can’t be a fun task, so whatever you do, try to make fun, enjoy the magical moments and remind to know what holidays mean. Whether you clean the home for your family or for a large gathering of friends for thanksgiving or Christmas party, think that it’s the good time and these moments make our life. Hope, you and your family have a colorful season.

This is a guest post from blogger and cleaning expert, Sury at

She’s the queen of cleaning tips, tools and tricks and knows everything you could imagine about the world of vacuums.

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My dream engagement proposal

My wedding day!

I never had a proper engagement; my husband proposed to me over the phone while he was here in the uk and I was in the Philippines, we were supposed to have a church wedding but due to the fact it would slow down the processing of my papers for joining my husband here in the uk, we decided to just have a civil ceremony and just have a proper church wedding in the future. 
This has made me dream of a proper proposal and I have a clear picture of what I would want. 

If we ever have the chance to do it all over again, I would love my husband to surprise me with a beautiful engagement ring since I haven’t got one. I’m only wearing a wedding ring but no engagement ring. Who doesn’t want a fairytale wedding or to feel like a princess with a happy ending love story. 

9 carat gold diamond trilogy ring

Although I’m not expecting anything as I’m happy as I am, I would love to have a wedding ring from F Hinds like the above picture. I have been looking at their jewellery and really wish I could have this for myself in the future. It’s no good to buy it myself so I have to give hints to hubby to buy it for me as it would be sweeter that way. F Hinds is my favourite jewellers as I love their collection. As they say ” diamond are forever” and so a marriage.

So back to my dreams; I would love my husband to take me to a luxurious place like Urban treat apartments for a special holiday. A perfect city break where I could be pampered with all the city of London can offer. Shopping, dining at posh restaurants and having a spa and just relaxing accommodation with a maid service would be heaven. Then my husband would surprise me with the ring and ask me the million dollar question “will you properly marry me this time?” omg I would probably faint if this ever happened for real and not just a dream!

Anyway back in reality, I have to pinch myself to wake up from my beautiful dreams of fantasy. Who knows what life could offer. I might as well have wish on a star since I won’t lose anything. At the end of the day, dreaming is free for everyone 🙂 

What about you? Did you had a proper engagement proposal or are you planning an engagement party / getaway? Then look no further, head over to F Hinds for that perfect engagement ring and book yourself to Urban retreat apartments for a perfect holiday. A memory that will last forever. 

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Is It Time To Consider Health Insurance?

Regardless of what politicians have been promising about the standards of the NHS, the fact is that people are suffering from waiting to be referred to a GP, hearing about surgeries, and waiting times in A&E. The average waiting time for a GP appointment is now two weeks, and hospital waiting times are equally bad. Despite what you may feel about politics, you can’t deny that sometimes you need to be seen right away, which is why many people are now considering private medical insurance. But is this really the best solution? Weigh up the pros and cons and see which scheme is best for you.

Image Source


Although waiting times on the NHS have improved to a maximum of 18 weeks between referral and treatment, you won’t have to wait this long if you’ve gone private. These queue jumping benefits extend to specialist treatments, GP appointments, surgeries, and specialist clinics. As if that weren’t tempting enough, with private medical insurance (PMI) you can choose your consultant and where you want to be treated – although you should note that some policies restrict treatment to set lists of hospitals. If you’re happy with your consultant, you can see them each time you go in, ensuring continuity of care with your treatment.

Many naysayers of PMI argue that paying for healthcare reduces patients to a customer in a business model, but is that necessarily a bad thing? While it is true that private medical companies are essentially a business, this does mean they will do anything to keep you on as a customer. This means you will likely have more time to talk to your doctors, and spend less time in waiting rooms. Sometimes you really do get what you pay for. Some economic theories state that competition between businesses for the same share of the market actually produces better results for the consumer, as all businesses will try and deliver higher quality care or lower prices than their competitors to win more customers.


The biggest argument against PMI is that not everyone can afford it. Not only does this mean that fewer people will have access to healthcare, but the best doctors will be lured away from the NHS due to more lucrative offers, leaving fewer qualified professionals to care for those who don’t have insurance. This will put further strain on the existing NHS and only make their problems worse.

Also, having health insurance doesn’t necessarily mean you’re always covered for treatments. Once you’ve got a referral from your GP, you need to call your insurance company to check they will cover the costs before you see the consultant or arrange any treatment. If you develop a condition that isn’t already covered by your insurance, you might have to pay more to get yourself covered. You should also note that most policies only cover short-term illness or injuries.

As with everything, there are pros and cons to PMI. In this case, it’s better to consider what is best for you.

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Our Family Day Out At Drusillas Park Sussex | #triedtested

We celebrated Father’s Day by having a family day out at drusillas park Sussex. It was our first time experience at drusillas so I thought Father’s Day was the perfect time to make a wonderful family memory. I told my children about drusillas before our trip so they were very excited about it as they knew it’s going to be a fun and full of adventure.

I was sent a press pack admission prior to our trip to drusillas so I already had a guide map and some more details about the park. We also had a stamp book, zoolympic challenge booklets, animal spotter books and trail passport which I thought was a perfect way for my kids to get to know the animals that they were going to see.

As we arrived at the parking lot my boys couldn’t contain their excitement and wanted to go inside straight away. The parking area is quite spacious and there is a lot of signs on the way to the entrance. The area looks very clean and there is a lot of  bins everywhere to keep it clean.

Meeting the animals

At entrance, you will get offered to buy the map guide for £2.50 so it’s optional and there are big maps throughout, so you don’t need to buy it. Inside we were greeted with loads of animals to see such as parrot, penguins, camels, red pandas, snake and many more which over 100 animals to see. My children loved the monkeys, rats, flamingoes and many more to name. They were delighted with so many things to do. It’s also very educational for the children as there is a lot of information like a flip book style.

My kids loved filling in the animal passport, they had to stamp the book everytime they saw an animal on the list, which gave them a checklist and makes them familiar with the animals names.

Play area 

After exploring the animals, we went to the playground which is a big spacious area. My children didn’t know what to do first, but went for the soft play in the end. There is a wet play area which is great for hot days like when we visited. I wished I had brought swimwear for my kids, such a shame they never got to try the wet area. Hence my advise if you ever go to drusillas, bring a swimwear!

There is a “go bananas swing” which we never got to try but it looked great fun. There is also a zip line but my boys were too small to try it.

The weather was so hot, we decided to have a rest for a while and had an ice cream. We sat at the cafe table outside, although we didn’t try the cafe food (as we already had lunch before going there) the food did seem good, as I could see loads of people eating everywhere outside. There is also a picnic area if you bring your own pack lunch.

Go safari! Kids rides attraction and train rides

My boys are train mad, so they couldn’t wait to get in the train. As we traveled along the tracks, there are loads of surprises with snigger and sneer the laughing hyenas and great lion’s roar. My kids really enjoyed the train ride and were really excited by its safari theme.

The next thing we explored was the new safari ride. We all went on this ride, although my boys were a little scared at first they seemed fine and started enjoying it as we go along. The flying cheetah is so much fun, you press a button to control it to go up or down so it’s like flying in the air which we really enjoyed. The mighty hippopotobus can give you a tummy flip feel as it’s go round and round. My youngest son was a bit scared but as we reassured him he learned to relax and didn’t cry at all. I think the rides are a good way for children to overcome their fears and to try something new out of their comfort zone. The rides are not that scary, they are much more fun and a little bit gentle compare to funfair. I usually get dizzy going to rides but the safari rides didn’t make me feel dizzy at all so I felt safe.

Hello kitty secret garden 

After a taste of safari rides, we went to the hello kitty secret garden and I was surprised to see more rides in there. My 5 years old boy was so brave to go with his sister on the hello kitty hopper ride.

One of our favourites is the hello kitty car ride; my 3 year old loves pretending to drive our car so he thought that he is really driving it which was so cute. My daughter and 5 years old enjoyed it too.

The last ride we went too was the hello kitty teacup ride. You have to spin your wheel if you want to go faster, we worked as a team to make it spin faster and faster. We had so much fun and laughter on this ride. There is also a face painting booth, hello kitty house and many many more things to see and do. My son enjoyed riding thomas train as well but that needed a £1 coin.

There is a lot to see and do in drusillas and it’s worth having a full Day Out. Every corner of the park is full of adventure, fun, exciting activities and views. You can’t get enough as it’s really loads. It’s tiring exploring the whole park but it’s all worth it.

The place is very clean, the staff were lovely and it’s the best place for a family day out. This is best place we’ve ever been as a family. My children were super entertained and it was educational too. They even thanked me for bringing them to drusillas park. They really loved it there and definitely their new favourite place to go for a day out.  The pricing is available on their website and I think that’s it’s well priced and definitely worth it. It’s also a lot cheaper to book it online or to have an annual membership. Check out their tickets and prices for more information.

Have you been to drusillas park? What is your favourite part of our day out? Please leave a Comment below as I would love to read them.

Disclosure : My family and I was invited to spend a day out at drusillas park in exchange for a review blog post. However all thoughts and opinions are my own including pictures and videos.

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Back To Basics: How To Manage & Live With Chronic Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common conditions affecting modern society. When you suffer from it, the impacts can become a huge sense of frustration. So finding a way to reduce the pain and reverse some of the damage is key.
Here are five simple suggestions that will guarantee positive results. Incorporate them into your back pain management processes, and you’ll be walking to a brighter place in no time.


Try Losing Weight: It’s a harsh fact of life, but being obese isn’t good for your body. Therefore, watching what you eat is essential. We already appreciate the link between nutrition and feelings. However, losing weight through a controlled diet will bring the additional benefit of reduced back pain. After all, carrying fewer kilograms will make the workload easier. It’s a simple equation, but less strain equals less pain. If you are a woman, a boob reduction could be suitable too.

Try Light Exercise: A little physical activity is always going to aid the weight loss goal. However, low-impact sports like swimming and cycling get you to use different muscle groups too. By strengthening those muscles, the support to your spine will be a lot greater. Of course, the benefits also extend to your organs and general health. Nonetheless, the reduction of long-term back pain is certainly one of the key features that should not be overlooked.

Choose Suitable Support: Clothing and supportive bands can have a telling impact on back conditioning. Experts at Procter Health Care can help you find an array of suitable products. By boosting your posture while removing some of the strain, back muscles and bones will be in better shape in next to no time. Meanwhile, selecting an ergonomic chair for office hours can be a very useful addition. After all, this could bring improvements for up to 40 hours each week.


Get Good Prescriptions: When you are suffering from back pain, it can be tempting to take some paracetamol and let it be. Depending on the severity, though, you may be better off receiving a stronger dose of treatment. The type of medication required can vary depending on the location and source of those pains too. This guide at Web MD offers some insight. However, for the best response, you should always seek the help of a medical professional. Whether it’s anti-inflammatory drugs or something else isn’t important. The key is that you get the right solution.

Upgrade Your Mattress: The average person spends eight hours of each night asleep on their back. So if your mattress isn’t aiding the cause, it could be making things a whole lot worse. Furthermore, disrupted sleep patterns bring an array of other health problems, which can make life even harder still. Finding a mattress that offers the support and comfort you need slows long-term deterioration. Meanwhile, it lets you wake up feeling far better too. It would be wrong to suggest it’s mind over matter. Still, a positive attitude can make a world of difference.


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